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March 23, 2007

Rushing Mom To the Hospital in the Ambulance :-(

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Youtube Commments:
2 of my neighbours had heart attacks, and my dad had heart surgery.
I think your mom will be ok. She may be weakened for a while, but everyone I know was able to get back up to speed by improving their diet, and getting some exercise.

Take care.

Cheryl, you took a big chance by driving along,even with ur health and all. I would have done the same if i was you. I’m glad u made it back home safe. Keep praying. That was very nice by everyone showing there support,love n prayers. We’re all there for ur mom. Love,Dominic

YOu’re awesome thank you. I’m exhausted and have been at the hospital all day, no food, no sleep. Trying to take some sleeping pills now to get some much needed rest, then back to be with my mom tomorrow morning in the hospital to sit by her bed. šŸ™‚

Cheryl Shuman

Your welcome,sweetheart. Cheryl, please get that much needed rest. please eat. Then be beside your moms bed. I will say another prayer. I believe u deserve better,breaks my heart to see u going thru pain n suffering. God is Good! He loves U!! many huggs.

cpnjack, I don’t really care what you say or think. I would have crawled to the hospital if necessary. You obviously have issues. You were not invited to this channel and you are not welcome on this channel. Go elsewhere and harrass others, I’ve got enough to deal with already. This is a video journal not a popularity contest for strangers. Thus take your opinions and shove them!

Shut up! The viewers here support Cheryl. She did nothing wrong. She’s loyal to her mom and overcame her illness and obvious pain to be beside her mother when needed. Shut yer fuckin mouth jerkoff and get off of this channel! We love Cheryl! Our prayers are with you cheryl and your mom. God bless and ignore assholes like cpnjack, they are just losers.

Cheryl don’t pay any attention to the little punks that make stupid comments. I admire your desire to watch over your mom and to work through your obvious pain emotionally and physically to do it. You drove well, were not wreckless and these people who say negative things are just evil. Block them.

I was instructed specifically by them to follow them. They said I could ride in the ambulance with them, but my mom wanted me to follow them so that I wouldn’t be stranded without a way home. There are no taxis here in this small town and I don’t know anyone here other than my parents. Plus it would have been a long long walk home that I couldn’t have made.

I understand, and a lot of other believe they aren’t hurting others. Sometimes though, when such a crisis happens and family members follow on a trip to the hospital with an ambulance, running the red lights and getting through traffic can yeild dangerous results.

Thats why its illegal to be one of those “ambulance chaser” lawyers lol

Well thank you “jr0124” your’e absolutely right. they did turn off their sirens and we did in fact obey and stop for all traffic signals. Some people have been very harsh with me and it hurts. I was just doing my best to stay as close to my mom as possible. I’m not that familiar with the area, because I was a very young child when I left here. If I hadn’t followed them , I wouldn’t have been able to find the hospital. No one was in danger from my driving.

Dear “blameitonfinland” I understand where you’re coming from, but if you watched the videos, no one and certainly I wouldn’t run any red lights or cause a traffic hazzard for anyone. I was just trying to do as they told me and followed them. They had her stabalized in the house before loading her in the ambulance and had an IV and such started. We did not endanger anyone, and I followed there instructions completely.

“blamitonfinland” , yes, they TOLD me to follow them to bring my mom’s insurance information and my mother insisted that I bring the car so I could go get my dad etc and have transportation. This is a very small town, there’s no taxi service here.

As a medic I would be pissed if some one was following my rig like you where the whole rule for firetrucks is the same for ambulances “STAY BAKCK 500ft” Can’t wait to share this with the medic that was on that run since I work in that same town. And what you can’t read the area you drove your vehicle into there is a big sign that says EMERGENCY vehicles only.

You’re a terrible person. Why would you bring down a woman who has enough struggles of her own? It doesn’t matter what you know, it’s what the EMT’s told her to do. Find others to harrass.
Cheryl– I’m glad your mum is okay. She seems just as sweet as you, and just as strong. She’ll pull through and be okay. My prayers are for both of you today.



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