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March 18, 2007

"As One" is For D*****Bags

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Youtube Commments:
Mr. Firehazard, aka smp(ilton), wants to thank you for the kudos. He plans on flying through the Atlanta airport next sunday and will have an hour, between 4 and 5 a.m. to be luved by his supporters at the east wing hub bar, so be sure to come by.

No, you are one of many who think “as one” is a big joke, its like they need all the attention they can muster, because they have no real life outside of youtube or the internet. They are bunch of douchebags agreed some of the vids are good but mostly jsut bunch of look at me I’m famous. bwhahah

LazY Dork and I are going to have a “Anti As One” gathering stay tuned people this is going to be huge! More details to come! The difference between us and “As One” group is that we aren’t stuck up we are real people we don’t put on a act!!! Stay Tuned!!!!

You play the guitar well,it seems.Theacoustics in your mother’s basement are just right.How much gain did you put on the guitar mic?If you didn’t have too much gain,and were playing loudly,I half expected to hear you mom pound on the cieling,and tell you to keep it down.
Rock on,son.

Well you certainly seem to hold a great deal of animosity against a group of people that probably have as different reasons for wanting to meet others as they are individuals. It would be nice to here your true feelings rather than this guise in comedy. <I buried John…or was it Paul…goo goo ka chooo…>

lou, i certainly don’t know what LDorks inent is here, he’s elusivly funny, but i do know this…a lot of folks aren’t really pleased how its being handled. I think the new leadership (its not corey) will take this by the horns, at least, i can hope.

Eh, you just can’t afford to go. You and Little Loca should make a song together, something like – poor us, we are poor, can’t afford to be as one, so we will just ignore – then some stuff about how old YT is better than new YT, and it just ain’t the same anymore. Then an invite to join the ‘we hate Renetto’ fan club, while you slit your wrists and cry emo.

Well you are an indisputable genius. You almost came close to ruling YT. Instead of bucking the changes, you should strive to be a part of the community and work with the other talents, since on your own, you can’t make a stand – as proven. In a group you would have more power and be better known and appreciated.

Cool Girl is obviously impoverished also. LD is emo because he is crying about how he won’t have anything to do with other YT talent, and wishes for the good old days of YT, instead of wisely embracing the new YT. As the Bible says – ‘Money answers all things.” Even God is aware that we have needs and those usually require money. So hooray for money which does make a life substantial, and without which, becomes an early grave.

I’m not ne who doesnt believe in god. I just DONT care about him. Hes in the past. What counts now a days is not what happened in the past but maing a difference for the future. I know many people who are living there lives in cheap familys and are the best people I’ve ever met. Money Turns You into a preppy idiot. I see that what happened to you. 🙂

I’m one of his attorneys and we have advised him NOT to give out autographs in public at the present time. It is strictly a legal matter as we are trying to keep all of his handwriting samples out of the wrong hands. We take full responsibility for this and regret any panty bunching it may cause people who collect useless pieces of paper. Remember potential jury pool, admitting to being a dickhead is NOT an admition of guilt.

Yeah, you’re funny. Tell ya what, go ask Mr. Big Shot rickyste about the message he sent me stating he takes pride in not signing any autographs for my silly Autograph Game. It’s funny, he bash’s people, like Cory Williams, who just want to get together and have a little FUN, then rickyste acts like HE’s some big star. Rickyste is WORSE then ALL these other stuck up people. He talks from both sides of his mouth!

It seems to me LouRyder that you are very much so against anyone else forming their own opinion about something… obviously your opinion is higher then anyone else’s… also the autograph bit… everyone has the right to feel one way or another about something… it ain’t for you to decide how one feels. I can see both sides of the issue plainly… quite honestly I don’t care either way.

LouRyder, douche the sand out from all the cracks and holes it’s made it’s way into. You’re acting like the little kid who didn’t get the right flavoured ice-cream and then cries about it to everyone. You’re almost a freakin’ stalker the way you hound L’Dizzle for autographs.

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What’s with all the hate? Why are all your videos so bitter and insulting now? How is the As One gathering hurting you in any way? I’m not even going and I think this video is pointlessly hateful. You used to be funny, now you’re just mean. I’m unsubscribing.

LouRyder, I’m gonna try and make things simpler for you… A car is not a gimmick, but rear and front sensors are.
Gimmick – 1. an ingenious or novel device, scheme, or stratagem, esp. one designed to attract attention or increase appeal.
YouTube’s primary function (uploading and downloading videos) is not a gimmick, all the peripheral bullshit you get overly deffensive about is a gimmick. Again, you are overly deffensive.

People, DO NOT be brainwashed into thinking that hanging out, perhaps having a drink, (if your over 21), and socializing is a BAD thing. It’s NOT. People do it everyday. Just because this party pooper hates to meet new people, he wants to ruin it for EVERYBODY. Think for YOURSELF! You have a mind, USE IT!

People, DO NOT be brainwashed into thinking that hanging out, perhaps having a drink, (if your over 21), and socializing is a BAD thing. It’s NOT. People do it everyday. Just because this party pooper hates to meet new people, he wants to ruin it for EVERYBODY. Think for YOURSELF! You have a mind, USE IT!

People, DO NOT be brainwashed into thinking that hanging out, perhaps having a drink, (if your over 21), and socializing is a BAD thing. It’s NOT. People do it everyday. Just because this party pooper hates to meet new people, he wants to ruin it for EVERYBODY. Think for YOURSELF! You have a mind, USE IT!

They may say your a dickhead, but your defiantly not the only one, I am there with ya dude. I think I might soon pitch my idea for everyone who thinks As 1 is a waste of time and just used to increase Mr.Safety’s e-penis to have a different gathering where we all just stay at home and get on with our daily lives…what ya think of that?

Please Sir, keep up the nasty tone. Don’t let the “you’re a hater”- nazis influence you in any way. You are one of the few remaining voices of reason and dignity in this unbareable stream of conciousness that is YouTube. Yes, you’re not the only one, I can of course in no way join you, but I will continue ignoring AssOne here in old Europe.

People, DO NOT be brainwashed into thinking that hanging out, perhaps having a drink, (if you’re over 21), and socializing is a BAD thing. It’s NOT. People do it everyday. Just because this party pooper hates to meet new people, he wants to ruin it for EVERYBODY. Think for YOURSELF! You have a mind, USE IT!

Why are people commenting like this is hate or jealousy? If Lazy showed at anyone of these circle jer..err I mean “gatherings” I’m sure he’d be one of if not the most sought after,He’s saying that the idea of cewebrity is shallow and devisive and makes the vast majority of people on Youtube,none of whom are in the “power clique” feel like outsiders. Damn skippy Dizzle!

I never understood the gathering ideas… I’m fine videotaping drunk people here, without taking extra time, effort and money to do it elsewhere. The whole 1.3 million as one videos are getting pretty fucking annoying too, “Oh hey, I got that too, here’s another angle, make sure to keep the nozzle of my giant douche head in frame thanks!”. Blah, I need to become a vlogger.

I was fine when it was just about speaking your mind, but it seems to be more of a crusade to you now then actual freedom of speach. I’ll pretty much stay around on the sub list for a quite a while, but if your saying “fuck it all” now, what does tha tmean, that you’ve been just “playing nice” until now?
I’d just take “sarcastical ricky” over “crusader ricky” anyday.

I hear ya LD… The whole “As One” thing makes me a little sick to my stomach. Not because of the people that want to connect with each other, but because of the talentless so-called celebrities of this website desperately trying to garner more attention and/or make a profit. Nauseating.

I agree completely. As One is just one big ego masturbation event for the Youtube “celebs”. “Broadcast Yourself”? More like “Broadcast what your shephard says to broadcast”. People are sheep. Lazydork is the wolf.
That is the worst analogy I have ever thought of. Go me.

I agree. Giant youtube greetings are kind of pointless because youtube was created to link the country together. If people start meeting up together it almost becomes an internet dating site but with friends that met online meeting and posting uninteresting videos?

But decent voice and guitar playing, I’ll give you that 🙂 – I guess I was a little harsh, but why do people feel the need to slag of people like Mr Safety who try and do fun stuff with other YouTubers, they aren’t doing any harm and it is something positive.

that is so uncool. Just because he did not get paid or was able to be featured in starting the as one concept he rebels. You wonder what sort of influences in his life bring him to flipping off people who want to unite. You see him clearly flipping the bird not once but twice at the end of his vid. Hate. And also influences he was taught as a child in his society.

gosh man…I totally know what you are about now. You are trying to be some kind of leader for all the haters out there who dislike popular youtubers and the community we are building.
I don’t get why, with your talent and popularity, you don’t want to join in on the community?? Don’t you realize that the more people you end up meeting and talking to, the more views and subscribers you end up getting and the more people you end up subscribing too?

Joiiin uuusss. Joiiin uuusss. Come on, Ladydork, you want to come play with us, don’t you? Why, with your talent, we could take over all of YouTube. We could even give you your own country when we take over the world. It is inevitable, we will assimilate all of YouTube until we all exist As One…

Just joking. They’ll never absorb me into their hive-mind.

Hill, you actually seem like a cool kid, but boy you are young and wide-eyed about this YT stuff. It sin’t a community at all. It’s millions of different people who all march to different drummers – it’s the diversity of opinion and taste that makes it cool, not the cohesiveness of about 150 people.

TheHill88, Did you ever think that maybe some people aren’t interested in meeting people on here? Is there some rule here stating that we ALL must meet each other or we are Haters?? Some of us just want to look at youtbe as entertainment and that’s it! Accept the fact that we all have our OWN opinions about this subject and it may not agree with yours.

I’m thinking I have to come down on the side of LD on this one. Haters…Not really…Realist? Yes. This medium is cool but its just the next step in communication. You look like a cute kid with some talent…go work it the traditional way and god stay away from Tom Green!

I don’t think he’s a leader for the haters… It’s just that the ego spewing out of that 777 video was so distasteful… That’s not just a community of people who like to share common interests, that’s a community of people who really need to bring themselves back down to earth and not pretend they are going to ‘accomplish’ the world rather than just have a good time together. Perspective!

Attending a youtube gathering is paramount to social suicide. I have more respect for people who play dungeons and dragons. Its a fucking website, not a lifestyle choice. Youtube just creates fake-celebs and further devalues the status of celebrity.


hahahaha that was great, keep up not following everybody else. cuz i belive youtube or sponsors are paying these people, and alll their videos suck cuz of it. everyone is trying to make the news and get paid, and lost what made them interesting. and yes itll be 100 people posting the exact same footage LOL. keep it up

I certainly don’t know all the background crap going on (I don’t want to know), but honestly–this was beneath you. Creating entertainment at the expense & ridicule of others, reminds me of HellionExciter. At *least Zip is vague and uses humorous innuendo.

PLEASE DON’T READ THIS. You will get kissed on the nearest possible Friday by the love of your life. Tomorrow will be the best day of your life. However, if you don’t post this comment to at least 3 videos, you will die within 2 days. Copy and paste this, to be saved

Actually, there ARE going to be a few douche bags, but I’m looking forward to partyin’ w/some of the cool people. Khaya is coming from South Africa, so I figure I can drop by!

I wish you & Trivia Girl would be there, but I understand why you won’t. I’m a nobody, so nobody will fuck w/me. You’d get your chops busted the whole time!

Peace, yous guys!

What happend? People gathered, had fun, enjoyed their time.

You think all the videos were the same? Most of them have something the others don’t.

The point of it is to have fun and that’s what they did.

I’m sure they don’t want losers like you to go there tho, that’s why you’re doing this.


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