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March 30, 2007

Jesus Christ Got Off Easy – He Never Suffered

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indeed those were my sentiments about jesus as well. Why would death be cleansing of sin? He dies he goes to heaven? IF he truly wanted to take away other sins, he would remain in this world to the bitter end taking on all sorts of suffering. Indeed rich bastard.

That’s always been one of the craziest things, hell you can beat the shit out of me and nail me to a cross, and I don’t even want to rule the universe for all eternity in return, just give me a few million bucks, and maybe the guarentee of another 40 years of life to enjoy it. :p

5 stars and interesting perspective. I’ve never heard this view before, from Christians and non, so thanks for bringin it up.

There is one point you left out. What if a Xian says that Jesus suffered emotionally, because His creation, humanity, was rejecting its creator? What would you say to them?

Good point, Brett. You know, Christians make Jesus out to look like some big superstar which really amounts to a spoiled brat and make themselves embrace an inferiority complex. This is called despondence. That’s one of the things that really make me want to shunned Christainity because everything is always about control.

“We shouldent judge what we dont understand.”
I agree, and we shouldn’t explain what we don’t understand with God and religion. How will watching a fictional retelling of a fictional event, created by an admitted anti-semite help?

You lose.

So, we didn’t understand exactly how the planets worked back in ancient greece, but we were able to make hypotheses and assumptions about things. In a way, the bible and other scriptures are a way of humans judging a world they don’t understand.

Many Christians believe that during the 3 days Jesus’s soul descended into Hell.

From a purely mythological standpoint it sounds like a sacrifice so far.

But wait!

After 3 days, no more Hell for him.

Christians believe that some people have to spend eternity in Hell, yet they keep saying Jesus had it hard.

Now, if he had stayed in hell forever and allowed everyone else an instant teleportation to Heaven, then that could be a sacrifice that I could ponder respecting.

there are different levels of suffering…imagine being a pure supreme being, and being born in this human world which is just a pile of sin and suffering, where every human thought you hear is like eating crap, every time you see one man hurt another it’s like watching your brother stab your mother through the heart because you have love for all beings and you cry for the delusion you see man in. would any human being be willing to suffer 2 seconds in this world if he could be in paradise?

Why have you forsaken me!!! he left God when he died he was absent from life body and soul for 3 days in hell his mind was God his body was human (give me water thats a human thirst holy ghost away from God for 3 days)A sinless person going away from God.too easy brett


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