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March 21, 2007

Random Report 5

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Youtube Commments:
“they are just beginning”
well, actually, Ferco, they haven’t even begun. they seem to spend all their time making promos and doing “shout-outs” about ytask, but never actually put one second of time into creating a single video. I think its died.

think of the logistics?? Listen, the internet is not affected by international boundaries you fool. Anyway, Ferco and jemc, let me throw this debate back to u: You tell ME when a reasonable time would be that I can expect a video from ytask. A month after they launch their name? 3 months? How long do you think is a reasonable time? You tell me, & when they fail to reach that deadline (as they will) you won’t be able to defend their failure, because YOU set the deadline.

Sam needs constructive criticism. Not mindless praise for everything, regardless of whether its good or bad. You are not helping anyone if you simply respond on autopilot with “thats great sam, you’re the best” no matter what he does. norton mcleod is just being honest. He’s more useful to Sam than you are.

I’m juz sayin, lets help out Sam with good advice. he’s gunna be great sometime soon. We just need to keep encouraging him to step outta his comfort zone. he needs helpful constructive criticism right now. To be his real friend, thats what you should do. Lets do it for Sam.

It’s the same as in the new years revolution video.I didn’t notice the adidas logo theire.That was the first video from you I saw.I had the turn the volume button down,joke.Funny those words:I’m so excited,becusss.You are exactly the double of an old friend of mine,in Junior School.Go on with Random Report 6 7 8 9 10 ect.Block every stupid hater and ignore them as much as you can.Youre the best kid in the whole world.

very funny really, but if you look like that when you are on youtube, i’m not going to send you messages anymore lol, first you appeared like a nerd and then you were typing while you’re sleeping 😮 hehehe..
really good video! just keep rocking and oh nice logo

lol I noticed in your youtube segment you seem to do a lot of typing, i usually just watch vids. I also noticed that when your saying something with feeling you hold your hand like your holding a wine glass…. or is it the world in your hand. Oh and one more thing, is your RANDOM report planned, because that would make it unrandom right? Keep it up Sam, your doing good

Anal Hell
Busty Solos
Lucky Lesbians
New Solos
Oriental Orgy
Sex Toy Teens
Simple Fucks

Teenage Whores
Gay Sex Resort
Gay Solos


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