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March 21, 2007

"The Hot Girls" Thai Smile Sneak Peak

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Youtube Commments:
no offense man, i can understand how any negative comment could come across as hating on youtube, I seriously never hate. However I seriously think you could do better. The premise is great the acting just seems to un-natural. I only say this because I really think you’re talented as a director/ editor just make it seem more real. Try and emulate the dialogue from Kevin Smith flicks if that wasn’t what you were going for.

I really don’t understand how you can judge this on the acting since it’s only a short clip of a feature. You don’t know anything about the characters nor the story line which greatly demonstrates why the actors act they way they do. As far as emulating Kevin Smith, as much as I respect the man, I always try to bring something different to the game…emulating someone else is never my goal….I’m not hating on you man, I respect your opinion, I’m simply stating my side of the story.

kl bit, though i thought the girl who u kissed first, might have been breathing a little harder after that kiss and not jus sitting there like a statue. Just wondering, if a director feels an actor isn’t acting well, does he tell them on set, and instruct them better or is it aucuard?

Peter, Tim & the other actor was great but your a natural on screen. Really enjoyed the snippet, great stuff. I thought the clip where your back is facing the screen (01:41) interupted the flow of the angles. Just my opinion. Other than that, the film seems a great watch.

– Your friend, Basim.


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