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March 21, 2007

The Ultimate Con 9/11 Documentary Trailer

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Youtube Commments:
The truth will come out eventually, but then will come the pardons & by then … the Amerikan Union will be upon us. Kind of hard to rejoice & say, “I told ya so!” when some jack-booted thug has got you by the windpipe. We’ve waited too long & the media Black-Out of Ron Paul is full force. Also, this STUPID Atheist vs. Xian & Liberal vs. Conservative cock fight has turned us into the Divided Sheeple of Amerika. >:[ IDIOTS!

It will help gain back the trust and respect from others that now hate America. Americans will realize how corrupt corporations and their government are. It will free the Americans of their conditioning, allowing them to think for themselves and not to just accept everything that is fed to them. Thats just for starters.

bull on global war on terror so your saying all these groups al queda etc… are made up and they didn’t claim responsibility for blowing up embassy’s wtc attacks etc… is that a figment of our imagination? your saying we are all just delusional and your not because you say so with out ANY facts that back you up.
Any one can speculate, but you can’t just expect people to believe in you speculation because you say this is what my imagination thinks happens

Plese explain how WTC 7 fell, as explained in the official 911 commission report. Also, explain why there were “put option” of stock in great quantity on United Airline and American. And, explain the molten steel and high radiation at the site, as per the commission report (cont.)

excuse me Mr Barrisj, but the US government cannot keep anything secret? what planet do you live in? middle conservative america? You might want to keep your head up, they lie left and right, many lies proven. Thousands of classified documents, classified for decades… then surfacing. But usually they can get destroyed in “terrorist attacks”… and the more you buy it, the more risk of it happening again… your comment is quite retarded…
please, make sense when commenting.

I agree that there is no lack of suspicious evidence here, and yes they “lie left and right,” but what I think BarrisJ was getting at, and it’s a problem I always have, is that an inside conspiracy on the scale of 911 would have involved so many govt. officials that it would have been near impossible to keep secret, some honest official always leaks to the press when something like this is going on (ex. the leak to the NYTimes on the domestic spying).

Part of what you have said is correct but things like the spying policy affects Americans here and now and is not controversial. To say that 911 is an inside job is suicide. also, such things as the Eugencis program was kept secret, operation northwoods was kept secret. its takes tens of years before someone blows the whistle (cont.)

not when people are throwing wood to the fire 😉 this will not stop until the facts are unveiled 🙂 You mention “9/11 was an inside job” as suicidal… suicide have to be when you put on your shades and think you’re in flower land or something ..*laughs* This is real , not a tv serie which like to tell you next week to be continued.. I hope no one fetish being in jail and turn on being beaten to death .. That’s my opinion

but are you telling me that some govt. official who has verifiable documented evidence of an inside job would not just sell this to someone in the media as an anonymous source? Someone would have cracked by now in this media insane culture. Either everyone involved is too loyal to the administration (unlikely), or there is no credible evidence (possible, but unlikely), or it was not an inside job (rather more probable IMO).

Now you’re talking like a child. Governments throughout history have conspired and plotted to the detriment of their people. The military industrial complex took over officially after the 2000 selection of Bush. Wake up and smell the coffee. Watch 9/11 Revisited on google if you want to get the shit scared out of you!

barris, you`re dead wrong: the sinking of the lusitania in 1917. pearl harbour 1941. dropping the atomic bombs on japan even though capitulation papers lay on truman`s desk in 1945. the jfk murder, 1963. the gulf of tonkin incident, 1964. luring saddam into the 1st gulf war, 1991. finally, 9/11. I could go on, but I won`t. I suggest you do some serious reading instead of posting such clearly uninformed comments on youtube.

What proof do you people have about this truth it’s all freakin speculation. What all the millions of people that work for the television industry they are all covering up the conspiracy? no one came out about the conspiracy but you know more then anyone else about this conspiracy theory?

Not true, people did come out about the theory. They planned to have interviews about it the explosions they heard the next day, buy suddenly called it of for unknown reasons.

You need to look into this theory because it’s all true. There is so much evidence out there. It’s all there waiting to be watched, you must look into it like I did and be convinced.

who killid john o’neill? why so many inconsistincies not properly investigated? I thought the jutce system of a democracy was the most respected, that is the point of a democracy. Why should we proove the innocence of those making the decisions that affect us? yes, many people want to believe this is possible, and many dont, either way, you want to believe something so as to find your ground and strategize your life… but what if I dont believe anything, and look at ALL the facts?

explain please…at least back yourself with something, what does a closed mind have to do with only looking at facts, evidence, pictures (broad and specific) theories and sides, questions, answers, opinions, stories, rebuilt stories, rebuilt stories from that, facts? You know, you really dont do much service if your level of expression is only flem and no flu… (I have a flu right now)… golden rule, expect that what you give *

I got a major one for you. Regular steel melts at 2500 F. Structural steel melts at 3100F. Jet fuel (kerosene with stabolizing additives) burns at 1796 F in ideal conditions. Ideal conditions are where air is under pressure and forced into the fire to react with the kerosene completely. Black smoke is an obvious sign of inefficient burning. Jet fuel cannot melt steel. Nor did it burn hot enough that day to even weaken the steel.

Give me specific definitive testimonial of ONE person who was in on it. Anyone. Show me on what degree the person was involved and tell me why they aren’t on trial for murder or assisting in the crime of the century. Or for that matter, why didn’t they come forward to stop it? You people are purely historical revisionists. Much like the WMD’s of Iraq, you won’t find this fake truth you’re searching for.

The day before 9/11, Rumsfeld announced from the Pentagon that $2.3 TRILLION (not billion not million) were unaccounted for. That could pay off a lot of people. Announcing the loss the day before 9/11 means no one will be paying attention the next day.

I heard you plug on Jones’ show too.

I’ve seen just about every 9/11 documentary there is and because I want your documentary to succeed and go viral I would like to offer you some constructive criticism.

The font & music is something that would be better suited for a horror movie than for a documentary. The ideas and information you’re presenting is already scary enough for the average uninformed citizen. You don’t need to make it more so.

Besides that everything was great.

I dont think he was criticizing the fact that theres music, just the type of music, i personally think the music is fine/works but the font, mainly the bloody one should go, but what really matters is the material first, not the minor details. and from the look of the preview there IS a narrative, IE from the people on the scene! good job, keep it up!

I don’t really care what happened. It doesn’t matter to me if the government bombed the tower. I lived. I have nothing to lose.

Secondly, people are always calling Bush things like, an ape, idiot, retard. Then people like you go and make these conspiracy jokes and give him all the credit of being the mastermind behind it. How cute.

Unfortunately, 9/11 was not planned nor carried out by Bush. There is a group of very powerful men who make all these decisions. Who profited by taking down those towers? Follow the money!

In addition, the countdown to 2012 has already begun!

is your movie primarily on the WTC / witnesses or are do u get into things like the American union, suspension of bill of rights etc,
things like that i feel are a direct cause and effect of 911 and its cover up, a bunch of weird shit went down that day (prior and after) stuff not even the x files could have come up with.
anyways good luck with your film.

It’s sad to see that retards like you exist in this world and, unfortunately, are able to leave the looney bin on the weekends.

It’s cute how the video says this is “undebunkable.” Shows how dogmatic and closed minded you kids really are.

Poor you.

If you think the US governement did this your Bonkers. If anything,.. they were placed by other terrorists. Think about it,.. they walk into building with backpack,.. hours before they were hit and just wait. They could have gone easily un-noticed. Why do people think we would conspire to kill our own people? Thats obsurd.

Hey austex, I saw the video u dumbo,… but I want to know where those heroic policeman, fireman and rescue people are “NOW”. And why THEY arent stating the same things are you bumbling idiots? Oh.. mabye because they aren’t IDIOTS? And they know these conspiracy theories are all poppycock.

there is an interview with a guy named Craig Bartmer, former NY police officer and a first responder. hes not an idiot. i dont know if he feels its all ‘poppy cock’ but he explains what he went through,pretty compelling stuff. hes a good one, among the many other firemen rescue people ‘NOW’ you can check out.
no offense to you, believe what you want.
but do some research first and check out ‘911 press for truth’ or ‘911 mysteries’ too. theres some good poppycock there.

Notice how the debunkers attack personally but cant comment anything to debunk the evidence.LOL. Good collection there austexdude469. WTC-3 pics immediately after the 1st collapse still stood strong enough without any signs of collapse yet WTC-7 collapsed perfectly well. Research on WTC-3 is another good topic.

9-11 wasn’t needed to make an enemy. YOU need to look into the past and look at the different acts of muslim terrorism, spanning decades back, against us. Do you think that this massive conspiracy spanned presidencies with the first WTC bombing? Did Bill Clinton try to make an enemy too? What you’ve said is the equivalent of saying the Brits bombed their own country in WWII instead of the Nazis.

Save your breath Barris, these people have no credibility and don’t have the balls to take it to court. A majority of the documentary makers have an agenda for political or financial gain. They don’t give two shits about the lives lost that day.

Shut up. Sure they put the documentary online for free, but don’t think they don’t get anything in return. You still have yet to prove that they give a shit about the people. Quit shoving this shit down the public’s throat and do something. That is if you think your pseudoscience and broken logic would stand up in any court.

Oh come on now! Any body who’s got the testicular fortitude to make a film calling the Govt a bunch of murderous traitors knows that he’s about to face an onslaught of criticisms name calling, investigation and surveillance. I call that a true Patriot. Your gross generalization about Documentaries is very revealing of your sheltered perception of film makers. I suppose you think Borat was a film made to inspire intelligent conversation?

i’m still an undecided on the cause of 911, but regardless, i think hairhorn is onto something here. If the 911 truth movement is all crap (i said IF), it is definitely in the interest of the govt. to encourage these conspiracy theories since it helps distract people from the egregious crimes that the Bush administration is committing right in plain view: the Iraq invasion, Iran next, etc. That’s why they don’t release more video footage of the pentagon attack!

Do you even know what the actual definitions of liberal and conservative are? Not the Faux News or Communist Communications Network definitions but the ones around the times of our Founding Fathers. Just so you know, I’ve been a classic AMERICAN conservative all my life.

So how about you losers stop making lame video documentaries and file a fucking lawsuit. If your evidence is so great and undebunkable then make your case in court or shut the hell up. This endless bitching doesn’t do anything, except get the documentary makers some short lived fame and cash. How about some cash for the families you believe were lied to.

There have been lawsuits filed…
Most end up being railroaded under “national security”. Most of the remainder don’t get heard because the judge throws them out on rediculious grounds. As for the families, most of them are in this fight on our side.

There are so many weasel words in your statement I don’t know what to say. What the fuck is most? How many, got any numbers, or are you just pulling shit out of your ass. Hey here’s one for you, most truth seekers are couch commandos who argue on the internet and don’t have the balls to do anything.

google “sibel edmonds” to find out what happens to lawsuits, mr calliber. the magic word is “national security”; it worked with clinton & bush flying cocaine into the US 20 years ago and orchestrating the great crack plague, it`s working with cheney not testifying on the energy task force or on the plame case – and it`ll work with 9/11, too. democracy my freakin` ass!

the point is to instill fear in the population so that they will agree to fund wars and trade their civil liberties in exchange for “security” (Iraq, Afghanistan, Patriot Act, Guantanamo, etc.), all of which props up the hugely profitable military industrial complex. (not that i accept that 911 IS a case of the “U.S. attacking themselves”)

Lol. People on your side of the story ignore facts and have to resort to name calling to make your point. You ALL do it. It’s funny. Research it. Pretty lazy of you to not do your own research and find your own answers. You let somebody else do it for you.

See TerrorStorm video; its about profits for the likes of Haliburton, GE, Carlyle Group, the oiligarchy, keeping the war machine going, its insiders, corporate, government a corrupt society, will to kill Americans, Iraqi, anyone for personal gain. Its also nothing new,

War profiteers & a Pipeline to Haifa Israel. Israel will control 30% of Worlds Oil supply-Haaretz Reported this many times.

Israeli PM Netanyahu stated regarding 911 attacks..
“Its very Good, well its Not very good but it will generate immediate sympathy for Israel” on 9/12/20001

Not an inside job but a Zionist Job

Yes, the case is weak because 1) you people can’t even agree on the same story, and 2) your ‘witnesses’ wouldn’t testify to support your case today. Since it’s so full of holes, cherrypicked, circumstantial, and part of some anticultural agenda, it’s a USELESS PURSUIT.

Do your own research buddy. Stop letting others tell you what to believe. Simple research will tell you the official story is a lie. Get off your ass, shut off the American Idol, and do some research. It’s that simple.

If you’re not interested in the truth, then hold no opinion on it. Don’t defend a false story.

I don’t research on Wikipedia or YouTube. Somebody gave me a link to this video. That’s the only reason I’m here. The internet is full of garbage, but then again, so is mainstream media. I gather from all resources and draw my own conclusions. You should do the same.

FanofAli1964: Definition of a “conspiracy theory”:
Nineteen amateur pilots who could barely fly single-engine Cessnas, lead by a cave-dwelling Muslim on kidney dialysis, commandeer four commercial jumbo-jets with box-cutters and fly them into US targets with pin-point accuracy while the entire US military stands-down for over an hour. Three concrete and steel buildings are pulverized and melted, collapsing into their own footprints at near free-fall speed, defying the laws of physics.

the television has become, in the span of a few decades, the fireworks erupting in the wet dreams of every Joseph Goebbels alive today, a propagandist’s manna from heaven and the Establishment’s weapon of choice in the pursuit of mind control and thought manipulation.-Valenzuela

lol keep calling your theories truth you turn speculation into theories and now you call it truth??? where do you get off, yea and im sure you’ll attack me personally, instead off telling me how truth comes from Speculations turning into theories???

lol way to answer, yea i’m paid off!!! hahaha Hey You caught me i’m a gov. officail paid to talk to on your tube… hahaha … what else is funny hmmm maybe…. Lets see i just saw the preview for this documentary and in the beginning it said “The 9/11 DOC you can’t debunk”,,, So it tells me you finally think theres a documentary that people can’t prove worng but the other ones you could have??? So all your trying to do is prove something that has already been debunked…

Islam-o-fascist hate us for our freedoms, put bombs in the buildings, caused NORAD to stand down, put US troops on the Afghan boarder before 9/11/01, and carried out insider short selling in airlines the day before, stole 4 trillion from the Pentagon, wrote the PNAC doc, made Jeb put Florida on martial law, 9/10/01 ETC.

For your information that was a contest done by smpfilms. It was using his clips and his songs. If you had read the comments, people enjoyed it. So go fuck yourself. And dude, it’s called the reply button. Don’t talk shit unless you reply directly to me. Otherwise you just look like a pussy.

alright, bomb in the basement (if it was even a bomb)sound familiar. How bout the previous attacks on the WTC by terrorists,they used the same idea but found out they had to apply further damage to the top of the building. Sounds like terrorists to me. People are saying that ‘this took planning’ no shit, terrorists aren’t dumbasses contrary to popular thought.

You must suscribe to the “if you don’t believe Arabs can do it, you are a racist” position. Hmm, why did they try to blow it from the bottom? Cause that’s what common sense says.

Which explains the secondary explosives. The planes were simply a diversion. Shock and Awe.

harold: tsk tsk, if you say so? Maybe you should study how they prime buildings for explosions. There are 8 million people in NYC, tens of thousands in the trade center. You’re telling me that no one noticed a thing? Sure, okay.

Ur smart.

Oh wait, no you’re not.

Good, point. so, explain building 7 and why its owner said that a decision was made to “pull” the building and “so we watched them pull it.” “Pull” is a term for demolish. Please explain. I’ll be waiting as the jeopardy song plays in my mind.

Was the Warship Maine, I believe it was the Spanish-American war, also the work of outside terrorists? Was Gulf of Tonkin outside terrorists? Was Operation Northwoods to be the work of outside terrorists? The answer to all – proven – is no, no, no.

You must have not received the “Hush memo” sent to the American populace. Those memos work so good ya know.

I see you received the obligatory tin-foil hat though.
What’s with these pre-fab “shock-Doc’s” anyway? This is like a retarded branch of Amway — without the cleaning products

The video shows the tower collapsing from the top, one floor falling into the next. Explosions from below would have had it collapsing from the bottom as in controlled demolitions. But lets suppose there were explosions below, surely if this was so well planned as to hijack commercial planes then parking a vehicle laden with explosives at the site was a simple extension to their plan.

Every one should watch the documentary on how the towers were built. It was a structural giant and in one hour Al Qaida took it down with fires. What a waste of money for that building. To think both of them, and then WTC 7 too. Were they made of aluminum?

lol collapsing from the top, pay more attention.
the pancake theory has many flaws, to many its not possible it could happened.
of pancake theory is true there should be:
1. the steel pillars that’s at the center of the building (42 steel pillars if im not wrong).
2. the concrete will not turn into dust, what should have happen is that they will stack like.. pancakes…

the plane theory is wack? are u a fucking stupid piece of shit? i guess you go with the theory that our own govt is responsible for 9/11? good logic…you gotta love liberals and their anti-American stance. Liberals love supporting the enemy while betraying our country!

ROFL, my favorite of insane theories:

The planes where added in digitally? There were plenty of people who watched others die from those planes… and they are none too happy to hear that BS…
2. That ‘explosion’ is proof of anything. First, it’s a sound, one that as far as I know was a gas explosion or steel ripping, and even if it were an explosive device where is the concrete evidence and how in hell do you guys know who planted it?

Truthiness231: On one hand you affirm the planes are real (and I agree) because “There were plenty of people who watched” yet you dismiss the testimony of those same “people who watched” when they speak of many huge explosions — a complete contradiction of purpose. Examine the evidence, don’t cherry pick what you wish to be true. You ask, “where is the concrete evidence? …who planted it?” That’s whay we need a REAL investigation, not a cover up.

leschwartz: Sadly, you’re right. The military industrial complex involves all parties. Persistence and patience are the keys to justice, in this case. The world is with us: Millions of people across the globe, not blinded by the propaganda and disinformation Americans are fed, are well aware of the heinous acts of false-flag terrorism the NeoCon regime perpetrated in the USA on 9/11. Persistence and patience.

For those who do not believe that our gov’t is capable of participating in the destruction & misery of the 9/11 attacks, consider what was allowed to happen to the fire fighters, residents, office workers & others who had to clean up Lower Manhattan. Documentation from the EPA’s own internal watchdog detailed the risks of breathing air laced with micro-particles of asbestos, lead, & mercury–air with the alkalinity of Drano.

The Frontline documentaries on the towers’ collapse were excellent, I recommend them and no, there was no evidence of explosives. As an engineer myself, whose dad was an architect, I’m not inclined to believe this conspiracy theory. There needs to be more irrefutable evidence for your claims. Conspiracy theories are like religion, they attempt to explain events around us that we often can’t understand or accept.

Yes, your right all the explosions you see on this video and on all of the others like Terror Storm, Martial Law 9/11, 9/11 Mysteries, Loose Change, are fabrications, and the government and corporate media conspiracy fantasy are true. The government is nice and would no lie to us to make billions on war industries. All of these first hand reports are fabrications. Yes the evidence speaks for itself about who is a moron.

HAH! my brother believes this shit, he also believes bush is the devil , and aliens are helping him to create a new world order and bring about the end of the wolrd. Which would be funny , if he didnt obsess over it and watch these fucking videos 6 hours a day/every day after work

wow; i didnt know americans were this stupid. please use your critical thinking. i dont doubt the bush presidency would do this IF THEY COULD GET AWAY WITH IT> however, 1. with these types of buidings as the structure gets ready to fail you will hear explosions. 2.there would be leaks if this happened

oliviathecanadian: I agree. The 1000s of people killed in the twin towers & Flight 93 on 9/11, and the 100s of brave first-responders suffering the after effects of inhaling toxins are collateral damage to the NeoCons. I want justice –for these people, for their families, and in honor of the departed souls, we must fight to take our country back. Reality is frightening, but only by confronting it can we ever succeed.

Hats off to you austex this video is amazing fuckin blind goofy Americans still cant see the truth! Bush can go on CNN and say yhea i fucked y’all in the ass hahaha I’m rich bitch and people will still deny the fact! and the Americans who do see the truth are considered to be the stupid ones.

People that don’t know the truth and listen to the media on tv should take a dollar out of their pocket and tell ME what that pyramid is doing there! And what does it say above and below it? Research the truth and turn off that damn tv for once! It’s like a cow troff and you dumbasses are eating it up! Go back to your Britney Spears or Anna Nicole storys and shut the f**k up!

So, the premise of this video is that 9/11 MUST have been a conspiracy because some people heard explosions? Yep, must be the Government… How else could one explain explosions coming from a building that has been hit by a plane and is falling down?!

What are you talking about “founding fathers.” This country was founded on murder, rape, slavery, and the complete genocide of an entire race. You CT people have very selective memory. I don’t trust or distrust goverments, I base my trust on whether or not the person is an idiotic fool with no common sense or someone who is reasonable and open minded.

Some of us just do the math differently. Two people couldn’t keep secret a blow job in the White House. But a conspiracy that would’ve had to involve thousands? That, someone can pull off without anybody involved saying a word for 5 1/2 years? Oh, sure…

Idotvads, read my post again (or, for the first time) before answering. You apparently didn’t understand the phrase “anybody INVOLVED” between “without” and “saying a word for 5 1/2 years.” That means people actually inside said “conspiracy” spilling beans, not outsiders trying to connect dots floating before their eyes. You have to rely on an awful lot of them to never go for book and movie deal bucks or to never get pissy and play Deep Throat with any tentacle of the media.

schmoop14: I understand your statement now. Expecting murderers and thieves to turn themselves in is naïve. Assuming this “would’ve had to involve thousands” is presumptive and false. While you’re willing to believe the 19 amateur pilot Muslims with boxcutters story, how do you support an imaginary premise involving “thousands”?!

bring your facts, your backing up a conspiracy theory but you got no facts. Anyone can make up a conspiracy theory but without facts it proves that you just believe it because you have a weak mind and can’t read between the lines. everything you base your belief on is not truth but speculation

Your post is total Freudian projection. “you just believe it because you have a weak mind and can’t read between the lines. everything you base your belief on is not truth” You’re experiencing “cognitive dissonance”. Basically, it’s when people are frightened by something which challenges the security of their beliefs, whether right or not, and they try to block it out. Like when a child plugs his ears and sings, “LA, la, la, lala…” Me no like, mommy–make the bad go-way!!

Hahahaha HILARIOUS, Nothing you base your argument on is truth. and basically its when people are frightened by something and hear some speculation about it and turn it in to truth. Where do you get off telling me i block it out i’ve watched this researched it and found out there is no truth to 9/11 caused by gov its all speculation turned into theories. And keep trying to discredit me by personally attacking me it’s funny.

schmoop14: “..had to involve thousands”? Anyone who knows how covert military operations work, it is obvious that segmentation on a “need-to-know basis”, along with deference to command hierarchy, means that a couple of top dogs can call the shots and most people helping won’t even know the big picture. A handful of people can pull off big conspiracies, especially when they’ve got a high-level military or government person on board.

lol where is your proof ahaha there nazis? your gonna make up more stuff now??? Don’t try to come at me and say your blind if you don’t see the gov is corrupt blah blah, I know there is shit that happens in the gov that we don’t know or was wrong but you can’t tell me just because you thin the gov is corrupt that everyone in it is covering up 9/11 especially when you havn’t show any solid facts just your speculation.

WTC I & II were not std controlled demos, demo of WTC 7 was closest to a std demo

Recorded video audio evidence shows the series of explosions that occurred

100s first hand eyewitnesses – on site reports speak for themselves

One series of explosions was designed to take out the substantial super-structure, the other series of explosions took the towers apart top down, turned them into dust so they would not crash into the foundation bathtub and cause the Hudson to flood into lower Manhattan

yea Osama Bin Laden wanted his terrorist group attacked by every country in the world when he and his group claimed that they did the attacks. He claimed he organized the 9/11 attacks, on tape, because he wanted his country and al queda attacked by America. Your right now hes working with America to attack his own group, Your story keeps on getting better your. He Did it in 93 and he tried to do it again and said he did it agian.

Again i’m attacked personally when your backed in a corner, lol. Yea I’M just a a little 19 year old that doesn’t know about this world, please give me your hand so i can cross the street sir…. and while we’re crossing you can tell me about what my best interests are and why these are my best interests. please grown up sir please tell us what you see that the rest of the world doesn’t

yea Osama Bin Laden wanted his terrorist group attacked by every country in the world when he and his group claimed that they did the attacks. He claimed he organized the 9/11 attacks, on tape, because he wanted his country and al queda attacked by America. Your right now hes working with America to attack his own group, Your story keeps on getting better your. He Did it in 93 and he tried to do it again and said he did it agian.

Laxtreme8…you are either dillusional or a shill. Anybody with half a brain knows what’s going on here. POLLS PROVE that people who think in narrow ways such as yourself are now WAY in the minority! Wait till the actual documentary comes out…bam!

And…flooding the board like this helps me a lot. Thank you! The more you comment, the higher it goes in youtube. Please…ramble on. I enjoy looking down on you and your comments. I understand not everyone can be smart, but we are trying to help people like you learn.

Tell me whats wrong with 911myths (dot) com. I’m sure your to stubborn to look at the facts that debunkify every myth you have, with facts. Its ridiculous that you buy into conspiracy theories that are just one speculation after another, on an edited tape that pushes your view. It’s facts vs. SPECULATION ON TOP OFF SPECULATION to draw a conclusion that you think is possible.

hahaha you are ridiculous the first clip clearly shows a bomb going off?? how???? Yea you can research all the speculation you want because that is what this video shows the speculation that something else happened, And you take that speculation and blame it on whomever you want. You have a one sided view because you want to blame someone for what happened. I don’t fall for something because someone tells me to based on speculation.

Yea…that means a lot coming from a guy who featured a video called “Make Halloween Poop” on his youtube account. I see you took it off. Your brain is weak and basically useless. Put down the crackpipe, stop smoking the bud, and wake up to reality.

Your so funny. Laxtreme8 conveys his opinion through well grounded and legitimate facts, and you counter by thrashing some shit he posted on his youtube account. austexdude469- you are as simple and ignorance and vanity could make you. But I hope you get a lot of views and responses on your account just like alex jones or smith or whatever his name is sold a lot of books about the inside job. moron

YEA ATTACK ME PERSONALLY THAT’S REALLY BIG OF YOU, YOUR JUST AVOIDING THE REALITY AND TRYING TO GET A REACTION OUT OF ME. THIS video is the best clips of the documentary? it shows nothing but speculation and you shove your theory down others throat

BlackPowerBlackPride: This is neither a skin color or race issue, nor a democrat or republican conflict. Don’t permit such things to distract you from the importance of what we’re confronting here. We need to unite in this effort. Use your Black Power & Pride well.

lol let me get this straight…. because we don’t believe in Your Speculation and theories that you call truth, with no FACTS i might ADD, We are now SELLOUTS TO OUR COUNTRY?? That makes a lot of sense. Why don’t you tell people about sites that factually discredit your 911MYTHS (DOT) COM. O YEA, They must be sell outs also because they don’t drink the kool aid your offering with out researching it a little bit..

Blackpride…You better think before you speak. These people want you dead more than me. You think that AIDS popped up in africa right after a small pox vaccination was an accident? The same people who got the vaccinations were the first to come down with AIDS. You better do your research there dude.

hahaha you did not just say that to him because he disagrees with you, I think i can speak for myself and say i don’t hate you black pride but austexdude wants you to lol its just ridiculous what you people will do to discredit people in a debate lol

everythng in this documenatary was in loose change and loose change has been debnked. You have any clue how much cable and explosive need to be planted for a controled demo of these towers. Every structural engineer disgrees with any conspiracy theory and they go further to say it would take ATLEAST 4 months to properly wire each tower for a freefall control demolition. There would wires and explosives everywhere. Meaning people would easily see them.

The WTC towers had entire floors that were empty. There are many reports of crews of men working on the building, drilling, placing packets into the structural parts of the building. The building was closed down over weekends, bomb sniffing dogs were taken out of the security details. The buildings were in fact condemned and ordered to be taken down, due to asbestos, alum facade separating from the superstructure. It was planned for years, research and you will find out.

You CT creeps do not reveal truth, you attempt to create it- in a rather sloppy, haphazard way. simple creatures who are so insecure with their intellect they believe in something that no one else does so they feel like they are more aware and enlightened than most people around them- but it’s really just the opposite. grow up little minds

Where is the Movie if you have seen the movie then tell us what the great mystery of 9/11 is???? or if this was just a preview of the movie, then why would the people that made it give it to you or make it so crappy with no Facts in the documentary….you either made the preview from a preview you saw and came up with the theory that we are all gonna look stupid from it or

When the complete film is in DVD form I will add it to my arsenal of evidence that I copy and pass out. Right now my favorite is 911 Mysteries/Terrorstorm on a single disc.

I also use DR Griffin’s The Myth and the Reality, LC2E,
September 11th Revisited, What’s the Truth?, Pandora’s Black Box.

I am at 3,200 copies that I personally made. I’ve had help distributing them.

…too bad this new video is simply cashing in on the success of the “loose change” dvd. instead of people hooking up and synergies happening, everyone cooks his own 9/11 soup for a quick buck; that`s america for you. the result will be that even though U.S. government involvement is as clear as daylight, the perpetrators (cheney + co.) will never face justice…mark my words.


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  1. A complete picture of the 9/11 attacks and the aftermath.A very informative write up.
    Commercial steel buildings are the sturdiest! They give your imagination a shape! Above all bird proof buildings are the cleanest!

    Comment by commercial steel buildings — November 4, 2009 @ 6:49 am

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