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March 25, 2007

St. Patrick’s Day Secrets Revealed

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Youtube Commments:
hey mark, thats one cheap lager(i’ve been known to drink it myself,it’s 2.49 per 4pk in the uk).Anyhoo, every one seems to be getting better since the “as one” thing, you are included! so i ask, are you lot( the people with the most subscribers)getting a little professional help. you were always good, but now they’s an edge to the timing,edited and finish of the vids!if you are, thats great, if it makes the “tubers” i like look better i’m not knocking it.let me know, thanks

You know… it tastes rubbish but i sort of like it in a nostalgic sort of way… i used to drink it on draft in DeHems in Soho, when i lived in london… And no, i get no “professional help” (psychiatric or otherwise…) i just film in a well lit room and edit on iMovie…

Tongs from the local Wal-Mart = $5
A fancy ribbon from the local Wal-Mart = $1

Commemorative brand beer tongs= $29.99 (+ GST and PST and shipping and handling)

Does Mark have a TV spot yet? Just a five minute spot on what every show or channel. Just to get his talent out there.

I could totaly tell you were Scotish the moment I heard your voice. I want to Scotland last summer, the highlands are beautiful! Did you know that Hogwarts is supposed to be in Scotland? I think this is the first time I’ve commented on one of your videos, most of them are hilarious! (I would say all, but I know they’re not all PG ish :p)

Your right about Harry Potter.

There are a few filming sites near my area actually where they are filming the new movie.

It looks pretty amazing when you drive by.

For instance, the scene with the Hogwarts express going across that BIG bridge. That bridge is in Scotland. and the scenery is amazing 🙂

haha! Yay! mark you are amazing lol.

How awesome would it be if…

St Patrick was in the movie Snakes on a Plane. But it was more of an animated style, as they coulnt film back then lol.

Now i bet he actually did something like, Snakes on a boat. or something… So technically

Sammy J took his idea from Patron Saint Patrick.

Hmm, i’m a Catholic gone Pagan.. So i dont think i’d be allowed to be a saint.

I find i have developed a strong liking for this video. Hm.. Maybe it’s the Dragons on a Plane.. OR because Green Beer rocks my world. Moreso than Tequila, which, as a Mexican, is probably what I’m SUPPOSED tobe drinking. Oh well. Good job!

I would be the patron saint of Radical Little Old Ladies without health insurance. As an Irish Celtic Princess, akin to Princess Diana I have combed my neighborhood and shooed away Republican rats who believe it is ok to dump billions of US dollars in countries that have been killing each other for centuries while pre-Medicare Radical little old Ladies go without health insurance. Tis a bloody shame. Your Celtic Princessness, Susan

He stole that joke from Carlos Mencia!
Carlos also made a joke about American’s sucking at Geography!
(Please see the fucing ironi)
Just for the record, Norway and Sweden are two totally separated countrys! But Iceland is just a floating iceberg that no one wants…

In a way…yah. More symbolic of the celtics and their druidism (their religion, which was seen as heathan and pagan by the church). The snakes directly relate to the snake-like shapes found in celtic symbology (esp. crosses). St. Patrick also isn’t Irish…he was a British slave captured by raiding Irishmen. After he escaped and returned to Britain, he entered the church, moved up the ranks, then went back to Ireland as a missionary.

The line between bashing and satire is a fine one and it is subjectively observed. Where you see satire, I see bigotry, we differ in our opinions. In my opinion, this goes beyond satire as it lacks one important element that good satire has in abundance and that is irony. If you understood satire you would realise that it elevates to ridicule, it does not denigrate that which it has already demeaned.

obviously some of you people dont like yourselves and are ashamed of where you are from. if you werent ashamed, you would see the funny side. the key to being proud of where you are from is to endure a few remarks from ppl. to the person commenting with “BIGOT”, u are the driest of them all. … see next comment

Definitintion of Bigot-A person who regards his own faith and views in matters of religion as unquestionably right, and any belief or opinion opposed to or differing from them as unreasonable or wicked. In an extended sense, a person who is
intolerant of opinions which conflict with his own, as in politics or morals; one obstinately and blindly devoted to his own church, party, belief, or opinion. You tell me who the bigot is. Hav a sense of humour ppl. Irish and Proud.

I would like to become the patron saint of head slapping bald Scottish nitwits who wear two earrings. Is there still an opening? I’ve heard that Scotland has one of the highest rates of spousal abuse in the Western world. This video is proof that a majority of this abuse takes place during the wife’s pregnancy.

Who the fuck is the dipshit. Your accent is real. But stop trying so hard. Flavor Flav kicks ass baldman who sucks cock. You also live in California. So does that not make you a bombing american. This baldman was blown by his priest. He seems upset.

Oh my god you are so funny i almost shit my pants HARDY FUCKIN BOO! Still trying to get people to laugh dude. lol. Please, take your one liners and shove them up your ass, and if theres just too much room in there. I heard that your vigina was getting abit lonley IT COULD USE THE FUCKING ATTENTION!


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