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March 24, 2007

Ian Crossland exposed part four in a series

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Youtube Commments:
GEMINI AND ARIES – This lively, energetic pair can be good friends as well as good lovers. They thrive on activity, adventure, and variety; enjoy each other’s humor; and like social life. Aries will probably make the decisions because Gemini has difficulty in that area. There will be bedroom high jinks, for both are enthusiastic about sex.

How many times do I have to tell you? Nobody cares what a fat, uneducated fuck has to say. Well except for other fat, lazy uneducated people.

Do society and the world a favor and off yourself. We are tired of supporting your type and so is your mommy.

Ian only worked 36 hours and it destroyed his social life? What gives? i work six 12 hour shifts a week…i say he got off easy. 😮 I can agree with the night time scedule though…you never really realize how alone you are till most of the world is sleeping.

i AM managing to see however that people do live during the night. and while the night wrecks havoc on me, i’m glad i was able to experience it…still experience, as there may be more of those times for me.


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