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March 26, 2007

The Lost Mountain Dew Ads

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Youtube Commments:
a couple of years ago the people that make Dr. Pepper brought it out to australia and before they did they made it a big deal by making alot of ads for it. when people were able to try it in australia it was a big flop because people just didnt like the taste of it and i reckon it tastes like that candy that tastes like coke.

I have Mountain Dew ad. “Mountain Dew, The official house wine of Kentucky”. Or maybe, “Mountain Dew, what rednecks drink in rehab”. There is nothing quite like the sight of a fat chick in sweat pants coming out of your local quickie mart with a 20oz. MD and an auto trader tucked under arm walking towards a Camaro with her mom and her oxygen tank waiting for her. Mmmmmmm. Mountain Dew.


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