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March 31, 2007

Kathleen Cochrane cat attack follow up

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Youtube Commments:
I think she’s sweet that she’s still defending the cat 😀 I get injured all the time at work cause cats get scared at the vet A LOT, but its really not the cats fault cause they are just reacting the way they should when scared/nervous/angry. Just like how humans react when they’re the same way- just in cat fasion

Why the Humane Society people gave a cat with that profile to a reporter who obviously knows very little about cat body/verbal language is beyond me. Abused cat being pinned down for a report. Bad combination. Ouch – poor cat, poor reporter. Bad day all around.

Poor her. She’s a dog person that’s why she was shaking it. That’s what I did when I first held a cat.
She was probably nervous so that’s why she didn’t notice that the cat was growling.
When I get nervous, I totally zone out and not really know what is going on.

The littlest things can spook cats. My cat that loves my brother more than anything in the world got spooked by a slammed door and ended up putting a claw through my brother’s cheek. A couple stitches and shots later my brother had the cat back in his arms and the cat was purring. This is just something that happens with cats, which are in general far more alert and less trusting animals than dogs.

When a cat becomes uncomfortable and untrusting in a situation as that cat did, you need to drop it/put it down immediately. Somebody probably should have briefed Cochrane on cats prior to the incident. Cats are not blindly obediant and trusting like dogs. They are independent and not pack animals, so they don’t blindly trust you like a dog would the pack leader. Drop the cat lady! It cares about itself first, you are a non-factor.

If that was a dog biting her, there’s no way the animal shelter would be able to adopt that animal out. They’d be forced to euthanize it. But since it was a cat, it’s ok? If the cat gets a second chance, dogs should also. But that’s not the case in most shelters.

yea! She sounds and looks like she was crying, But you got to think if you start hearing a cat making that noise put it down. If she just put it down she woundn’t get hurt. See cats can’t talk like us. so that why the cat was making that nouise, which the cat was trying to tell her put me down.

well, she was right… here we are on YouTube laughing at her. lol But I think she handled it all really well… and trust me, when you’re live on the air it’s very easy to not notice things like the type of noises a cat is making… she heard them, but didn’t focus on what was going on. Glad she was laughing & not crying!

It’s funny how people in the West care more for pets than they do for abused children. Kinda sick, isn’t it. That couple who threw two cats out of their window while their car was moving will receive 11 years, but parents who are responsible for neglecting children (you know, tying them to potty chairs, or keeping them locked in closets) only receive 3. What a fun world. Do you think that we might have a priority problem?

Lesson #1: Don’t mess with a cat unless you’re prepared to get cut the fuck up. Ask Roy Horn if you’re still confused.

Lesson #2: Enough with the ridiculous TV stunts. Just video tape it doing its own thing, like they did for the follow up footage. Why must you handle the cat when it obviously wants to be put down? This bitch got what she deserved.

They say animals are the best judges of human character. This animal wanted absolutely nothing to do with that fake ass, dumb bitch of a reporter. The face she makes as she begins crying is classic. She should have recongnized that cat telling her to let it go. Shie ignored, or was to stupid to let it go. She got what she deserved.

“I immediately went into ‘reporter’ mode and wasn’t paying attention to what was going on around me and the noises the cat was making.”

There, ladies and gentlemen, is the biggest problem in local tv news today.

What admirable integrity and honesty this bimbo has…she was SO obviously crying after the attack, then has the audacity to come back and lie about it.

Makes you suspicious about anything you hear from a TV news reporter.



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