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March 28, 2007

Re: Emmalina is NOT that hot, but she loves the skin she’s in!

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Youtube Commments:
Every – ? – man has a strong libido.I think it`s part of the natural order of things that men can`t look at a women without deciding if she is hot or not. Maybe that´s why maybe an overwhelming majority of muslimas and sure a lot of women per se don`t feel well being looked at like a 3 hole possibility… or feel good making videos…or rather stay in the tent
Something positive ? looks like she had fun…
and I appreciate YOUR upfront-ness ..hi, btw 🙂

I posted a comment to her saying that bascially there’s no reason for her to flaunt what she has if she’s with someone, unless she’s looking. My husband would kill me if I posted a video like hers on here, or if I even danced like that in front of his friends, like I’m advertising for something they don’t have.

mysto: Yes, and I promptly pointed out the idiocy of your comment. Your r’ship with your husband has nothing whatever to do with Emmalina. You have nothing to do with Emmalina. What has Emmalina’s life, or her motivations, to do with you?? Nothing.

Emmalina said she wasn’t going to do any more slutty dancing videos. And that was after she had stalkers coming after her. That’s why she left YouTube. Now she’s back and obviously didn’t learn what I would consider to be a very important lesson. But nobody has ever accused her of being intelligent. You made an awesome point Roger. Late.

So she admits it, and you want to act like you’re accusing her of something big and secret by saying she’s an attention whore. You’re a goddamn idiot. She said she was an attention whore, not that she was drop-dead gorgeous. There’s nothing wrong with liking yourself, although maybe you wouldn’t know.

I love dancing as much as any other girl… but there will never be a video of it on my profile (least not like I’m on a pole.) I am all for women being sexual and whatnot, but it seemed kind of pathetic that she chose to ‘dance’ like that as a ‘comeback.’

Well,to be diplomatic,let’s just say these kiddies have the rest of their lives to work on their intellects.

I do wonder how much impact videos on youtube will have when applying for a serious job in real life.Are the kiddies unwittingly undermining their credibility forever?

no shit sherlock, she’s said several times in her videos she does like attention. everyone likes attention. I mean, you claim to not like her, but you won’t shut the fuck up about her. more than likely, when she graduates uni, she will have a successful job, a hot body, and a great boyfriend. what do have? I laugh at the thought of it.

Irony thats life..Prob will get laid off at some point for someone younger..Age will catch up to her, Beauty fades intelligence does not…And a bf? If life is about the temporary partners that come into ours lives boy do you have alot to learn about life. I laugh at that statement

saying she is an attention whore when he has made over 300 videos and saying its pathetic that she made a video for him. did he forget he is the one who first made a whole video about her? Telling her she proved his point? What, making a video about someone means they care? I guess that means he cares twice as much about her as she does about him.

Ummm, Ok I guess you missed the point about her never mentioning the guys who drool over her, but the 1 time a guy talks about her in a manner which is unflaghtering, She shakes her ass all over the cam. She’s really proving him wrong with the intelligence catagory.

Now, Roger, she is a nice looking girl and she does move very well. I am a 62 year old granny and I enjoyed watching her dance. When she moves, she is quite a pretty little thing. Yes, there is also beauty of the heart and mind but that takes nothing away from actual physical beauty. Why should it?

Your really over step my respect of you.. Im disappointed in you. Everyone is Pretty in ther own way. Just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean someone else doesn’t see it. She pretty much showed that she is happy with her body and herself. Which makes her a stronger person then you to say what you said.

1. You read her text, then called her a bitch. Congrats. 2. You made a point of calling her an attention whore. She long ago admitted to being one. I stopped there. Some guys (and some females, as well) simply cannot stand an authentic person. Nor have a clue about the notion of “preferences.” The important thing is, Emma never said a word to you or about you until you felt the need to judge her. Yep, you’re a real man!

Comment to Emmalina because she is only allowing approved comments.
“‘kin hell.
Your face is a scream when you try to be sexy.
The body is a 5/10.
I’d fuck yer, but I’d have to gag you and put a bag over yer head to stop that whiny squeal voice. The bag would stop me from laughing.
Give the Dispatcher a fuck to apologize for being an un-sexy Tube skank.”


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