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March 17, 2007

Ed To Shred – Edpisode #1 (Nerd Guitar Man)

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Youtube Commments:
i thought, you might… “might” have some skill. NOPE, you are playing the same crap any average loser plays. this video is worthless, you have no musical talents… or video skills as a team. If you keep this up you might cause “hair bands” to come back into style.

i will post some videos soon, when i get my ProTools reinstalled. but let me just say this, it’s very easy to impress the masses. This guy is 47 years old, and believe me i play guitar much better than this throw away garbage. it’s not even good by average standards. trust me. that young 15 year old kid from France on YouTube is much better lol.

interesting idea linking rock guitar shredding to Roswell NM, 1947 , UFO’s & Project Blue Book (USAF UFO investigation 40-50 years ago). Music way ahead of it’s time…

Is he a scientist- perhaps similar to Buckaroo Banzai(if your under 30 you probably won’t know that movie) or is he an ET?? Would have looked more like the late 40’s if it was B&W..still pretty good…LOL

At 2:08 you can tell he’s “finger synching” but is it his own composition? The first part of the vid was cool and from what I can tell he could play this but he didn’t quite mimic it during that 2:08 part. My only critique is that the arpeggios during that part are just too repetitive. But a funny concept.

there is no way that is steve vai. Besides the fact that it looks nothing like him this guy, even though he is an awesome guitar player, is stylistically so different from vai. first this guy is not play JEM. Second Vai does not have his guitar up that high on his chest. and vai is far more fluid in his tapping techniques then this guy. and there is no way vai would use the same sweep lick a 100 times in the same song

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  1. cry more

    Comment by asdasda — March 28, 2007 @ 1:41 pm

  2. You suck.

    Ed rocks.

    You wish you could rock it like Ed

    Comment by Fuck You — January 16, 2008 @ 12:04 am

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