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March 19, 2007

YTwatchdog interviews TheDramaTube

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Youtube Commments:
lol superb stuff Watchdog.Unless you’ve been sending him emails being naughty then there is no reason at all for him to be such a tard towards you.With the amount of playback speed editting you must of had to do with this vid I’d go as far as saying this could well be your finest hour 🙂

lol I can only imagine buddy but still it’s come out great as always.Anyway I hope you give the moron rabies….then again if you bite him you will probably get a mouthful of the BS he’s full of so slapping him with the power of the pipes is a far better idea =D

I apparently have missed something so I have to go look up some people. Why does this guy keep talking about Renetto and did he say something about giong undercover? Someone sounds a little delusional…anyways Excellent work watchdog I can’t imagine editing this.

i saw that video and it looked like bullshit. It looked like you had the pliers barely in your mouth, on an acute angle, maybe like 20 or 30 degrees maybe less. Well your logic about renetto and hellion fighting you was ….retarded. yup retarded.


Man, why oh why did you have to bring this over here? No, we don’t have any hater problems over here. Whoever told you that, told you wrong. Please leave and go back to Youtube.

The Management

I think they don’t like them over at Live Video ether..

CutieMish lives down the road from me. I’m going to make it my mission to remove her from the world 😛 Arrggghhh she annoys me so much. I spoke to her for a while on Myspace and she’s so annoying!!
Sorry had to vent.



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