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March 22, 2007


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Youtube Commments:
Hey Zip,
Great video. I heard CBGB’s is re-locating to Vegas? obviously it won’t be the same, but at least people will be able to check it out. I hope the bathrooms got cleaned cause they were shipping the tolits and everything to the new place in vegas…


I’ve made a sticky note of the “brain like teflon” comment. Consider it stolen, because it applies all too well to my own brain. (I blame it on the 70’s. It worked fine before, but it hasn’t been the same since…)
Great story, Zip!

I never get tired of your amazing stories buddy, never stop them coming!!! i just had my most amazing concert experience ever (and it was a TRIBUTE band!), queen it’s a kinda magic – dunno if ur into them zip, but i’d recommend u see them if they go to the states… hey zip, quick question, do you or do you not know Casey Nunez/TheDramaTube/The Psycho Hurricane, he’s claiming that you’re pals and it just needs confirmation coz ppl are giving him shit

Man I just love those great stories of “the old days” back when things were simpler in some ways, more complicated in others. BUT FUN, WILD and FREE – much different world now and since. Maybe it’s up to some forward thinker to create the new future. WILD rides every time you tell one of these. VERY picturesque. Love it…and you.

Great story zigg.ahhhh.The smells!God,the bathrooms ,gag.I’m choking!As long as you didnt have to piss it was great.You remind me of some one I know.The Boston area.South station. The Mad Hatter? 1978? You mentioned teflon?I swear I know you.Kenmore square?Rat skellar?Brighton,Sports Pub?thanks zigg.


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