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March 27, 2007


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Youtube Commments:
Another random/funny video by you. Akon? A leprechaun? lol. “Male Fairy” you know how to put a good joke in places. (If this comment made absolutly no sense, forgive me- its 4:15 AM and I haven’t gotten any sleep)

Keep up the good work

LMAO .. wow. I am utterly speechless. “Hell nah you think I be touchin ya nasty kinda draws?” Can I ask where you found this Leprechan? Bc well, wow, he’s hot. – Loved the video Chris. Made my birthday a lil brighter lol. Happy St. Patty’s day to you!

i like your personal style in all videos. aa!! and you have e great voice. lol: My mother is a singer and my brother’s name is Chris.. big coincidence!! 🙂 but for me sounds better supricky 😀 (keep doing karaoke videos because that with lucy… i have listened for 10000000 times 🙂 )

DUDE! I freaking have that Irish Permanent rugby jersey! It’s my favorite piece of attire in the world! Great video! Great editing! Hilarious! I’d love to see this featured on St. Patrick’s Day! Saved to favorites. One of your best, bro. Happy St. Pat’s!

Haha what a funny video man. A ‘man fairy’ i was craking up on that part. oh yea i saw that video about the leprechaun. hehe the sketch is an elephant..where do come up with these jokes:) Well great video and Have a Happy St Patrick’s Day

your subscriber Pat Mcgroin lol get it!

I love how you portray the leprechaun’s voice. xD That’s really nifty. And amusing. Thanks for uploading the video, it made me smile.

yaaaay! sumthing to make me laugh while i’m sick!!! 😀 luv the ending but i think i can make that black eye look more realistic…i’m good at it actually i had to put on make-up for my friend cuz we were doing this drug/gang/beating up video. anyways. keep making videos! 🙂


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