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March 23, 2007

Inside the Hospital Updates and Tying Up Loose Ends Home

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Youtube Commments:
YOu’re awesome thank you. I’m exhausted and have been at the hospital all day, no food, no sleep. Trying to take some sleeping pills now to get some much needed rest, then back to be with my mom tomorrow morning in the hospital to sit by her bed. 🙂

Cheryl Shuman

It’s one o’clock here, and Ohio is two time zones earlier. Hmmm. My son is getting much kinder treatment tonight. He just finished squawking. I held him in my arms and danced to Jewel until he was asleep again. You deserve the sterner approach. I hope that all is well.

I will keep you updated for sure. She’s still in the hospital. The minute I find out more news, I’ll let you know 🙂 Thanks so very much for your continued support, prayers and kind words. They brighten my day and help me to keep going. Thank you Thank you Thank you.
Cheryl Shuman

You are an extraordinary woman, and we know why: you mom is one extraordinary woman too, or better said, just an extraordinary woman.
Thank you for sharing your life with us. To a great degree that makes us friends.
And for that I will keep praying for your mom and ofr the rest of your family.
You don’t look bad; as a matter fo fact I orefer this naturla look, you are a natual beauty
My best wishes for all of you

Hugo, that’s really sweet of you to say. I will share your thoughts and comments with my mom. I’m sure that it will brighten her day 🙂 Thanks for the no makeup natural look comment too. I’m almost embarrassed and ashamed to post videos where I feel that I look so hideous, so that helps me to keep going. My self esteem lately is just down in the dumps and I’m having a real difficult time just coping day to day. I appreciate the kind words more than you know.
God bless,
Cheryl Shuman

Please get some rest, and eat… You’re going to need what little stregnth you have at this point to take care of your mom… We don’t know one another, but I honestly wish I was close enough to help you. My mother has also had a heart attack, and I helped care for her. Again, you all are in my prayers. 🙂

“Moona1966” Thanks for the kind words and comment. I haven’t been able to eat for two days now. I’m having a hard time keeping food down even if I try to eat. The doctors prescribed Phenergan and Tagamet for my stomach but I’m just too drained. I’m hoping if I can get some rest for a few days that I’ll feel better. I’m just really concerned and worried about my mom. xoxox, Cheryl Shuman

Offering up prayers for you & your Mom, Lord knows you need Him right now. Don’t worry about filming all of this, taking care of yourself & your Mom should be your 1st priorities. When you’ve got time, energy enough & a chance you can update us (we’ll understand if we have to wait a bit). Get well Cheryl & Get well Mom and may God bless you both!

Cheryl, Im sorry for everything thats not going good in your life. 😦 thats life though i guess eh? life isnt all good. We all have hard times and good times in life. I really hope you get better. you and your mom will be in my prayers. :] and I thought that dream catcher was cute hanging from your mirror in your car. :] cute dog too, Cheryl. Take care k? *hugs*

Thank you. I’m trying really hard to keep my spirits up. Believe me I’ve had plenty of tragedy as well as good times in life, so I am accepting of what God gives me. My dream catcher and medicine bag are always in my vehicle 🙂 The doggie thanks you for the compliment too 🙂 Her name is Baby and she’s like a little baby. We rescued her from the pound when she was just hours away from being put to sleep. Thanks for writing xoxo Cheryl Shuman

Take care of yourself, sweetie. I know you’re feeling extremely stressed and you’re very scared, but I hope that you can find a quiet place inside your mind to help you feel calm. You’re in my prayers, and I hope God will bless you and your family from the top of your heads to the tip of your toes. Rest and recover.

Hi “sylphaen”… You’re right, the stress is just enormous and quite frankly I’m feeling terrified. Fortunately the doctors put me on Xanax, because I was really struggling. I’m working on taking care of myself. In a way I feel like my head is just spinning and it all just seems very surreal. I appreciate your continued support.


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