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March 19, 2007

Banana Magic!

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Youtube Commments:
you know, according to Kirk Cameron the guy from that 80s sitcom bananas prove creation theory because the banana is just so perfectly fit for the human hand.

In fact I think that vid is on youtube.

Thus, this vid is obviously divinely inspired.

Screw Marco Tempest! This was amazing! You should work for Industrial Light and Magic, or God or something.. I once heard someone brag that they could video themselves shoving all of the toothpaste back into the tube but I called I’m begining to think that you just might be able to do it! oh Lazy how we mere mortals must bore you!…Peace

most of us like myself have already died inside reading your comment….since u troll i might as well
go get ran over by the city bus and have your remains cleaned up by an illegal only to have them fed to a pig(and by pig i mean youre mother)
*brought to you by: the guy who hasnt washed his hand since he shook hands with lazydork*


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