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March 19, 2007

Ian Crossland exposed part one in a series

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Youtube Commments:
Your Totally Right Dispach On A Number Of Things
1 Your Sooooo In The Wrong Job
2 What You Were Saying About The Chinese Making Our Tee-Shirts And Shoes For Pennies- If You Look Up The Word Jacket In A Dictionary Of Some Of The Countries That Make Our Clothing,You Won’t Find It Coz There Like WTF Is A Jacket?-They Don’t Wear Jackets When Its 30 Degrees All Year Round
Good Video Man Gonna Watch Other One Now

This one is a fucking Classic. Seriously this needs to go into the Vloggers Hall of Fame. These two getting ripped an Dispatchers shop and Crossmack spouting his Psychobabble..while ‘Spatch man looks on in disbelief. This had damn well better get Featured.

To be honest… I thought it would have been a lot… different, when I heard you say you were meeting with Ian. But it was pretty entertaining. Gotta head to work though, so I’ll have to watch the rest of the videos when I get home.

PS: I love that Monster water stuff. By far 100% better than Red Bull.

You say the things you say because you are always stoned on pot. I know someone who smokes pot, and he talks of the same things Ian does. It’s 100% the pot. It makes you think up wrird shit. And it puts out a false you. What people see is not the real you!HerFirstDP

You say the things you say because you are always stoned on pot. I know someone who smokes pot, and he talks of the same things Ian does. It’s 100% the pot. It makes you think up wrird shit. And it puts out a false you. What people see is not the real you!

Regardless of what people think of Ian,he will talk to people with differing opinions and people who have dissed him…he gets props from me for that. I like both of these guys…I think both are,for the most part,pretty real(unless its an acting experiment as some have suggested).

evidently, we were at war even when we were monkeys, if you’re an evolutionist. If you’re a creationist, then the first “war” happened when there were only 4 known people on the earth. Cain “won” sorta, and then Seth inherited his birthright, so he “lost” sorta.

The fat guy just spews out all these conventionally accepted cliches and it’s all bullshit. Most wars aren’t about greed or money, they’re about belief. Another misconception is that rich nations hold poor ones back simply by existing. Just not the case. The blame is on their own governments, not ours. Watch the video in my favorites. It explains the subject well. Free economies thrive damn near regarless of anything else.

Actually the simplests solution is often the true. Occam’s razor. And yeah, it is usually money.
Belief plays a factor between cultures that are theologically closest. They are usually the ones that want to rip each other’s throats out.
Checked your favs. Watch later.

Religion has been USED as the excuse because it is a respected reason to have a war — though that sounds ridiculous. In the end, it is usually about MONEY. Notice religious wars are often between groups that actually believe only slightly different things. So if you REALLY disagree I will ignore you. If you slightly disagree I will start a flame war with you.

What you’re saying sounds ridiculous because it is. If money’s your main motivation, war is usually the last thing you want. How many nations’ economies have been devastated due to war? This argument that most religiously motivated wars throughout history were really just a cover up to make money is not only historically inaccurate, it’s laughable. I think you’ve been smoking from the same stash as crossmack. If I disagree you ignore or flame me? What are you 12 years old? Grow up kid.

If money (greed) is your motivation, then war makes sense. Both parties believe they will win, and winner *takes all*. No one has the forsight to worry about casualties or destroyed infrastructure. Similar to lawsuits; small claims, civil, class action.
“I won’t worry about the reprecussions; legal fees, time- I’m going to win…”


OK, so now you’re arguing against yourself boring dispatcher? If they can simply ask for money and get it, it blows your whole religious war for money conspiracy theory out of the water. That’s quite possibly the most lightweight argument I’ve ever heard. Which is funny because it came from an obese man.

You make a very convincing argument tinkerbelle. You certainly covered all the issues and made a good case. Very well laid out. A bit hard to follow at certain points, but well said nonetheless. Also, the eye roll thing was a nice touch. Mind if I try? *rolls eyes*

Boring Dispatcher, you are an evil man. I want to tell you. If i were your mommy, first, i would punch you in the face because you probably would be sucking on my titty very hard. But after that, i would tell you “dipshit, stop smoking those fucking cigarettes”. You are already overweight you assfuck. So please, man. Please, get into a good weight for me, cause i would totally like to have hardcore anal pleasure with you. If i did that. I would be whole again. Thank you.

You should have called this video, conversations between a commie and a terrorist. You spout your hate against American values and free markets while you promote communism and terror. You would love to see the workers revolt and create an anarchist state. Would you be a leader? Is that your sick goal? I feel sorry for all the people who get sucked in by your libtard propaganda

It’s about time you two got together. The Yin and the Yang you know, Darth and Luke, Superman and Lex Luthor, you get the idea — it’s an interesting mix. Which is which and who is who? Well, that’s up to you to decide.

But more seriously, glad you did it and more power to you both. We need more of these kinds of videos.

You see, humans think of history as filled with war, but that’s human history – not the history of the planet. The history of the planet is greater than us. Humans are recent. Our technology is surpassing us. It’s evolving. Life evolved on this planet. Intelligence is expanding. We are a blip. The first being to be conscious of the evolutionary process. I told Ian this, I sent him an email about the singularity! :-p

I am glad to see that the horrors of what globalization by big companies does to poorer countries was mentioned by the Dispatcher (sorry that I don’t know your name at the moment).
My Gender in Education class watched a video on it recently. You can tell it was made a few years ago, but it’s quite powerful to watch. I know it was called “Global Village or Global Pillage?”

my comment continued…
“Global Village or Global Pillage?” – I might try to ask my teacher and get some friends to help me get it on youTube, if that’s possible. Hopefully copyrighting wouldn’t be an issue on such an important topic.
In the video, they call it “the race to the bottom” – but by the end of it, they start showing groups of people banning together to stop such horrible ways.


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