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March 26, 2007

Re: The Atheist Challenge: from a theist to you!

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Youtube Commments:
I’m damn sick of religious jerks trying to define atheism. It’s not an absolute statement to say “god does not exist”, because we are going by the evidence. We base our knowledge of the world on the evidence we have, not on the evidence we don’t have.

I think it could be argued that oil is necessary for the US’s survival, but if we didn’t have it we could be forced to develop new sources of energy. I’m not saying that I believe we need it for survival, but I’m sure people could argue for it.

Also, in regards to the supernatural things happening, like miracle healing and such, I think that may be explained by the human mind itself because we use very little of our brain power for conscious thought. Dunno, just a thought I had.

simple set of answers. Absolute truth? there is a maximum speed for information traveling, the speed of light, otherwise no causality. Eternal Universe? It is expanding and we can only see a finite part of it because of the absolute truth mentioned above. Infinite knowledge required? You admit yourself that this is fallacious. Omniscience is paradoxical and the Old testament shows that Jaweh lacks omniscience.

A world where science and reason are held as the highest virtues, and morals are based on the natural, social repercussions and interest in mutual survival, instead of holy books that authorize petty violence, male supremacy and slavery in the name of religion? Yeah, a world based on reason would be a REAL cesspit… /sarcasm

The funniest part is that the guy not only appealed to authorities (famous people), but that he even appealed to NON-CHRISTIANS like Abraham Lincoln, who actually wrote against Christianity (Infidelity). I think you were right TAA, he just collected stuff that sounded good and threw it out to see what would stick.

I believe from what I gather socially that most people dont believe in god but are afraid to admit so, just because they are afraid or embarrased to say so. I believe that the two reasons a person today would believe in god are, because the teachings of religion answers every unanswered question of humanity, and second simply because they are afraid not to.

indeed. let’s see… our own moon is slowly drifting farther away, and we’ll eventually lose it. i believe saturn’s rings are expanding, as well, and will fall apart eventually. our sun is slowly eating itself, as all stars do, and will die one day. well-oiled, my ass! haha!

Wow. I`ve been watching quite a few of your videos.. and I expected this one to be much more… animated. You did a really good job though, you tackled every one of his questions well (though it`s tricky since some of them were built on pure assertion, like the “95% of the population believes in God” crap).

His question regarding behaviors that insure survival was irrelavant because even christians can and will behave in a cut throat manner when battling for a scrap of food. To find out yell fire in a movie theatre. People might fight for a gallon of water after a tsunami. That’s just human nature. To adopt that attitude all the time is unnecessary, and therefore counter-productive. Besides, it goes against my personal prinicples.

I feel a good portion of it is also a result of self perpetuation, they’ve idolized the Ghetto to where being shot is something admirable, also the racists like Al Sharpton and his ilk speaking of ‘black pride’ are somewhat to blame, you merely need to change their skin colour to caucasian and replace the word black with white to see what they really mean.

You need to go back to compliment school, because you suck at compliments. “Congratulations on being more civil. It was much easier to listen to your argument while you were arguing like an educated adult.” is about as complimentary as, “Congratulations on not smelling like shit anymore. You usually smell like shit.”

There’s no such thing as a non-absolute truth. It’s true I think something. But that thing that I think isn’t truth just because I think it. That which is true, is true. That which is false, is false. That which is unverifiable (let’s say a statement whose truth can only be evaluated after the truth of the statement has been determined: This statement is false) is unverifiable. So there goes question 1.

Also, the rational stance is generally holding such beliefs as to arrive at a minimum number of contradictions. If I believe no one object can be both red and orange, and I believe that object X is red and orange, I’m !@#$ing loco! Granted, you can prove that the first statement is false using the second… but can’t you prove the second statement false using the first?

Excellent stuff. We will probably never know for certain if a God exists, but the more detail a theist layers on to their particular myth, the less likely it is to be true. I mean how do you know? That God is omni whatever? You don’t of course, which is why all the major monotheistic religions are a total bust.

Listen idiot, its called faith! Oh yea and you’re not an idiot because you don’t believe in God your dumb because your arguements are the most distorted cluster fukk. You never give a straight answer to anything. Cut your hair take your fingers from your bf’s hole and just admit that you don’t want to believe in God because you are a flambouyant, flaming homo and don’t want to be a sinner for humping man-vag.

Actually, his answers are very straightforward if you have the mental capacity to understand them (clearly, you do not); the questions he was answering, however, are loaded, for example the final question, many of the people given as examples were deists, one was an atheist, and another would’ve been killed had he claimed to have been anything other than a Christian.

rufneck4444 is an all too typical example of christain love, charity and intelligence. Faith is belief without evidence meaning your mind is closed off to critical thinking and reasoning. Don’t call Amazing’s arguments distorted because yours are MADE UP! Do you expect anyone to take you seriously when you result to homophobic namecalling? Grow up and expand your mind.

I think TAA has the right idea here. I’m a former Christian myself. I’m also a very logical person, but there was once a time when I was very ignorant and arguments like the ones this Christian uses actually seemed strong to me in my head. Arguments against religion didn’t immediately change my mind, but they stuck around in my memory until I did start questioning religion.

regarding infinite time and big bang without god, DeConverted just posted a Hawking lecture where Hawking (confidently?) theorizes both time and the universe is a forever expanding bubble of existence that did start from absolute nothing, as a quantum/relativistic singularity, consistent with a quantum and relativity physics.

Finally, something I can disagree with. Profit is survival because without money, you can’t survive. I don’t mean profit as millions and millions of dollars. I mean profit as in making money to survive, to live again the next day. Profit is very important.

Near Death Experiences, supposing they actually happened, would prove absolutely nothing about the existence of god.

If they could be verified, it would suggest the existence of a soul, perhaps, but it doesn’t automatically follow that therefore god exists.

Satan was pulling your puppet strings, and kept you rocking back and forth, or side to side.

Another intellectual, misusing the talents God has given him.

This is a dual Universe, and sorry, but you must take a side. Not taking a side, is a choice.


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