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March 30, 2007

Residential Homes & Asylums – By Brett Keane

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I truly sympathize for the down syndrome man and the wowman who had her accident. I agree with you when you say they need hope. I feel that if your belief gives you an outlet to get away from the fucked up world your in then go for it (so long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else). Those 2 individuals could be totally destroyed by the misfortunes they have in their life, but instead they press on with a belief that there is something better out there for them.

Excuse me Brett; again you are judging. maybe those people suppose to be that way. Some people are blessed and some not. I hate it, sometimes I ask God why can’t we all be equal(in prayer). There would be no suffering if everyone is blessed, healthy, and happy. This is human nature there are the wealthy,poor,sick,strong,intelligent, and the lucky. I bet a few percentage of people in this world witness God’s miracles. It just you never seen the person. Life sucks and shit happens.

sounds similar to predestination…did you come to this conclusion and basically ‘accepted’ sickness as an act of god, or is it that you just cant come up with a rational, logical explanation for physical inequality. lifes much easier for fundamentalists who have perfect health and a complete family and worldy goods.

onlyberg; I wake up alive everyday some die in their sleep. Is my faith in God that will help me achieve my goals for success. There are some who were once rich but end up homeless. That could happen to anyone. It is why I don’t get atheist sometimes. Anything can happen in this world, but you don’t have faith in God’s guidance. There’s news of people recovering in illness. God is not coming down from the sky just to help an indiviual. A person must be lucky if God did that.

it gives them temporary false hope and when they finally realize their doubts and truth that this god isn’t going to heal them, it hurts them more than their disability does. Better to help them learn to cope with thier disability, get them help to survive in the world, set them up financially as much as possible than to lie to them = that only hurts them more in the long run.

We should not tempt God. If a individual in deep trouble they must find the way out. Yes there’s the lucky one who God will save, and there are those who must help themselves. There are different reasons why many have faith. It could be ‘the bible said so” or something else. Everyone have a reason to choose their fate.

I work in mental health and have seen severely disturbed schizophrenics not only battling their illness but are further tormented because christians (often family) have convinced them their illness is the work of the devil, that they will go to hell or maybe ‘one day’ god will cure them. A few christians have even told me they deserve to be ill as punishment for their sins! Some do cure themselves though- they suicide.

hey ratta07kc, why would a god create a mentally challenged or insane person in the first place, then demand they accept a savior, and if they don’t they’re going to hell?? sounds like an arrogant, selfish, cruel god that likes to play with peoples’ lives to me! or…maybe…there IS no god!

Is not only God is the parents. Like I said you must help yourself. Some moms smoke during pregnancy, some moms have gonorreah and end up having a blind child. God creates our spirit, our parents bring us out in flesh, but if want a healthy child don’t blame God help yourself first. Even if someone was born healthy sickness can still come out of nowhere, is human nature.

bucksballs you can’t say there’s no God. How do you know! you chose not to believe thats why. There’s a reason why you are an atheist. And no one has the right to tell someone they’re going to hell, is up to God to judge. no one knows what God have for us until we meet him.


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    Welcome please:


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