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March 22, 2007

Some Fantastic

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Youtube Commments:
Totally awesome! Wonderful! 10 Gold Stars! 😀 I hope Steve knew what you were doing…. I mean, it could seem kinda creepy to call someone up and say “Hey, I need help with a bathroom session” …even worse if he knew what you ate the night before.

I love these!!! Keep it up! 😀


I Love that the guys are big kids!! Who else would you know in the music bizz that would hang out in each others bathrooms and belt out tunes. Makes me want to go lock myself in my bathroom with my web cam and guitar and well do nothing, can’t play a note or sing, think I will just watch! Eww does that sound a little creepy, watching 2 grown men in a bathroom. LOL

“Bye.” “Yeah, see yeah.” OMG you guys are brilliant.
If this is a promotional idea, it’s pure brilliance. (Talk about “buy, buy, buy!”) Who thinks this stuff up? Wow. And if it’s not and it’s just something you stumbled on, it’s still pure brilliance. And we thank you. 😀

You guys are the gift that keeps on giving! That was fantastic. If you do “when I fall”, my life will be complete. Incidentally, I love the imagination you use, writing from the point of view of lab techs, skyscraper window washers and bank robbers. Have I missed any? Thank you for being you.

It would be some fantastic if you actually washed your hands! Although my mother taught me not to pee on them! Seriously though, as always, you guys are amazing. In the words of Randy Jackson “that was da bom!” C U aboard, Ships & Dips III, We’re expecting you…

Lol, gotta love Steve doing up his fly as he comes into view.

Also, you really should have sang “Even the mice are bereft of you for this version”, lol. I would have loved to hear it.

Great to hear this song played live though. I’ve seen you twice and never heard this done live. Hope to in the future.

You know when I first heard this song I thought you were talking about boiling the animals down for glue, lol!

I asked this before, but it to networkmusic or something like that. What kind of mics are you using to get the quality you are getting. I see people on here a lot and they usually record poor quality but you sound great in a bathroom. So Shirley it’s not the camera microphone. Let me know please.

What about the following songs????

Grade 9
Fight the Power (My alltime fav)
The Ballad Of Gordon
McDonald’s Girl
Lilac Gir
Really Don’t Know
Steven Page Is Having A Baby Sorry, just some suggestions Of course’ you’ll need Steve for some of these. Thanx, -Willie


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