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March 24, 2007

Call Cap’n Awesome.

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Youtube Commments:
You really lost it this time, Cap. Be prepared to hear the heaving musty voices of the hundreds deep members of your homosexual fan club…. On a happier note, could make for some hilarious videos for the rest of us if you were so inclined. Heh, good luck.

i phoned. give your real cell number. noone can tract where you live from a cell number. that was a funny message. if you want to get attention what better way than with your real number. i just wanted to ask you a few questions in a polite and respectful manner.

I’m a bit sceptical. I’m afraid that if I call this number I will connected to some 10 USD/Min expensive gay sex chat, automatically donate money to Africa or something. You should open a Skype account for fans only. Then you could turn your user on and off when you want, and it would be free for everyone.

Ok ummm my boyfriend’s name is John and I think he is my life but I cheat on him. YEs, frequently. Don’t tell him. Such is life. My parents are greedy and only care about $ and my grades. The mere thought of a low grade gives me nightmares of having my money taken away. Does that make me greedy as well? Probably. It’s in my genes. 🙂

Meh. I am over this channel. Done. Through. Seems like it’s just capn’s alter egos chatting away. Well, at least, the capn has enlightened me in one aspect. I am now myself. I will focus on my education, friends, family and using men for my desires. It’ll be splendid.


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