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March 26, 2007

Money Rappers are no better than boy bands

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The intellectual aspect of rap died somewhere in teh 90’s. RunDMC and other classics was what it was all about. Now rap is just giving black people a bad rep and encouraging everything that is wrong with society, killing-rape-material value-disrespecting the law and others, etc. I won’t let my kids listen to rap till they are atleast 16 years old-when I have kids lol

i fucking agree , nice video mate.

i refuse to listen to this shit they play these days , ive heard some nice beats , theres always some repetitive lyrics that dance and kick the living shit out the beats.

i stick to wu-tang , tupac , immortal technique , nas , biggie , eazy e , older snoop (even though hes totally turned around) , dre , warren g , among many other artists i listen to.

lovin the videos mate , keep it up

Like Chris Rock said “Its hard to defend this sh*t now!”And that exactly what hip-hop has become–sh*t! I remember when rappers use to rap about poverty and revolution. Now, they rap about greed and conformity. There is NOTHING gangsta about Rich Boy, There is NOTHING gangsta about T-Pain, and There is NOTHING gangsta about Paul Wall.

Lol Old Snoop would kill the new Snoop. That’s so true.

I completely agree with ya here. I use to listen rap religiously. Now, rap is nothing but a big marketing ploy. There’s a certain formula to every rapper that is coming out now. There are very few that are original, Common is an example, even Kanye West, (before he got his head up his ass.)

Lol, nice to see you rant about something else beside politics.

Maybe you’re missing the point. It’s the guy rappers who rap about fucking and money that we hate. So why do we want to hear a woman rap about fucking and money? I don’t want to hear singers sing about fucking and money. Male or female. No more fucking and money, please. Well, in my music anyway. πŸ™‚

i agree so much…you took the words out of me and my friends mouths… im only 16 and i miss the old school rap, money cars bitchs money money money; nothing but one of those things have anything to do with most of the people that listen to the music.

Fuck all of that gansta shit. Its glamour crap pumped out by by preety boy thugs and insppired by record execs who only advertise for this kind of crap rap. Anything socially conscious is never heard of unless you know someone who has acess to “underground” music. I blame the “thug life” and gangster rap for making people think calling yourself or other people nigger is cool or should be accepted.

man u r the DON bro u keep firing ur stuff in a SICK way max respect for u always good to hear ur opinion on things… i agree man its all gone commercialised and shit… there is no more music for the hearts…. do u listen to Zach de la rocha…? peace man

First, you simpletons need to learn the difference between racism and bigotry. Second, after you’ve cracked a book you can come back and see this video has neither of those characteristics.
Please stop spouting the word racist, I know it’s a cool new catchphrase to help you feel superior to other people, (which creates an irony all in it’s own) but you kiddies are just not using it properly.

racism is a belief in inherint(sp?) superiority of one’s race over another, bigotry is basically a judgement of ignorance of others who are different.

I know the difference, but I just wanted to do what you guys(liberals) do, that is just throwing around racism when it doesn’t correctly apply. ie warren calling anti-criminal alien people racist.

Rap lyrics have no real content anymore. I find it funny, ironic, and pathetic that a lot of these new rappers’ first big hit songs are about how popular they are, how much money they have, and how all the girls want them (Mike Jones for example). They become popular by rapping about how popular they are. Idiotic.

I hate you. I hate rap. But this is the most since you’ve most to me. The whole culture that the music is perpetuating and empasizing is fake, cookie cutter, formulated to the point that it takes little more than a chain, big cloths, and a fake black accent to be a “thug” or Gangsta”. It’s terrible to see how many people buy into this trash.

Modern rap is ridiculous. It’s done with a formula and hardly any creativity. An exception which comes to mind is Wiz Khalifa. He’s a local in Pittsburgh and has some good stuff, mostly because he’s turned down the major labels who come to him. You can find him on myspace if interested. Anyway, you’re right about all the “bling bling” and cars and shit. Awesome comment about old Snoop and new Snoop. Keep them coming. Also, I’m curious as to what rappers you think put out good stuff nowadays.

man u r the DON bro u keep firing ur stuff in a SICK way max respect for u always good to hear ur opinion on things… i agree man its all gone commercialised and shit… there is no more music for the hearts…. do u listen to Zach de la rocha…? peace man

Don’t worry about it so much…Music evolution is cool! The great ones stand out and make the difference! Where as the lame and untalented, eventually get exposed and deleted…It’s all just a matter of time…Keep up the good work Warren…Love the scowling!

WARREN check out underground UK rap, there is still alot of good acts but you gotta dig deep. Like…. Jesht, Little Brother, Jedi Mind Tricks, Jurassic 5, the Roots, People Under The Stairs, Mos Def & Talib Kweli, Big L, Gravediggaz, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Immortal Technique, Genius/GZA, Hieroglyphics, Zapp & Roger and Souls of Mischief. ..peace

Hip *Pop* is shit period..Hip Hop died when money tok over..Bling bling is not Hip Hop it never whas in the first place..When a culture gets commercial it dies and it turns shit..Just so the the consumer can buy cool..The are some cultures that are not dead yet but sooner or later they die too..=(

Wow, between you and Brett Keane, you guys are tearing the music industry an new one. I haven’t liked rap for a long time. Rap started going downhill when Vanilla Ice’s first album came out. In fact, that’s all richboy is: Second Gen Vanilla Ice.

I don’t know much about rap, but reggaeton is acquiring a very similar image. I don’t find it as violent as rap, but it’s definitely sexist, and if you look at the lyrics, they are mostly all about sexual double-entendres. And it’s strange seeing this type of materialistic message spread through the Caribbean and Central America and how it is gaining popularity in countries where there is so much poverty.

You are right on with this…I don’t even listen to modern rap. Nas is right, rap is dead. The beats suck, the lyrics suck, and the rappers suck. I mean, compare any of today’s rap music against Tupac or NWA and you’ll see that todays music just blows.

listen to tunng,boards of canada,the banjo consorsium,mum,juana molina,efterklang etc..and all them other friggin amazin folktronique is actually headed in a fantastically new direction..really has nothin to do w the kind of music you’re talkin about but just thought i’d mention .

We are all slaves to those corporations, and – of course – those blokes are imaginary personae created for the sole purpose of sales. It’s us monkeys who purchase the crap that perpetuate it. (But please don’t hold it against the few of the folks who are in the flat part of the Bell-Curve, no matter what country we were born in.) Love the rage…keep speaking for many.

I always thought it was funny how these rappers are “representing” their hoods but they never put any money into to it so that those kids wont have to live such a crappy neighborhood. Or even better when they promote black on black violence (doesn’t anyone learn from Tupac & Biggie) and everyone still thinks they’re so great.

I guess I don’t hate rap music, more that I hate any other music genre really. I think there is good and bad everywhere, and it’s all down to every person’s tastes. But “where do people’s tastes come from?” and, perhaps more importantly, “are their tastes better, worse or simply different from mine?” Come on Warren, I’m sure that in all honesty, there are some things in life that even YOU might be a little ashamed to confess that you like. Do you see what I mean? πŸ™‚ Peace, man.

That’s exactly what I mean… Some people might feel upset with that poster, they might say you condone the loss of self-control and the use of violence, and that you advertise the positive effects of gamma rays on the human metabolism… Or they might think that Hulk is gay, or any other crap. I’m not against criticizing at all, I’m simply saying that just because YOU don’t like something, doesn’t mean that that thing is crap, or ugly, or bad… It just means that you don’t like it. πŸ™‚

black males + music dont go together(xept bb king)
black females+ music goes together(technical stuff.
not rap crap)
white females + music should be banned and illegal
white males + music yes. (but only rock and metal and the classical genre and soundtrack scores) not boyband

As Nas’s album says it, “Hip Hop is dead”. The whole premise for hip-hop is perverted right now. And those who keep true to hip hop will never be popular as they used to be. Common is probably the exception. Listen to Immortal Technique warren25smash, he’s your type of rapper.

Never been into gangsta, but it used to have things to say. Not any more, it seems. I agree with Warren completely here. At least boy bands don’t try to dress themselves up as anything other than the banal shite that they are.
This is Warren’s best rant in some time, very true but also quite funny.

Completely correct! HipHop/Rap is just formalized crap. I looked up Richboy online- a quote “My dad all he did was work all day. His father owns a liquor store”- Who but rich people dad’s didn’t work all day? who hasn’t seen dope dealers and winos in the neighborhood? its actually sad, the labels grab anyone they can find, package them and sell them. absolutely right on with this. peace

There is still ONE purely independent label out there: Suburban Noize Records. But yes i agree mainstream hip hop has gone to shit. Want to hear new sounds in hip hop you have to look into the underground scene. May i suggest artist such as: Tech N9ne, The Dirtball, Big B, Kottonmouth Kings, Skatterman and Snugbrim, and Kingspade.

I agree dude. Hardcore rap used to be that way because many of those guys came from that kind of life, albeit possibly not as extreme. But its gone down the crapper. Rap’s golden era was the early 90’s. And even then the gansta thing got tired because you knew half them were from nice suburban areas. πŸ˜› Its guys like Jeru that said something worth hearing.

Lil Jon and East Side boys-“Get Low”
“To the window, to the wall..till the sweat drops from my balls..ooh skeet skeet skeet skeet”
I guess this is the kinda music and lyrics ur talking abt in the video..
But yea its catchy styll LOL I wont lie

Exactly! New rap is atrocious. So much amazing and meaningful music can come out of rap & hip hop. Music with actual emotion, political meaning, & TRUTH. But the shit on the radio makes everyone think it has to be mindless bullshit. It’s the same shit over & over & it’s pathetic!
A few I like are Nas, Atmosphere, Murs, and Immortal Technique (along with the classics).
Got any listening suggestions?

Most of the new rap does suck. I dont listen to the radio or watch music videos anymore because of it. If they do produce anything good, it’ll only be one track. I stay to the rappers I was listening to from 6-10yrs ago. Certain artist do rise out and come out with a message, unfortunately you either got be told abou them or search through the shit to find them. Just how are parents stick to their oldies, we have ot stick with our oldies.

loved the rap and boy band impressions hahahaha and i agree about the rap music not being any good , its been years since its been great really. and the music/rap videos that are out now are disqusting for the most part and really badly over commercialized, it sets bad examples too why add to the negative.

Lol Warren what’ with the afro today?? You just woke up? πŸ˜€
Yeh I hate gangsta rap [hip hop I love! but Gangster rap is different to this – 50 cent sux! Todays rappers have no talent, they cant even busta rhyme they just shout all the time and ya know they din’t come from no ghetto dude!] 😦 Lol you crack me up Warren I love ya dude all the stuff you say is so true, but no one has the balls to say it πŸ˜€

hey warren…i know what you’re saying…but like nething else these rappers want money and they do what they need to to get it..however they dont seem to understand what it means what does it profit a man to gain the world and lose his soul… but yea im curious what’s your opinion on tupac…he had some real uplifting songs but at the same time was very contradictory

There are NO races but the HUMAN race.
P.S. Hundreds of thousands of Irish slaves were dragged from their homes as SLAVES and taken to the Caribbean, under Cromwell. Sold in IDENTICALLY the same way as Africans. So what? Should I hate British Protestants because of something that happened in the 1600s? Or Norskis who likely raping and pillaging *my ancestors? The history of this world is the history of conquest and domination. Doesn’t make it right or make YOU right.

Rap hasn’t been good for about 10 years now.
But that’s the sad truth about almost all music.
Once it ages, it’s credibility and quality declines.
Look at Rock, and metal, and you’ll see the same trend occuring.

It’s a sad fact, but as long as you can still appreciate the old stuff, then you become able to ignore this shit they are releasing nowadays

List of rap bullshit
“Bitch boy”: Grabbed rap’s nuts and squeezed
50 cent and G-uNOT: Those FIVE men(olivia included) Ass-fucked rap
Lil Wayne- Shot jizz into rap’s face
Lil John- Made rap kill itself by saying Yeah, What, and Okay over and over.
Dem Franchize Fagz- Shit on rap
New Snoop- Got shot and robbed by old snoop
Yung Joc- Pissed in rap’s mouth

You’re right, gangsta rap bullshit just pepetuates the ‘nigger’ stereotype in America. I have no quarrel with boy bands, though. BSB makes no bones about who they are their fans are. Even guys like Jay-Z are a fucking embarrassment. How many products can you mention in a song? I don’t want a commercial in a song. You hear, Nelly?

it’s lonely at the top…rap’s decline came in the mid ’90’s when it knocked rock out as the most popular music. Now it’s all marketing & demographics & polluted by business, it’s not about storytelling & there’s no underdog spirit anymore. Rap is on top & it doesn’t know what the fuck to do with itself (of course there are exceptions…the talent didn’t die, just what labels are pumping their resources into)

wow you must be very oblivious to the music industry the past few years, how about OneRepublic, Halifax, Three Days Grace, Daughtry, Stone Sour, Breaking Benjamin, Seether, Thousand Foot Crutch, Hinder, Buckcherry, Revis…nothing punk or emo about any of those, i could keep going too…there are different types of rock too so if you havent seen any rock lately ur pretty stupid…as far as the emo/screamo shit its old and overrated now and no body likes an emo kid, but rock will never die

YES… Hip-Hop is DEAD. It died when it showed up in beer and toy commercials. DOA circa 1996. It died when multi-millionaires started dressing like inmates [rich folks dressing like truckers killed Metal, too; Metallica]. Phonies and HomoThugs [Eminem] ruined Rap. Save us, UGK!

Hey Warren can you do a post on like the forms that make u say what ethnicity u are! I’m sick and tired of being asked to label myself and put myself in a category. I was born in England, I have no ties with my Grandparents homeland [India] so why do I constantly have to argue that I regard myself as British and nothing else =[
[Instead of Asian [Indian] Brown skinned which is one of the choices they keep on making you have to take]
Bloody racists don’t want us to integrate i’m telling ya!!

Your telling someone else they look ridiculous? You constantly look like your constipated. All rap is shit. You seriously need to get out of your house and hire a prostitute, your going to explode soon. I hope a “true gangster rapper” as you say shoots you in the fucking head and robs you.


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