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March 29, 2007

Tricky Chopsticks?

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Youtube Commments:
What are you a cheeseball? It wasn’t that funny. It was a little funny, a chuckle funny, a smirky funny, a funny funny; but, it wasn’t a hilarious funny, a wow funny, you know a ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, slap your knee, rob a bank funny.

I didn’t say it wasn’t funny I said it wasn’t as funny as bnessel made it out to be. I said it was a little funny, a smirky funny, chuckle funny; but, it’s not as funny as bnessel made it out to be, where it’s the funniest thing in the last 10 years, funnier than a Chris Rock stand-up. I was just saying I thought his reaction was an over reaction to the video.

I mean, the guy is shooting diet pepsi out of his nose. He makes it seem like he’s rolling on the floor, beating his head against a fucking post, laughing for 30 minutes straight non-stop. The comedy in the video is not that intense. I chuckled when I watched this. I chuckled and smirked. I gave it 4 stars it’s a nice video; but, I didn’t wail my fucking head off, beating my fists against my fucking knee, laughing like a fucking maniac. I chuckled.

Cheeseball? What the fuck; how the fuck did that happen? I didn’t give a cheesy overreaction to a situation. I didn’t break with the hammy histrionics. It’s not like I dropped hysterics over a simple do. If you’re going to criticize me for anything, you criticize me for underreacting to the situation; for being a cynical, picky, cranky fuck.

And Bnessel don’t take offense. I’m just saying I thought it was an over reaction. That’s not a bad thing to say. I’m just commenting on my view of the situation; that’s it. Nothing more, nothing less, nothing less, nothing more. No need to take offense. I’m not the bad guy here; the man with the black hat. I’m a fucking Care Bear.

Holy sh*t, I knew you were a fast learner, but this…
I have so been pwned… better think twice before smartassing Emma over anything.

Picking up the lamp was by far my favourite bit. I see there is nothing more for me to do here. *g*


A corruption of the word “Owned.” This originated in an online game called Warcraft, where a map designer misspelled “owned.” When the computer beat a player, it was supposed to say, so-and-so “has been owned.”

Instead, it said, so-and-so “has been pwned.”

It basically means “to own” or to be dominated by an opponent or situation, especially by some god-like or computer-like force.

also could mean pure ownage or perfectly owned

It means owned; as in: “I owned you that game,” “I dominated you in that game.” The “p” is put in place of the “o” because the common typo for the word “owned” is “pwned;” since the “p” is close to the “o” on the keyboard. It’s like when people popularized the word “teh;” since, “teh” is the common typo of “the.” They have T-shirts of “teh.”

Like seeeing you wearing your hair like that.

Esgic plus

And how was the jet-lag, getting just to the time difference already?

Some people make al things look easy, but when you try it yourself. Just like the commmercials on buy tv, all the products are perfect, but when you try them, they suck.

Haha, I love your facial expressions in this one. You look like one of those actresses from the silent movie days. Takes a lot of skill. Also takes a lot of skill to lift a chair with chopsticks. You’re a chopstick kungfu master now thanks to this video. That last part in the original was kinda disturbing…

tried using chopsticks with my left hand today,i found it pretty hard but doable,then i got the cramp in my hand,i know how you feel now,its not as easy as it sounds.
its like learning to write with your wrong hand.
im gonna try to train my left hand,hopefully by the time ive done that you will have trained yourself as well 🙂


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  1. Makes sense! Nice article! I’ll Digg right away….

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