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March 20, 2007

Blunty Rambles – the long version

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Youtube Commments:
People forget that posters here might not be using their native language, so if they make errors in grammar, be tolerant. They may not be using their native tongue. I only speak English,so I admire anyone who can speak more than one language, kudos to you.

I was born in Virginia USA. My native tongue is American English. I have tried to learn other languages for instance (Hindi, Punjabi, Spanish) and usually goof up trying to speak them. It’s just a typo, and I could have worded the sentence better. πŸ˜‰

yes i meant your computer, and it looks kool, i have been wanting to do that to mine, but im not to sure if it is mine per say, my dad said to set it up in my room and use it, but im gonna ask him anyways. any tips would you like to give? you dont have to

Gee how about the fact I’ve been here almost a year and it’s likely that at least some of my subs have moved on from youtube, And not everyone wants to watch an animation that’s an advertisement for a website. stop trying to pick at any perceived “crack”, it’s making you look desperate to try and discredit me. Pathetic.

Lets take a random look at another user I’ve picked from my subs, DiGiTiLsOuL another popular user, 13000 odd subbs, his last few vids don’t show nearly that number of views. lets pick one of your subs, NW101, several of his most recent vids are barely getting 1/2 of his subbed number. next?

well i like all your styles as well! actually i think I’D be bored if i knew what to expect every time…but you know what the old saying “can’t please all the people all the time…”
BTW Background track on this one’s ace! And I loved your talk-through of far away story board πŸ™‚

Welcome back, Blunty. Needless to say, I prefer watching this version. And yeah, I WAS kinda wondering where you’ve been since BLUNTY3000 simply CANNOT be sick! It’s not acceptable! It’s like Jesus taking the day off. (ok, no…but you catch my drift) πŸ˜›

Nice ramble Blunty. I am glad I found your stuff. Very entertaining, thought provoking and funny. Your So Far Away video reminded me of my late grandfather.

You should go to my profile and watch my videos!!! Just kidding, I don’t have any yet.

Keep up the good work Man!

I watch your videos since I find your online battle with the haterZ interesting. Evidently, the haterZ comments don’t bounce off you as you try to convince yourself and others. Rather they strike such a nerve with you that you redundantly make videos about the struggle.

The more you “spend time” in this counter-attack mode, the more you will engage in their world. It’s that simple (forward jump cut).

(back jump cut) Good day πŸ˜‰

I think that people write comments like “I want you to do a [insert genre here] video” due in part to the allure of interactivity. Because YT enables people to interact with content creators, it offers the potential for viewers to impact the creative content. That said, it’s good that you pointed out all the conflicting requests you get. Those with many subscribers/viewers are less likely to be able to accommodate the myriad conflicting requests.

You made me cry for an instant when you talked about c.c.d.d. I was engaged once. When he looked at me his eyes said i could do anything i want to we travelled through whole turkey which is always dangerous. Several times we nearly crashed and died. He said i can`t die when i am with you. The irony is he died in a car crash when i was not with him. When iΒ΄m down he still there trying to make me laugh again. It works.

and about this whole video making just be who you are, do what you like and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.
Dr. Seuss, US author & illustrator, helped me a bit with this.
Ok, enough now πŸ™‚

Blunty….I think all your videos rock, no matter what the rant or subject matter is. The point is, you are yourself in all your videos (even your creative videos carry the theme of your experience or creative thought process).

So keep up the great work and f*ck ’em if they can’t take a joke!


All your videos are great blunty! I swear, whenter your on a rant or doing an animations, I just love your videos. Your points of view are great, and I personally love the “Meatspace” animations! Mostly because of the geeky culture references.

Keep Rocking It Blunty3000!!!

Blunty, imho, there’s a great difference between arogance and security. I’m very secure with my image, I’m very confident about everything I do and I have confidence in myself to the utmost degree. (TAPEWORM!) Because of this, I’m not affected so easily by what random 11 year old internet-tards say to me. Then again, my opinion is null and void; I’m also an arogant bastard. : P

I seem to post this a lot on people’s video’s, and i’m glad i’m not the only one thats noticed it. If people hate what you post so much, just whya re they spending their time ranting and complaining about it?

Strange, but i guess thats some people for you. Keep making such great video’s,

Blunty, you are arrogant, but that in itself isn’t a bad quality. You have a strong personality and that comes through in your opinions. THAT’S YOUR STYLE! Arrogance can be a strong tool if you can walk the fine line between arrogant and asshole. You’re one of the few I’ve seen on here that can do that, and quite well I might add. Arrogance is only bad when you are full of shit and put yourself on a pedestal. Extremely confident may be a better description for you though.

Thanks, and FireFixesSociety just suggested that secure would be another word to use in place of arrogant, and he’s right, I’m quite secure and confident in my abilities, I don’t think I overstate them as would be required to qualify for the proper definition of arrogant. but meh, don’t really care all that much, you’re right, it’s my style it’s who I am it’s how I present, I’m comfortable with that.

I watch you for the same reason I watch Emalina and TheHill88. (No, I don’t want you.) I just dig on Australians for some reason. Maybe I too am a descendant of convicts. Anyway, you should show us something about Tasmania sometime. Old hat to you, but exotic for the rest of the world.

I wouldn’t tolerate random or defamatory comments either and I like it when users clean up their comment section, even though it means giving the idiots some of your time and effort. I left a comment on one of your other videos, where a user for some reason wanted to start a pointless argument with me. Thank you for not deleting those comments, that will always remain a memorable YouTube experience πŸ˜‰

You always win though. If there are some that like your ranting or whatever, and others who like your lego films then you have a constant fanbase on everything you do. You will never get everyone liking the same thing, just try and do an even ammount of everything so everyone can atleast be somewhat happy. πŸ™‚

I can stand vlogging, I can stand creative videos, but I cant stand constant bitching and touches of self importance….which you seem to have resorted to….for that reason i’m unsubscribing for the time being, I will check back once in a while and hope things have changed

2 Things
a) After I saw this video I took a quick look back at all ten or so of mine, and realized they are all about different topics.
b) I also looked at m subscriber lists and realized that a lot of my favorite ones are Australian. The only one high up on my favorite list that wasn’t Australian was Katz, and she went and became an Aussie.

You rock. Keep doing what you do. Don’t let the haters get to you.

Haters: Try spreading love in the world instead of hate, you might find you feel alot better about yourself at the end of the day. o_O Keep in mind that people on Youtube are real people, too, with real feelings and real responsabilities in the outside world.

I think people believe you’re deleting regular comments because a lot just won’t show up. I had to try at least 5 times to get my second message on here posted. Must be YouTube again. Don’t know if it’s only on videos that get a lot of messages… I tried posting a comment to one of the Winekone’s videos and it didn’t get through either. And sometimes it takes a few hours for a message to physically show up, other times a few minutes. Annoying.

I NEVER invite people to look at my videos and I NEVER look at videos when people (who ask to be friends) send a never ending stream of EVERY video they spout out. If I subscribe chances are, I watch every video they make anyway, so why send them to me?

i love everything that you do.. no matter what your talking about you manage to hold my attention for the entire 3-12 minutes that the videos last… i miss steve and dave but im sure they arent dead yet…

but yea.. i find you highly entertaining to watch… =]

As requested a comment which I hope isn’t offensive, basically you had me right up to “if you google circle circle dot dot” “letters from hundreds of people”. Of course its nice to know that people enjoy what you produce but telling everyone about it takes something away from that. Self engrandising takes away from the rest of the vid.

i had to stop this video to write this comment. im actually a culprit on asking you to make vids like the one your doing now but i guess if people have subscribed to you then they have to take the good with the bad. sometimes you dont want to make a video like this one and thats cool. ill keep watching anyway πŸ™‚

HAHAHA I love the strong bad reference!!! But you’re so much more awesome when you do anything else.

BTW check out my vids at the channel IMALOSER.

You suck and if you don’t copy and paste this to 5000 other vids you will die a gory death when eaten by a werewolf at the next full moon.

Jeje, difrute de ese DOS!!
Ese tipo de gente no “odia” tus videos, simplemente pueden tener envidia. aunque me parece bien que los comentarios que no vienen a cuento “ey, watch this video, its amazing” si que deberian ser borrados, se supone que en esta pagina existe una libertad de expresion que deberia ser respetada, aunque sean comentarios de palurdos.

i like that what you do with the variety but you seem to do more “ramblin” than animations and i understand they do take a long time to make i am excited about your new bluntmation vids comin ill look out for them anyways going off the point i reeli admire you i think you are really gr8 guy

mmmmmm…. tuuuna… Nice one dude!
Anyway, I enjoy your animations, and I like the sick sense of humor you show in both your ramblings and your ‘focused’ vids. Honestly, I found you through the brickfilms, and stayed for the rest.
Too bad you live down under, cause I’d love to buy you a beer and share a laugh! Later!

Grins, WATCH MY VIDEOS, ok ok ok im joking, point taken, I agree I get same crap on mine and i delete those idiots to. I actually make it a thing to watch everyones vids, not all, just a few of everyone who coments but i dont get many so its easy for me, and blunty, the only ones of yours i dont like are your mac is great ones, I HATES MAC, but hey someone has to love em eh?

The reason haters view your videos is because boring, insecure, arrogant cocks are funny and entertaining…. in a bad way. Just admit it, you want everyone to admire you and canΒ΄t stand being mocked. Get over it, you attention seeking manchild.:D


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