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March 23, 2007

Brett Keane Romoved Comments Section

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Youtube Commments:
Seriously, though: the expression you were searching for is ‘turd burgler’ rather than ‘dick burgler’… anyway, weren’t you going on about OT passages being evil for being against homosexuality? Yet when you wish to insult someone you use a slur implying they are homosexual? Do you not see that you are a hypocrite?

I was stupid at 19, but I never tried to make an ass of myself. I got tired and quit playing on-line games because the kids are constantly doing whatever they can to ruin the game. They grow out of it, but by that time a whole new group is ready to do it again.

Christians are never hateful. Self proclaiming Christianity not only does not make it true, it proves that you are false in your claim. If I said that I was an atheist, but that I believed in God, you would laugh, why don’t you laugh at those who claim to be Christian, yet who hate?

What makes a true Christian then? How many of you Christians haven’t hated or sinned at one point? Isn’t the primary reason for being a Christian a belief that Jesus was the Son of God? Isn’t everything else basically irrelevant? Isn’t it true that as long as someone like Hitler honestly believed in Jesus and asked Him for forgiveness then that would have made Hitler a Christian?

Um…that isn’t the definition.

Lol issues? I guess you could call my intense hatred for my family that. Although, I strongly disagree that I will grow out of it. Considering I’m practically an adult by the law’s standards ;).

Also, the word adult is relative unless you go by the strict definition of the law. Which is what I assume you’re doing. Also being an ‘adult’ doesn’t make you any better than me, it just means you’re older. Nice accomplishment.

It isn’t the Christians, Muslems, Pagans, Jews, or what ever faith they happen to be. It is the pricks that think if they don’t agree with it, it should never be seen by anyone. Hay, how many books have you burned at the library. Brett, a prick is a prick is a prick.

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