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March 18, 2007

Jonathan Wesley Bridges and His Little Room – Episode II

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Youtube Commments:
And so the little room opens its door once again. Fortunately for the lone occupant, the walls are at least carpeted if not padded! This guest’s face is sore from laughing too long, with a few grimaces added on. Creative And disturbing as before – congratulations ~ John Wesley, lad, y’must redoooooce yer sugar intake.

dude, so good man. Loved the noise Jonathan made when he flashed back to being turned down for marriage. It seems he has two voice boxes. Also, I totally thought the balloon was gonna exploed and a subsequent freak out, but the result was even funnier. Please take us back to the good ole days with Bessie.

me too! lol

Well Done, Brandon!! I’m so relieved that you didn’t actually burst that balloon…I have such a strong phobia about balloons XD

This one was good! More adult oriented then the previous one but splendid never-the-less

i was excited to see another episode but i will have to say … the original is always the best..The axcent was a little bad and i could reocnize some jokes from the other one that was just modified, im not going to hate on you because then other pepople will leave comments saying I suck and that dont listen to me. in fact why the hell did i type this. i haven’t even finished the video… if you actually read this ill keep it going.. so umm.. basically GOOD JOB 😀

Go with it, Brandon! (Unless, of course, Jonathan creeps YOU out too much.) I’m reminded of DCLugi’s Plant Psychic in that he became more disturbed from the first episode to the next. I WAS feeling down… and blue but the feelings have lessened. I thank you very much!

This is truly magnificent. You’ve created a great character, and the balance between the humor and the scariness is great. Learning more about JWB’s past was interesting, I loved how you incorporated some jokes from the previous episode, and the peanut butter noises were oh so gross.

Awesome job!

Ok i am trying to piece this together. I watched your first vid and then i watched this one. It seems jwb is criminally insane…murderer. Uses knives and axes. Jwb appears to have problems with woman. Jwb has english accent. Is jwb Jack The Ripper?

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“every 4 hours, it begins to smell a bit like evil in here… thats why i spray some, *sprays* ahh! some, some axe cologne, its called orion, i like the commercials when they apply the axe and the women flock to them, and feel them, and touch them in places… ‘ts never happened to me… *drops axe can aggressively* oh look…” (quote from wesley bridges little room episode 1)


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