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March 21, 2007

Ian Crossland exposed part six in a series

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Youtube Commments:
How many times do I have to tell you? Nobody cares what a fat, uneducated fuck has to say. Well except for other fat, lazy uneducated people.

Do society and the world a favor and off yourself. We are tired of supporting your type and so is your mommy.

At the end you are like friends- sort of.
If you 2 want to get featured i think you should meet again some day. Sit side by side watch some YT Drama or whatever and comment on the vids. It will display your differences but as well i think i will see you laugh together again. You needed these vids to warm up.

If This Was A Star Wars Trillogy And You Were Luke Skywalker What Would That Make Ian? Or Do You See Yourself As A Darthvader?
Tell Ian That Drugs (Pot) Leads To Dependency And That Leads To Shit I Have Been Clean Off It For 5 Months Now And Glad I Am

this has been awesome uite an insight into both of your lives, maybe you do this again, with more time to gather questions from both your viewers and see the direct unedited answers =)
ill make a video reesponse to both of you monday probably


Was quite surreal seeing you two together!

So many other well-known people on YouTube are so pretentious and narcissistic that it almost puts me off watching videos completely… it was really good to see you two just talking and being yourselves.

Enjoyed the videos a lot, you should definitely ask Ian to come back some time.

Ian suggests the only reason cannabis is illegal is because the government can’t tax it and people become unambitious and ‘too’ thoughtful. But it can fuck you up, split-personality disorder, cannabis psychosis, paranoid schizophrenia and depression are all linked directly with smoking cannabis especially when young. These are illnesses, no type of expanded thought or government conspiracy to keep you off it. It’s good though, we’re young, we’re gonna live forever, fuck the future!

The Mail (London) January 28, 2006, Saturday, John Naish, pg. 4.

That is only the first one I across, but there are many more which I cannot be arsed to sight, sorry site, sorry cite.

They described as robust and persistent the research-based link between hash and “severe mental illness characterised by the presence of delusions, hallucinations, and other cognitive and behavioural impairments.” They warned that the risk rises significantly if smokers start young and smoke frequently.

i just watched it all. wow. this was great, for me personally because i didn’t like you dispatcher until this video. but here you were normal and intelligent. i had only seen things that i found negative before. this recent thing of youtubers meeting up has changed things up for me.

Fantastic video set Roger, love you long time! For some reason… I think I would have more respect for Ian if he wasn’t smoking pot. I’ve known a few pot smokers in my time and they all seem to be missing some essential marbles up stairs. Anyways it was great to see you guys chill and get along, heart warming I beleive the saying is. 🙂

This isnt as strange as I thought it would be. You are both acting exactly like you do in your own videos, and you actually get along pretty well.

Crossmack looks really stoned. ‘like diarrea, it turns back to regular shit’ I missed that simile too.

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opps sorry for the last post, I fell asleep watching this boring CRAP!

Could it be possible that we have found the only two people in the world without a single talent? I mean Christ you two could sit there and shot spitballs at each other and that would be at least some sort of talent.

You fucktard, your the only one saying that here and your saying the same stupid bullshit on every one of his vids and subscriber channels under your own different accounts. We all know your a sick obsessed freak. Now do everyone a favor and go check yourself into a nuthouse you fucking loon!!!

How many times do I have to tell you? Nobody cares what a fat, uneducated fuck has to say. Well except for other fat, lazy uneducated people.

Do society and the world a favor and off yourself. We are tired of supporting your type and so is your mommy.

i finally got to watch the last of the 6th. again, as much as i’ve made fun of that guy, he seems way more tolerable in person. he still says some goofy shit, but he seems sincere. i think, all in all, this series was one of your better videos. good job.

I just don’t understand why Ian is so ignorant to the worlds most basic issues, and such. Hes sitting there listening to you like he just escaped a cave he has been living in for 20 years. And its funny how you jumped on the role of, let me educate you Ian on the shit you don’t know. Maybe he just played along I dont know. But I think the funniest thing was hearing you guys try to describe computer specs. RAM is measured in Gigabytes and Megabytes. Ghz is CPU speed. 120 gigs is your hard drive.


This is a fill in the blank question for other Commenters watching this six-part video drama:

This video serie demonstrated an interesting (almost controversial) mix of two distinctly different personalities…not Batman and Robin, not Darth and Luke, not Lex Luthor and Superman, nor Cheech and Chong, but more like ___ and ___.


I think now I finally get what Ian is saying about manifesting. I just manifested a burger with sesame seeds on it. I’m going to plant them in my bowels to do their thing so I can manifest just as much bullshit as he does. Thanks Spatch for the 1st installment of “In the Dispatcher’s Studio”, but you forgot to ask his favorite word.

(1/2) I’ve only seen two of Ian’s videos, and I thought they were rather disappointing, but that diarrhea line was the single best thing I’ve ever heard on YT. It works on so many levels! If you leave your diarrhea lying around in the sun, the liquid portion will evaporate, and you’ll have fairly regular feces — like even the most exciting idea gets stale if you don’t develop it or transform it into action. If you introduce your diarrhea into the sewage system, it gets watered down and mixed

(2/2) up with other people’s excrement until in the end it’s indistinguishable from the regular shit with which it mingled — is this an image of human commonality, or does it mean that nothing you do really matters? And even if at some point your bowel move so fast that you are no longer in control of anything — one day you’ll be back taking regular shits. I think this is what he meant: at times, your life moves too fast for you, you become unbalanced, but in the end you’ll be fine.

Ha. Amusing.

I’d like to say I got something out of this video, although I see two totally different people struggle to understand/tolerate each others lifestyle. Neither able to back down. That’s cool; yet uncomfortable. Nice to see you guys try each other out for size. Peace
How many times do I have to tell you? Nobody cares what a fat, uneducated fuck has to say. Well except for other fat, lazy uneducated people.

Do society and the world a favor and off yourself. We are tired of supporting your type and so is your mommy.

i think you liked him really, because he reminds you of you. but you feel a pressure to ridicule, as a kind of defense mechanism. You have to mock the weaknesses in ian that you see in yourself. interesting on many levels, bar the actual content of the conversation. Dispatcher is smarter and more interesting than i first thought.

I do think he likes Ian, but not because he reminds him of himself. I think because he realized Ian’s a harmless, clueless, naive kid that’s really a nice guy just trying to figure everything out. And he mocks him because Ian believes he’s right and wants other people to believe it too based on no proof.


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