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March 29, 2007

The final word

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Youtube Commments:
People just don’t get the concept of acting nowadays do they? It’s pointless to go on at someone because of a video intended to make people laugh and show them that not all good games are new games and vies versa.

Just ignore asshats who go on at you about that kind of thing.

Oh and to the prick who pm’ed you about the tribute video, whats the fucking point? Do friggin research and look into the fucking matter before you decide to dive in all retarded comments blazing.

Well man, first time I’ve commented, but I’ve always enjoyed your work. Real shame that someone commented in a negative light on a tribute you made. Admittedly, I was confused, but saw it was a tribute and none of my business what the details were.

I look forward to more reviews from you, I gotta say you are very entertaining to what you do. Don’t let the minority ruin it for everyone.

While I will say when your change in tone in the third part of the Batman Vengeance, that could easily cause some confusion as to whether you’re doing a character or not. Also, before you didn’t give much indication that Armake21 was a character, thus probably causing some misconceptions but sometimes those details and foresights get overlooked. It happens. (1 of 2; because YouTube’s comment system is “great” like that)

I thought you just shaved your head bald is all, looks alright to me although I’m not as judgemental on looks as others I guess. I wouldn’t take comments too seriously on the net, mostly because the average age group is what, young teens? They see this video and naturally think it’s your entire life.

Please not Diekatana… I still have nightmares!

Welcome back Armake… good to know that you aren’t gonna let these ravenous fanboys or annoying pricks who do nothing but insult everything keep you down.

On another note… I thought Youtube limited all the videos to ten minutes… including Directors. How’d this one slip through?

those pricks…! ARGH! this so reminds me of a big story of me, a few of my pals, and a VERY OLD AND FUCKING ANNOYING adversary i once had! he was known as the Animesultan, and boy, when i first met my friend, Demitri and heard about that prick, i put my fucking foot down, cracked my neck, and just went up to AS’s website of stolen pics AND other goodies, and i just fucking BEAT THE SHIT OUTTA HIS ONION HEADED SKULL!

and eventually, he took the site down, and we all cheered, but then he put a new site up and kept FUCKING STEALING! so i still have a conflict with him, but he aint as much as an enemy as he was anymore, but if anyone gives you a hard time, FUCKING KILL THE ASSFACED CUMGURGLING FARTSNIFFING SONOVAMOTHERFUCKINGWHORE!

Don’t let those insensitive bastards get you down. You still have alot of fans, who see you and your work for what it is. I am a fan of both AVGN and Armake21. What I don’t like are those AVGN minions who claim to be fans of The Nerd, but in the end their real agenda is to mentally break every single human being on the internet who as much as thinks about putting the words NES and REVIEW next to eachother. It’s not a contest!

BTW that was a seriously shortened version of the reply that I had originally written. Hooray for yoytube and their “500 characters max” bullsh!t.

But I just wanted to say that whoever you lost back then, Armake, I feel sorry for you and you have my support aswell as your fans’s.

Fair play for setting the record straight, that took balls man. Kudos.

I don’t usually comment on your videos but I’ve enjoyed all of them and always look forward to your next release. You really are at the top of the game.

Keep up the good work and let’s hope the hater’s finally get the message,

Peace and Love


Armake21, there’s really no need to get all worked up over all those AVGN fanboys. I’ve noticed that you’ve got a pretty good fanbase yourself (approx. 1200 subscribers) so you have NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT. They’re so BLINDLY devoted to him that anybody else reviewing games is “copying” him. As for me, I do like AVGN, as well as you, Jedite1, PlayItBogart, SpoonyOne, UrinatingTree and Ebeeto.

Hey, first time comment but long time viewer of your vids. Just try your best to ignore the “haters” they are everything that is wrong with the internet nowadays.
Your videos rock, they entertain and inform.
Keep up the good work boyo!

Oh boy… Okay. After watching that video, I’m not entirely sure exactly what to say, aside from just 3 things:

1. I’m glad you’re continuing; simply put, character or not, your reviews are as funny as hell. No question.

[Because of the 500 character limit…u.u; This could take 3 parts. And all I wanted to do was speak my mind…thanks a ton, YouTube. u.u;]

2. Damn, but I can hardly believe that anyone could be so disrespectful as to hate on a serious tribute to someone who apparently meant a lot to you. I honestly didn’t think a fellow human being could be so unfeeling as to do something like that! Whatever it’s worth, man, seriously, my sympathies that this happened. I doubt said person even has the right to call themselves “human” anymore. Blah, going off track…sorry.

I mean, really, go you, man. That was cool. Takes guts to stand up and say “HEY!!! These attitudes are as dirty as Hell, and I’m not gonna take it anymore!!”, among other things.

You just keep doin’ your thing, man. Because I think it’s safe to say that your fans are behind you 100%.
And that is all, kupo!
…Well, with one more quick apology if that was just WAY the hell too long and/or wordy.

I have this terrible feeling that the first half of 3 got lost in YouTube’s crappy commenting system. Wonderful. u.u; Let’s see if I can’t pull it from memory, now that I can comment again…
I believe what I had said was that I pretty much agreed with everything you said, hoping simultaneously I didn’t sound too much like a brownnosing fan without a brain.
Oh, dammit, I know I had more detail in it than this…oh, 500 character limit again. Damn. Okay, well, hopefully close enough.

Fully behind you Marc, great to see that you’re far from caving in to the senselessness of those that most likely have nothing better to do than to try and put people, such as yourself, down

Keep up the fantastic work, cant wait to see more 🙂

I don’t know why people think AVGN can be the only guy to do a video reveiw. Your game reveiws are awesome, Armake21, and you’re right, the asshole who made fun of your beautiful tribute should up and die. Keep up the good work, man, and take your time with your videos. I was lucky to put up 3 or 4 a month before YouTube banned me (bastards)

(continued) I can see that you’re a intellegent, kind person and that you always do your absolute best on your vids. Forget those vapid, insipid, sheep-minded, AVGN fanboys! You always do great reviews (that’s the reason I subscribed to you)! Hopefully, the AVGN sheeps’ minds will eventually mature from they’re naturally retarded state and will realize that them harassing other honest video game reviewers is unecessary and a waste of time.

Keep doing what your doing, I’ve been watching your reviews for a long time and I liked all the shit you did. So fuck a fucking stupid backwards ass fuck who fucking doesn’t like your shit. Fuck them :D. Looking forward to your next video too man keep it up.

I had no beef with your reviews. Each reviewer has his/her own charm, but people shouldn’t just go and call you a ripoff or say that you have no life. And I thought your tribute was beautiful as well. I don’t even know why people would make fun of it. I heard Daikatana sucks, and I hope to see you rip on it REAL soon.

I love your reviews. You have respect for the video games of yesteryear. So you’re among the few of the great gamers still left in existence.

When you can, be sure to make new reviews. I have you subscribed, and I look forward to your new entries every time.

You’re reviewing Daikatana? Oh man, that game was so overly hyped before it’s release. Gamefaqs reviewer jwl79 gave this game a 1/10 (the other reviewer, daikatana5, gave it a 10/10. that guy must be smoking something). Btw, if hardgayramen4ever ever comes back, block him immediately.

I was worried all these little 10-year-old little shits would start to get to you, because I know that I myself take things very personal. What exactly is so fucking threatening about a guy reviewing games for his own fun and enjoyment to entertain others on youtube? These people deserve to be repeatedly smashed over the head with Atari 5200s.

First of all, I hope you will find that jackass and make that person pay. Secondly, your reviews kick ass, and you’re one of those inspirations of making game reviews. You should check out mines…at first I started off crappy and such, but during the review of Contra Force, I kind of spice things up. ^^

Armake we all know what it’s like when these little internet shits get to you, we’ve all had to deal with it at one point or another but what you describe is just wrong, how in hell can they justify saying something like “get a life” when they spend their time at this crap? And hell, they complain about you ripping off ANN but really we almost need more people doing this.

(500 character cutoff…woot)(Con’t)I mean theres ALOT of crappy games out there, And ALOT of good ones(Loved your “Video Games that rocked”)2 of you will never be enough to please us all. On top of that I find this a great insight into older games, I wasn’t very old in the NES era and I really didn’t have much sense in gaming so a little guided flashback didn’t kill(You actually reviewed some games I had for NES). So Yea, keep at it.

I think you deserve most burns you got for the Ghostbusters review but hey, that’s a risk you take with YouTube. I wrote a line or two myself. People making comments on you getting laid or whatever are just assholes though! Those are the same dudes that made fun of us when we were kids, but recently bought a NES with Duck Hunt because it’s trendy.

I don’t see why people would rag on other people about getting a life on the internet. It really pisses me off. Hell, pisses me off when people rag on other people in real life. I hope you find that guy that did.

Great reviews anyways. You’re the man.

I must say, you had me laughing non-stop for the first 30 sec to a minute of this video.

And K-7 jelly? WTF???

YouTube is pretty scary sometimes when people like that emailing bastard come along. Just like that stalker incident I had. It’s amazing the extent to which people get set off by just stuff they don’t like, don’t understand, or both.

I also meant to say something about gamefaqs.

I think it’s good that you don’t check those kinds of things before the review. It’s always best to stay true to the real experience of playing the game, and then use gamefaqs only to help with the offcamera stuff, like if you have to play through the game as fast as possible just to get to a certain part or something. It’s really annoying when people act like gamefaqs is the solution to everything

to think that someone could acctualy be so fucking disraspectful that they would PM you about your tribute video is sickening.just fucking sickening. laughing at people mourning over a loss.
what a useless human waste of space.
fuck ’em all,armake. if some fanboys are so devoted that they wanna have hot spangly butt secks with AVGN are bugging you,just fuck ’em. they’re wastes of space.
i,and a lot of other people,are glad your still around =)

Very nice man, but ya just ignore the haters, for all the haters you got fans, im one of them, so the haters are the ones without the life not you, there the ones that have to go around all day saying how bad your videos are, if they dont like it they just shouldnt watch it

I honestly love your reviews. Even when you experiment with new concepts, I still watch whenever I can, and am considering subscribing. Most people on YouTube are just idiot trollers, but I’m certain you know this by now. Don’t let them ruin it for everyone. There are plenty of people who appreciate your work. Your reviews are informative, entertaining, and unique. Amongst “bad game reviewers,” you’re one of my favorites.

I don’t get why people would troll your last video, which even though it wasn’t said that it was a tribute to anyone in particular, people should have at least the respect to not go and troll that. There will always be people like that, unfortunately. I’m glad that you’re still doing what you want to do with reviews.

i think this was a very interesting video and i agree in every one of your opinions. i think its awsome that someone like you takes the time to make these videos for people to enjoy.

i hope you´ll find that guy who said that about your friend. cause i really cant respect that type of people.

Go Armake21 ^^

Well said thanks for the update,Love the reviews you do.A pity about the haters, they will always be around.**One star Ninjas**.
These type of things have to be brought to attention and responded to.
Keep It up.
So…. When is Nicotine Hell coming back to LH ?

You rock man. I was scared when I saw the name of the video, I thought you were gonna stop making vids. Thank goodness I was wrong! Anyway, yeah, just ignore the haters. There will always be haters when you start to get popular. It’s unavoidable. But some of them did indeed cross that line. It’s really screwed up.

Hey Dude, i’m 33 years old and been playing games forever. Don’t worry about this pissant little fucks. Just block em or ignore em. These are the same type of kids who attacked my 7 and 3 year old sons after when i posted a video of them getting their wii. Not worth the heartache. Keep doing what you’re doing. I dig yer reviews, they’re funny as hell and totally bring me back to when I was in Jr. High.


Keep the faith, friend.
Love the work, you’re always gonna get bad comments from losers, they’re just jealous.
Hope this set-back hasn’t tainted your motivation, don’t be affraid to try new things, I pretty much like all that you’ve posted.

Ya know your Ghostbusters review is my favorite review out of all of em. It made me laugh the most. I know there’s more to it because I played it, and even that, IT’S STILL BORING! Then went I got into the Zuul building, I quit from there. I’ll never play that game again. Both of you (AVGN and you) did good reviews on that game.

Don’t let the haters bring you down. they don’t know you, they don’t want to know you. they just Try to treat you like shit because of the Anonymous abilities of The internet.

Like Lisa simpson and Paul Anka said: Just don’t look. Just Don’t Look.

Great video. While it won’t quell all the flaming, it certainly puts you above the people who bitch and moan. I do wish the hateful comments would end.

I do hope people would be nicer, but this is the Internet. If anything, the most pathetic person on this board are those who go around insulting people on the boards. It’s ridiculous. Go armake, please make more videos.

Keep it up, really enjoy your funny reviews.

Dont mind the people being morons about everything. The internet will always be filled with jerks since you can say whatever you like without consequences. Unlike them you are showing yourself as a person. They would never do that over the internet.

Keep it up, really enjoy your funny reviews.

Dont mind the people being morons about everything. The internet will always be filled with jerks since you can say whatever you like without consequences. Unlike them you are showing yourself as a person. They would never do that over the internet.

Heh, I’ve been viewing Armake’s reviews for a while and never commented. Armake21 does do a good job. Now I don’t hate a lot of things, but one of the few things I do hate is fanboys and fanatics. These AVN fanatics serious morons. If anyone needs a life, it is them. Keep your reviews up Armake, I have loved them since I started watching. Besides, there needs to be more than one reviewer on Youtube.

I feel your pain armake I know how sad it is to lose someone you love and I wouldn’t want someone talking smack about someone I cared about died! Bottom Line:Your funny as hell,You got good POV reviews,and I will continue to watch all your videos untill you decied to do something else. So let me give you some free advice to those who comment with hate: Fuck em’ if they can’t take a joke!”

I get your point. Not a lot of people care about the oldies anymore. I’m glad that weird mental question I had about the previous video was answered, though. I wonder if the nextreview will “make us your bitch”? (I know, terrible reference. ^^;) Anyway, I hope everything’s okay with you.

not sure if my other commented posted or not, but here’s the second half that couldn’t fit: And today’s generation of gamers, although pretty vain in their style of choice, isn’t the majority. I’ll be honest, im 14, I play lots of NES/SNES games when I get bored of some of my other games, and I love the hell out of them. Just know, some people still respect the classics. 🙂

Well said! There are a lot of stupid people on the net and in the world in general, just don’t let their idiotic comments get to you:). I like your movies and your character to keep it up please:). I can’t wait for your Daikatana review :D.
Btw; good thing you lost your hair, otherwise i imagine you’d look like Gordon Freeman 😉
Now go pley on teh computar nerd lol!

Im starting my own review series but i have respect for the oldies like games on the Intellivision you know what my next review after twilight princess im gonna do on snafu, and also Armake im part of the 90s game generation and im balding too right in the middle of my head and I’M 18

Hey, I appreciate you taking the time to make this, but I really don’t think you need to justify yourself. Your reviews are great, you do well to make them different from ANNs and definately don’t deserve abuse. And as for getting a life.. how is gaming not one?!? lol! Its all I do all day. Rock on… keep up the good work.

It’s amazing, what people do, and what people think. People take the internet so seriously, like, Me and You, we’re just here to have a good time, and get some laughs, but some people, You can’t joke with them, they take everything like some fuck who thinks the whole planet cares about their opinion, and I know, I don’t comment much on Your videos, but I have seen most of them.

You and AVGN and have hilarious and great reviews. It’s no sweat, man. I’m sorry you have recieved so much abuse from the jackasses. Great video displaying your feelings. Regardless, you didn’t need to justify yourself, you’re still a respectable guy in my book. The points you brought up are solid. People take reviews and the opinions way too seriously. Once again, wonderful video and good luck.

Glad to see you get the things on your mind off of your chest. If you plan on showing us some of the other projects you’ve been involved in, that would be cool. I’m sure they’re going to be entertaining as well.

You’ll always have a fan in me.

It should be a rule that if something gets someone mad, they should have to wait 30 seconds before saying anything. At least that way they can step back and reflect on weather what theyre about to say is really nessisary.

I have personally liked all of your reviews. I see a very distict difference between the videos you post and the videos other reviewers post, including the Angry Video Game Nerd. You play these games, you do the research, you know what you’re doing.

Ugg…There’s so much of this drama on the internet.

There’s a lot of people that take too much into it. You do a great job with the reviews. It’s always great to see new ones from you. Just keep doing what you do. Don’t worry about what some jackass people think.


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