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March 20, 2007

ysabellabravetalk #1

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Youtube Commments:
I would like to see you stay on YouTube. You know after your record contract they’ll own you. That’s OK if that’s what you want. You really are special. I have never said that anyone online before, but if you are for real, there really is something special about you. Like the words out of the song Brass in Pocket, “Your special, soooo special”!

I think that it was a great idea of having two channels,
one where you can intertain with you singing and one
where you interact with pleople.
I’m a fan, you sing very well, I can see you have a great charisma.
keep up the good work, and keep intertaining us with
you precious voice.
I whish you do get a recorddeal.

You are a true lady in every sense of the word. Your speaking voice is warm and inviting. You conduct yourself with grace and charm. I am so impressed by you the person. As a singer you have breathed new life into some old songs and made them singable again. Go you!!

That’s good news about being contacted concerning your musical talent. I was hoping maybe a Hollywood agent would come a knockin’. You have a unique look and voice that would enrich a television series or a big screen movie. I see that coming up for you eventually. Woohoo! exciting times for ysabellabrave.

I would have answered to that person: Don’t care about being popular. Just go ahead and make videos. You never how the reaction of your audience will be like. Some of them may hate you and some others may love you. Some of your videos could be more successful than you could have imagined. And some of your videos which you are really proud of could totally fail. Never think of the result of the ratings. Just try your best to make good videos. The most important thing on youtube is having fun

I agree, that’s good advice. You can’t control how people respond. Do what you do to the fullest and let us decide if it’s for us. I watch Mary Anne to see her do her thing. If she stopped doing herself in order to try and please someone who doesn’t get her. Well, it just wouldn’t work.

I’m happy for you. The World’s a stage, and my oh my, aren’t we all the richer that you’re on it. Manners will never go out of style… Not While I’m Around. (Ever think about doing that song by any chance?)Anyway, thanks. You make my world a brighter place;)

I’m elated to hear prospects are opening up for you, though hardly surprised. ;} You really do deserve the chance to shine that warmth and soul for everyone to see it. It’s been quite an experience, and my sincere thanks to you for sharing it with us.

Yaaa…very cool! You can’t stop talent and a true heart! …But please don’t let the recording industry “corrupt” you..remember, they are in it for a buck, and will try to market you as a “product” to achieve “maximum market penetration” etc. Be careful who you sign a deal with, get a lawyer, and be true to yourself! That said, when can I buy your debut CD?

Hi MaryAnne,

First of all, condolences to Shredder and I hope he’s feeling better soon. And for you, young lady; congratulations. Those of us who have been listening to you for awhile knew that this day would come. I’m very happy for you and proud to say that I’m a long-time fan (in YouTube years) and will continue to watch your star rise. Never mind the success and fame; I wish you happiness as you begin this new chapter in your life.

Big {{hugs}} and lots of love,


Congrats about the negotiations. It’s good to see you’re taking your time on them, fools rush in, as they say.
As for your voice, I think you’re probably right, people think you’re out of an old movie just because you speak so pleasantly. Just think how many Youtube videos have people screaming into the camera. They’re not used to someone thinking out their words and speaking pleasantly.

Congrats on your label interest. Please do not sign ANYTHING, including a “letter of intent” or “deal memo” without the counsel of an entertainment attorney. If you feel any pressure to do otherwise, it is a sign that you’re dealing with an unscrupulous person

Wow, everyone is giving you advise (I am guilty too, as you may know). I guess this YouTube thing has made this so personal for us. It is like we are talking to a close friend or our little sister..we are so protective. – Oh, and the above sounds like good advise, in case you haven’t done that. -Jim

Most of your fans know your voice is for real. But in a way, it is ‘unreal’ in the sense that it is so comforting and smooth. You have a wonderful speaking, as well as singing, voice.
And YAY! When you let us know about the cd or dvd release, I will buy one! Love you, MaryAnne!

Sweet as ever to hear ya. Congrats on getting contacted by a record company. The one thing I will say… as far as the question about your speaking voice – I also think it sounds like you’re making an effort to speak in an old fashioned manor… just based on the way you talked in the horrorfest video I saw. It was not the same ysabella speaking then! Anyway, you’re still adorable and I’ll stay subscribed however ya decide to talk.

Weird, why does that keep cropping up?– I am definately missing something. Or not. I think the irony is a lot of people are not used to someone speaking so intimately from the heart (like you did after S.F.). It is the same emotional rawness that you express thru your singing, which may be easier for some to open up too. — Just a thought, but again I am not sure what some others are hearing. -Jim

You hit the nail on the head, jim. Mary Ann speaks with an intimacy that risks being hurt. I know she’s gotten a lot of negative comments, but she keeps her positive attitude throughout, and that somehow makes us feel good….that there’s at least ONE place that’s uplifting.
It’s that intimacy that connects with many, and sadly is rare, because many can’t risk the chance of the unkind retort because of past hurts.

I share an apartment with a eunuch (Telly). At first I thought how could I do that to another dude, just not cool. Until I read the book “How They Do It”, it is all about how other animals “do it”. Not that fun for a lot of our furry friends, especially cats. I guess us humans sould feel lucky. – Sorry Shredder is feeling punk and has to wear that Shakespeare collar. I think Telly took a long nap after his surgery and that was it.

Gosh, I just LOVE watching your “talk-videos” – they just give me a pure feel-good mood!! Thank you so much, Ysabella. Woow, it is FANTASTIC news about your talks with some record-companies – I wish you ALL the best and hope that your dreams WILL come true, I think you deserve it, and if your music will be purchasable online, I will definitely be buying your albums – I love your voice!!!

Congratulations on your fabulous prospects! I hope everything works out just the way you want it. And also, here’s a question maybe for your next installment: since you acquired your singing abilities so suddenly, are you scared you’ll one day lose them just as quickly?

Hi! I am so happy things are rolling on for you Mary Anne, and that Shredder is mending. I have a little Chorkie who is getting spayed the first week of April, and I feel for her already having heard you. Ouch! This new channel is wonderful – nice to hear the person behind the “voice” that cheers a lot of people every day. You are a precious, and genuine “old soul” you are. 😉

I know the truth about YsabellaBrave,and why we see only her face and hands.She keeps it dark when she sings because the bottom half of her is in a large tub.She is a Mermaid..This would explain why she is so nice, and why she sounds strange to some people.

Yup, they WILL try, but don’t give in. And by this I mean NEVER change who you are. Your true fans love you for the wonderful person you already are. Don’t give in to the pressure of doing music you are not feeling or changing your image to please more people. 🙂

I am so glad I stumbled across your music and videos. You do a great job of connecting with people. Also, you are quite brave posting the “talk” videos as I think they would be very hard to make come out just the way you want so you actually say and communicate what you are hoping people to hear. Keep up the music as well as the talk and when the record deal happens be sure and let us all know. Best of luck and peace be with you.

i feel like excluding comments that you feel express “rudeness” from your board definitely gives an unbelievably biased opinion. Why not let your audience hear all the opinions of your viewers instead of just the ones you feel are “pleasant”? It would be very helpful to me if I could see negative comments as well as the positive.

Listening to your videos is so enjoyable. You have a great voice and know how to use it. I have been listening to music for many years now and to be honest your choice of songs would not be my first list of favorites, but I have always found that when I hear someone who is truely having fun and showing it in their performance, it lifts me up to a new level and seeing you has surely done that for me. Keep up good work and look forward to soon be able to buy your songs on Itunes.

As always you are charming. It never entered my mind that you were less that 100% genuine. I am delighted for your label interest. As I always knew, one day we will look for our ysabella and she will be on a much bigger screen! We had better enjoy this while it lasts.

The cat is not “laying” there but lying there. I don’t know why this grammatical error is so common, even in scripted television programs. We need only to remember that a chicken lays eggs, and a cat lies down. Sorry to have had to interrupt with this urgent message.

…Maybe you might entertain the idea of a “self help” personal empowerment sort of DVD series or TV. Dont be overly humble in thinking that “people dont want to hear me blah..blah..” cuz, watch the numbers, they do. You can continue to help people on a much grander level.. and perhaps earn a little in the process. – Jeff

I’m so glad you finally got noticed by someone that can make you famous. Keep doing what your doing, take it slow and think things out before signing anything. You are truly one of a kind. If there were more people like you,MaryAnne,in this world….it sure would be a nicer world in which we live. Hope Shredder gets well soon.
*HUGS* from your #1 fan.

It’s great what you said about haters. There is no freedom of speech in my home. This is what I tell people all the time. If you curse at me or yell at me in my home, you are out of there. Same here on YouTube, hater comments will only be allowed if I want them to be allowed. What you say is so important for people to understand… what do you think the chances are that they will?

Yes, I agree, not enough politeness or manners in this world. Do you hear that haters??? Please, for all of our sake, get help… you are sad people and need to find the source of hate inside you before you explode. It’s seriously not healthy. And MaryAnne…. you keep on keeping on…. cheerio! ~ John

You don’t need a label !

You already have a reasonable little legion of fans here.

Be freelance, independent, and a fair few people will be throwing money at you for official downloads of your stuff.

Be good.

Guys, please forgive me if I have already posted this somewhere else. I’m sure it was here, but never made it into the comments.

MA, if you want a bidding war with all the labels competing for your signature, let us know. I’ll bet WE can contact the companies and generate more attention. You definitely should get the best deal possible. You deserve it.

Great Official First installment! I’ve always enjoyed your update videos as much as your performances. One piece of advice…a good way to tell if a record/talent deal is legit is that a legit company wouldn’t ask you to pay for anything. Cons try to rustle you with paying for all sorts of things to help get started. Stay Safe and keep them coming:)

Don’t ever change. You are a pioneer in this medium.
There is no comparison between you and most of the other presentations I’m seeing on here. What do you do for a living? I doubt that you are a dental hygenist. You must have some voice training or have majored in the humanities somewhere.

Oh, one other thing, your voice is unique, almost surreal.
You can change it so much it’s amazing. The last voice with as much variability was Karen Carpenter.
Take care and good luck!

kitty lays on me
when my back was hurtin it maded my leg hurt and she liked layin on it
great luck girl
you are awaitin star
i don`t want to bother you
i know lots wantin to share your time
and i rather you give it to them as long as i know you doin great is all i want`

Oh my goodness. I absolutely love you. I tell everyone about you. You are so unique, it’s such a breath of fresh air. Don’t pay attention to any negativity that may come your way. You do not deserve that!! I love you and will support you 100%!! Much love, hugs, smiles, and continued success. 🙂

I couldn’t help but chuckle at the idea of everyone wearing pet collars to “look natural” so that Shredder does not get suspicious! XD I have just recently started tuning in, and to hear that people are scouting you is excellent news. It is refreshing to find other people who sing for the joy of it. I sometimes wish I lived in a simple, rural Eastern European town where the family/community still comes together at the end of the working day for singing and dancing.

That’s wonderful news MaryAnne! I am excitedly awaiting your first CD! I don’t even have a CD player in my truck but for you I would buy one! So maybe you should buy stock in CD players you may helpl sell a lot. Definately be careful what you sign sweetheart, remember Elvis sold his soul to Col Parker and it made life miserable for him. We don’t want that to happen to you! You’re a star girl go for it!

You are such a lovely person, and listening to you speak so humbley and lovingly gives me hope. There are such hateful and rude people out there and it is nice to know that there are still genuin people like yourself. And i have to say you have one of the most amazing voices i have ever heard. And seeing how brave you are makes me feel like maybe i will be able to post a video of myself someday. but as for now i only post video’s of friends..

Well ysabellabravetalk #1 I think you are Awesome…I love the way you talk to your fans well, I am one of them…Hope your Cat gets better…And I love how you Sing…You Must be an Old Wise soul And I do Enjoy your singing…it lifts me up alot…Love and Hugs…Vicki

My favorite video of yours so far has got to be “Let’s Misbehave”. You are so full of life! Has anyone told you that you sound exactly like Judy Garland? I hope someday you’ll sing “Over the Rainbow”! Whatever songs you choose, you are an amazing singer and blessed by God with a beautiful voice and presence. Thank you!

This is what happens MA when you just focus on being yourself, bright and clear…the rest falls into place and the world gets brighter.
I’ll pray for the record deal issues. I know from personal experience that can be a brutal bizz, but I also know you’re nowhere as fagile as some people might think and you can handle it. GO GET EM MARYANNE!

first of all if anyone is tired of maryane carry your ass, why are you watching her videos if your tired of all the hoopla? I love you Maryanne, Im one of your biggest fans, I almost cried when you said record companys are approaching you! Good luck, keep us posted! Sorry shredder, hope you feel better!

This is my first time watching your little “program” and already i am excited about seeing more. You are a very beautiful person and have some very positive attributes. I hope to hear more of your your voice and about your possible contract. If you could also please enlighten me on your singing career.

Kudos to you for your advice ! Your genuine class is appreciated, shining through even here in YouTube-land. And what’s that nonsense about your voice – people don’t like it ? You have a wonderful speaking voice, just as lovely as your singing voice. Thanks for sharing.
Her First DP


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  1. Maryanne is already corrupt…. sorry 😦

    Comment by Francine — August 20, 2007 @ 3:19 am

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