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March 28, 2007


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But that’s OK Zippy. STRESS does it too..not just cigs. Popcorn, the food during your Dad’s illness, etc., etc. DO LIGHT popcorn. Beer does it too but you’ll be fine. Just cut back a little. A little can take care of a lot quickly – quicker than you think. WALK more too. Anyway I wish I was 30 – 32 waist again. Ain’t seen that since 14. Lucky you.

Zip! Please don’t smoke anymore hunny, you’ve been doing good, please it really makes me upset to see you relapse. Stop stressing hun! You’re going to England and many other places and hey we might get to meet up in NYC 😀 e-hugs! You can still have a good breakfast without tons of calories! Love ya! Deb

LOL, you’re getting all pear-shaped to make you more british looking 😉 at least you found a cheap way to slide back to smoking. But no worries, every day’s a new day! And the whole of the youtube superhero guild are going to be right after your ass after this! 😀

No problem Zip. Hire me to stand next to you for all the meet-and-greets and compared to me you’ll look positively skeletal. Spanking, uh, maybe I’ll outsource that.

One smoking slip-up, especially with all the stress you’ve been under, isn’t the end of the world, just stay off ’em from now on.

I wouldn’t be surprised if you were asked to be a youtube spokesperson for Lean Cuisine. I would definitely buy a product that would use someone like you for a spokesperson instead of some lame actor. Don’t forget the metabolism slows waaayyy down when you get a bit older – from your fan in Japan

Zip, we all have days where we let ourselves get out of control. Don’t beat yourself up over it, just put it behind you and move on. The important thing is you recognize your ‘downfalls’ and want to do something about them. And you don’t have to give up your popcorn. Just make sure you eat it in moderation and pay attention to your serving sizes. DON’T deprive yourself or it will turn into disaster. I’m into eating healthy and watching my calories, so message me if you’d like some advice 😉

NO NO NO NO. Don’t smoke to stay thin! So you’d be a skinny corpse – who needs that? I’ve been smoking for
nearly 60 years, and if I could change one thing in my life – it would be that I never started smoking! Please, keep your will power!! You can do it! Do sit ups, walk a lot when you get hungry, use REAL low cal snack foods, but don’t smoke to stay thin! That’s not

Howdy Zipster,In 8 months time before thanksgiving my dad passed away then my sister 2 years older than me passed away from a heart attack and the my G/F of three years started using heroin and she is totally gone now and then my mom died of kidney failure (cont)

and when my grandparents were leaving the hospital where my mom was at,my grandpa pulled out in front of a semi and he was killed and my grandma has brain damage.I have gained 60 lb.s I weigh 270 and am up to a size 42 pants. I just feel sad and its getting to me. (cont)

You GO, Zipster! I admire your self control. With all that’s happened, you’ve done great. I wish I could say the same about myself….I quit over a year ago and my house flooded and I got really stressed out. Now I’m still smoking over a pack a day. You have inspired me to try to quit again.

I tell you this just so you know that you are not alone, that is good that you have close friends around you, I have no one close to me, everyone is gone now. I turned 45 last month and I never thought it would be like this, I spent the entire holidays watching YouTube videos.(Thank You – YouTube) I feel for you and the sadness of missing your dad.-DiGGer

We all fall off the wagon once in a while, huh? Yay, Zipter for being a non smoker again!! The weight issue is a bummer though. I know. I lost about 40 pound when I was younger and I’ve kept it off but oh, what a struggle to this day. And the older I get? Well, you know how that goes. . .

I’m so sorry to hear about your aunt too Zip. Please don’t beat yourself up about the cig slip or the weight gain….I quit almost 16 months ago and your metabolism WILL catch up again. In the meantime, doing the “get up movement” is a great idea. I watched Frank’s vid yesterday because I’m still not where I wanna be for 777. His before & after pics are v. inspirational.

just don’t quit on quitting! You can do it.


I wish you the best of luck for your weight loss, Zipster!
I wouldn’t stress out about the couple of cigarettes, as long as it doesn’t become a habit. What you’ve gone through in the past month is enough to wear down the best of us. A moment of weakness every now and then is only human. Just keep your chin up, Zip. With your determination, I’m sure it won’t happen again!

Much love. 🙂

It was a slip, and perfectly understandable, given the circumstances. At least you didn’t BUY any cigarettes! Good luck with everything, go slow, and don’t be too hard on yourself.
Oh, and when you said that you had put on weight, the first thing I thought of was, “popcorn!”. You can still eat it, just get the light stuff, and don’t over-do it!

its the beer dude… being around my age where me and all my mates were becoming legally able to drink alcohol, a lot of them suddenly put on a lot of weight obviously because they were drinking larger amounts… its really a question of whether or not you’d be willing to give up beer for maybe a month just to see what happens

I don’t understand how ‘weight’ works. I mean, I used to eat alot and maintained my weight. Then all of sudden (no changes in my lifestyle or anything) I gain 10 pounds out of nowhere and it won’t go away! I’m with you zip, let’s loose these pounds!

Listen Zipster — Here’s what you should do. First off, mix up your diet a little bit more, instead of shitty/processed buttered popcorn — buy yourself a hot air popper and pop your own popcorn, then add a bit of sea salt for flavor. I drink beer too, but I am also active. Walk, jog, push-up’s, whatever, and simply watch your diet and you’ll be fine. Peace Hazelnut.

zip its ALL about the beer. beer has TONS of sugar which will make you hungry for more. and the carb in the beer makes you more hungry too. and its all about portion control and the right foods. trust me. dont starve yourself either thats bad cause you wont lose weight. diet and exercise!

i quit smoking once for a year and half, one day i stepped on the scale and realized i gained 75lbs. went from size 5 to a 22 WOWZA.. then i realized either way i couldnt’ walk up a flight of stairs without weezing so wth. which is better? FYI i smoke again and wear a 12

I do a lot of health research and you shouldn’t skip your breakfast as it’s very important, instead eat a healthy cereal and have a glass of juice and a fruit. x) Also if you feel hungry drink water before you go for food and wait 10-20min because most the time you’re just in need of water and feeling hungrys how your body gets your attention. 😉 Good luck! Oh and salads arnt good cause they are basically nothing but water and dressings arnt all that good for you either. xD

don’t feel bad you lapsed with the 3 cigs – get back on the horse! – and stay away from the popcorn – bad bad bad! – sorry about your aunt – you’ve had a rough time lately – good luck with the crunches – although you might want to hold back on the beer rewards…

Hey Zip. Good to hear ya. Good luck with the patch and the get up movement. I need to start exercising too. I haven’t quit smoking because I am fat and quit once before for a year and gained 60 lbs of which I still have not lost all of. It does take a lot of will power and added stress in your life doesn’t help much. I admire you for doing this after all that’s happened.

hey zip dont forget about all the funeral food that was at your house…im sure that had a little bit to do with it…cause im suuuure you had to try it all…lol
if i was closer zippy i would come over and cook healthy for you and your mom(i used to be head cook at a 100+ head resteraunt/bar…but i also used to cook at the carnival too…so i could help you cheat too…lol)

really zipster i wouldnt feel bad about 12 pounds , my aunt she gained like 40 after she quit smoking , ive done the same thing with the cheating on smoking , only once tho so thats good , remember no one is perfect and have a good weekend (:


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