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March 30, 2007

Satan is a Nerd – By Brett Keane

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Youtube Commments:
Hey Keane. Look into Anton LaVey and LaVeyan Satanism. They don’t really believe in Satan. It’s just a symbol. I myself am not a Satanist, because they view Satan as a symbol, and I leave symbols to the simple minded. I do, however, value most Satanic principles. Namely, individualism and materialism.

IF you don’t tell me what a n00b is well…well you are going to burn in the bad place too…and you DON’T get five stars…I know God and I will put the word out and the hammer will drop my friend…DROP…like a hammer in gravity…you know about gravity don’t you…GOD made it.

I’ve always believed Satan to be a scare tactic to turn weak-willed people into christians. “you know, if you don’t believe in the baby jaysus, satan will attack you and destroy you and tell you to do bad things. can I get an ameeeein”. that rascally little devil.

Hey lets not get too down on Satan…has he ever really killed anyone? Maybe he has but in scripture are there any stories where Satan killed women and children? Let’s give Satan a break he’s out there trying to make a living like the rest of us.

Well supposed “Satan” is just a symbol the self and for egotism, and basically Laveyan Satanism, rituals and all, are simply meant to rebel against the church and piss off Christians.


But apparently many do believe in “magick”, which is just the same as believing in the power of prayer and such.

Let me say somthing that hasn’t been said. According to many Christians and parts of the bible, it states that Satan was never cast into Hell. He was cast from the heavens to the earth. Before, Satan had dominion over the earth. When he fell, he was stripped of his former earthly dominion. When Man sinned in the garden, Satan took back his former dominion and is said to be now in the second heaven or outer space.

In the sacrifical death and resurrection of Christ, Satan was defeated and Christ took back the dominion and gives it freely but only to believers but Satan will be thrown into the abyss at the end of the great tribulation, loosed for a season and cast into Gehenna which is the hell for the torment of the bodies and souls of the unsaved. All this is in Revelation.

Your video was on theistic satanism…Thats exactly what your explaining in this video. The belief in satan to be god. LaVeyan satanism is what most “satanist” believe in. I’d strongly suggest rereading Anton Lavey’s satanic bible. “Satan is just a symbol, nothing more…. Satan signifies our love of the worldly and our rejection of the pallid, ineffectual image of Christ on the cross.” – Anton Lavey, THE WASHINGTON POST

Anton supposedly wrapped up his version of behaviorism in fantastic dogma in order to keep the uninitiated out, on edge, and fearful. However it’s nothing more than a smoke screen. Whether or not he actually believed in all the miscellaneous nonsense of traditional Satanism will be a mystery, because even if he didn’t believe it he certainly went out of the way to make it appear as though he did with all his other books besides the Satanic Bible. Either way it’s a scam.

All the satanists I’ve ever met were wannabe haters who just found a formula that they thought would piss off and scare the most christians without realizing they were buying into the whole christian thing also. They were not intelligent enough or original enough thinkers to see the big picture

if i believed in god, i’d worship satan. satan manipulates the speed of light and creates fossils and manipulates carbon-dating and tricks people into believing other gods and possesses people and somehow faked evolution for as long as recorded history. jesus appears on toast. i know who i’d bet on in a fight

Ask Alice Cooper about sata. He has a legacy of prayer behind him & God is using him in an industry that desperately needs Jesus. He feels his ministry is to be a warning that Satan is real, not a myth or a joke. Recently his good friend, Dave Mustane (of the band Megadeth) gave his heart to the Lord.

There is no god, and there is no satan. I’m a LaVeyan satanist, and I don’t believe in god or satan, or stan or whoever. Satan is just a personification of the concept of natural forces. Satan is a symbol, not an entity.
However, I agree with you in your point that Satan is a wimp in the bible. Sounds like he’s God’s bitch. God says jump, satan says, how high? Also, didn’t he get kicked out of heaven for disobeying god? WHY is he obeying god again?

ASL’s Satanism today is just a society taking its cues from an outdated philosophy. Sufficient for rejecting Christianity and by proxy Jewish myth, but it is ill-equipped to go against all the other supernatural garbage of today. Plus any satanist buying into the dogma of satanism is more dull than a Christian.

Satanism (the modern kind) is just a philosophy. It’s not a religion. Marxism is a philosophy. Existentialism is a philosophy. It’s like that. It isn’t a church thingy like you’re making it out to be. It has nothing to do with God or the Devil. It’s just a word we use to sound cool, okay? We are atheists, we just go under a scarier label to freak out Christians and other theists. They seem to like being scared, so let them be.

Actually the bible says that Satan comes before God night and day accusing people. There are some angels chained in the abyss (this is not ‘Hell’) In Revelation satan and his angels are cast down to the earth, those chained up in the earth are unbound to wreak havoc. God is not telling them to – He just sees it from His vantage point outside time/space.

Have you ever talked about the Antichrist and how FUCKING STUPID he is? Let’s get this straight he wants you to follow him and get the 666 yet everyone and their grandma knows that’s a bad number and and this kinda proves he’s the antichrist *or some dumbass who has no role in politics!* why would any Atheist (supposedly we’ll follow him) follow some dumb fuck who thinks he’s God? Hell I wouldn’t go ten feet near the fuckin schitzo even if he does have magic tricks.



  1. Ok, well, I haven’t actually seen the movie because it was removed before I found this site. I think I know why after reading some of the other comments.

    Satanism… Well, there are still many types of people who call themselves “Satanists”. It’s been said already that the most common brand is LaVeyan Satanism and it’s the one everyone seems to know the most about, so I’m inclined to agree and also someone mentioned it’s a ‘philosophy’ not a ‘religion’, again I would agree. However there were both birth, wedding and death rituals performed inside the Church and probably still are today. I cannot see why, merely with LaVey’s passing the other Satanic protagonists of the Church would cease and desist.

    Ok, so we’ve established that it’s just a philosophy; my problem with Satanism, modern, LaVeyan Satanism, is that it’s stuck in a rut. It is becoming as outdated as the religion it’s fighting against. There is no means to humanity’s progression via Satanic regression to primal instinct.

    I do agree that things like AIDS, war, mass murder, cancer, etc, etc are good things. They thin the population and that can only be a good thing. That does not mean that I want American high school kids to read this and go mimic the Virginia Tech Massacre, read between the lines.

    I do think that people need to embrace their selfish sides more, express themselves for who they really are, and say what they truly think instead of hiding behind the “love thy neighbor” self-deceit most of them inflict on themselves daily.

    However Satanism is a paradox. Anton Szandor LaVey rants endlessly in most of his writings that he wants the world, humanity any sub species of to move forward, to progress past and relinquish ourself from the shackles of outdated Christian dogma and propaganda, when at the same time he is preaching regression. Regression back to a primal state with no means to progress forward.

    I think Laveyan Satanism’s only true fault (minus the free love issues, but that would be more my own views on sex, which is an entirely different matter) is that it seems to have forgotten about technology. We can use nature’s hints along the way, but sometimes they have to be overruled.

    Most technology enthusiasts, to the degree where you’d almost think tech was their drug of choice, will tell you they’re waiting for the “Singularity”. Satanism’s views of nature taking it’s course are fine in our current society, and most people who do not believe in God, or Heaven, or Satan/Lucifer, or Hell will, for the most part agree with them. However they will argue that you cannot move forward into the future, and especially not into space with such a dated, simplistic outlook.

    Comment by Cheshire_Smile — August 7, 2007 @ 12:35 am

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