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March 28, 2007

The Evolution Revolution

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Chad…another great bit of logic. Here is a question I wish you would simply ask all the creationists…”what would it take for you to change your beliefs?” Would they change their beliefs even if Jesus Christ Himself came down and said “look guys, the Bible is total bullshit.” The answer is NO. There is NO evidence that would change their minds. Their ability to THINK for themselves is long gone with years of religious brainwashing.

Yes! The exact definition of irrationality. Some say that being atheist is being fundamentalist, but most atheists will say “I don’t know” when th evidence is not there, where fundamentalists will say that it is God, or make up some bullshit like the devil planted the fossils to fool us.

Nice vid. I find it remarkable that it has taken the media so long to recognize evolution as a major cultural issue (more the fact that people (wingnuts) don’t believe in evolution even after 200 years or supportive evidence!). But at least at this point in history Darwin’s theory has been put in terms that even the reddest of necks can comprehend.

Hey Chad,

Its only recently ive became an atheist (Or rational thinker as i like to call it) . Ive taken not debating evolution with creationists because i simply don’t have enough raw facts , they always come back with the same old shit like “Go to alpha sessions and the minister will answer all the questions you have” … not realizing that i don’t have any questions because they are all (ok maybe not ALL) answered by scientists. Anyway keep posting the videos man .


You live in DFW so you might know what I am talking about. There is a place called “half price books” in arlington off of cooper street and they have an entire fucking wall (a bit exaggerated) of national geographic magazines dating back since it was even started. It is some wicked shit I tell ya! I read that “was darwin wrong?” article and the cover sucked me in and when I opened it and I saw it said “NO!” I jumped…good shits.

I have been kinda bummed out lately as my deconversion from Christianity to rational atheism has finally reached the stage where I feel like my life is so very short and there is not much time left…and nothing else to look forward to. I hope it is a stage that will pass.

Neely005: In your spare time, you might consider doing what I do (since I have found myself in the same predicament): try to learn what things interest you the most, find out things you don’t know about, and make plans to fulfill your desires. One of my plans is to visit the Galapagos within the next 5 years. I also want to become fluent in Spanish to get more out of visiting Spanish speaking countries. I like to travel.

chadagg: totally dude, I am going to New Zealand and Australia soon. I have already completed my tour of Western Europe. I am trying to appreciate each day as best I can, doing things I enjoy and living the life I want to live. However, the main problem with atheism I see is that nobody would want to do the shit jobs anymore, if this life is all we get then fuck that! 🙂

Neely, it all depends on how you look at things. I like to think of your situation like the Matrix only a little less bleak. You woke up to the reality of things and have discarded a life held down by delusion. If anything, my friend, you should feel very liberated. It is a process, I understand. It takes some time to sort out the truths from the mysticism.

I’m a Christian, and I have no problem with evolution. All evolution basically means is change, as I understand it…a change where life strives to keep living, perpetually adjusting itself to ever-changing circumstances (one example: the overuse of antibacterial soap creating a resilient strand of bacteria?).

Humanity’s creation myths and evolution need not be bitter adversaries…each has its place. Thanks for your videos! 🙂

Well he said our “creation myths” which I assume he differentiated from what people consider “modern” christianity which abandons the observable lunacy but retains the intellectual lunacy. So I made two comments, one about old creation myths and one about modern christianity.

You can believe in Flying Spaghetti Monsters and evolution if you want. But if you claim the FSM or Jesus’ dad, “intelligently design” us as an individual species, seperate from all the other animals and humans are special as “God’s children”, that has pretty much been proven false. Which is exactly what christianity claims. Falsity.

You can believe in both if you want. There is zero evidence for the former, and evolution explains what it purports to explain without positing unknown, mysterious, supernatural entities. There is some epistemic value in keeping theories parsimonious, ya know.

umm… im looking up erectus now in a book and it says that we did come from the african version of them but that the asian one went extinct (i.e. would have been a sister species) but this book is two years old…so i dont know. anyway good video!!

Lennonkory: It’s funny, because after a closer look at this article, it seems to be claiming both ideas: in one part it says “DNA makes clear that homo erectus was almost certainly not our ancestor”, while another part refers to them as our ancestors…hmm.

As a “old fart”,I must say to you “well done young man”.

Your,obvious,joy of learning new things,combined with your “rational” acceptance of the facts,gives me some hope for the future of the human species.

Vaya con Dios…Oh wait.That’s not right..Umm…Well,you know what I mean.HAHA!

That part about believing christianity and evolution, how does that work? Must be a highly modifed version of christianity. That just seems weird, did god want us to misunderstand for thousands of years and only now figure out how to interpret it? It seems almost more ridiculous.


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