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March 22, 2007

Blunty Rambles – the SHORT version

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Youtube Commments:
Why do people complain about Bluntys’ editing techniques ? If you watch any channel on TV you will see the exact same edits. A straight cut from one scene to the next without transition effects is the most commonly used edit out there. What is their problem ???

I’m not going to rant on about my idea’s here.. But I just hate how americanised Australia has become. I might not be the most Aussie of Australians, but it frustrates me to see that there aren’t “Brisbane” or “Sydney” shirts or jerseys out there that aren’t corny , touristy or aren’t related to Ken Done.. We live in a place where Multi-Culturism is everywhere and we are just forgetting about ourselves… *shrugs*

I’m wearing shirts from american sports teams, there are HEAPS of aussie sports team apparel. I got what I’m wearing in this video when I went to L.A in early ’05. I got them because I liked the style, they’re comfy, they were a bargain and I needed more white in my wardrobe.

As an American who likes to travel abroad, let me tell you that I find this frustrating too. Walk into a German department store and you see…T-shirts written in English with “Americana” themes. The most rewarding thing about travel is experiencing *different* cultures, which is hard to do when your country’s culture is being exported round the world.

I don’t think Blunty should have to dress to represent Australia, though.

In light of the recent Yu-Gi-Oh shenanigans, I’ve just realised that you’ve broken your own copyright ownership rights by creating a condensed version of your episode of Blunty Rambles. I think you should take this up with YouTube so they can remove your own video as soon as possible. 😉


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