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March 28, 2007

Knitting 101

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Youtube Commments:
well and truly said about money — nothing wrong with a paid gig! More to the point, you added (and I’m sure she would agree) absolutely _tons_ to the presentation!! Terrific job and lots of fun to watch. Knitting, however, looks like it would be way over my head!!

Hi Caitlin,
Are you realy an expert knitter now? If so, my 7 year old niece wants a white scarf. I have a black one that she loves,(hand-made, I don’t know by who) it is very loopy and sloppy and messy. But, she loves it, but wants it in white…. Can you help???

Hi Youturb?

I like how natural you present yourself on camera and giggle all 3 seconds like the uncomfortable little girl you are.

oh and not every youtube watcher is 11, it irritats me how you act on camera towards auience, because it seems to me that you want to adress…imbeciles. well Im not, which means Im off of here thx 🙂

Love the energy and ‘fun’ you bring to the subject, but not sure this sort of endorsed cross-over is something I want to see on ‘The Tube’. I come here to escape from commercial presentations, but watching you happy pixie face made the 10:39 worth it. Keep it up 88.

hey TheHill88 can I ask you a question?

are you a full-time actor? I mean is that your job? if it is… I’m quite jealous!

could you give me any advice on how to get a foot into the acting business (Youtube being excluded! :D)?

please respond or I will cry and cry and cry and cry… and write bad haiku… see ya! 😛


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  1. Yeah…I didn’t really want to post this up on YouTube. It was too long for my taste…but I didn’t edit this video. They did.

    Comment by TheHill88 — March 31, 2007 @ 9:20 am

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