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March 31, 2007

Re: The Portland Song

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Youtube Commments:
*finishes watching video*

Wow. You spend all that time with her, you propose, and she kicks you out that quickly? That makes no sense.

But yeah, it’s good to see the dispatcher with some religious spirit in him. Just don’t turn out like those other fakes. It makes me sick how they continue to degrade faith and the like with various actions.

Listen Roger, maybe you should get into contact with cmengele with regards to the marriage issue. i think he shares some of yor experiences and suffers from similar dynamics and at the same time beeing someone of good empathy and thoughtfulness. god surely has two faces – but as a “coincidentia oppositorum” the synthesis will always be love – don´t be afraid

Seems he did find you. Since i believe, i´m Muslima though, and enjoy the feeling that i am never alone and inspired to grow constantly- i am always joyful when someone else believes as well. To me, it doesn´t matter in what one believes. So now i am happy with you- maybe you found your harbour now and can sail the oceans knowing were your home is – listening to the song and the story behind i´m sure you are always welcome back.

To Talk About Religion Can Be A Touchy Subject,Because Diffrent People Come From Different Backgrounds And Have Different Views.
I Found That To Be Very Moving And Think You Told It Very Nicely.Its Not Easy To Open Up About Such Subjects-Especially To People You Dont Know
Well Done

It’s nice to have religion in the perifery of your life, but we all have to face our own demons and no amount of belief will do it for you. I grew up in catholic schools and I appreciate the mystic stuff, but as far as transmuting pain and transforming your life, that can only be done alone. But good luck whatever path you take. All roads lead to home.

It seems to me that you seek camaraderie within the church, and all the positive feelings you associate with it from years back. You’ve admitted to be doubtful of God’s existence, and for good reason. I’m glad you’re being proactive about improving your life, but please don’t confuse a sense of belonging & kinship with true faith, and don’t become pseudo-faithful out of fear. Too many people have “found religion” at moments of great personal weakness, and I hope you don’t fall into that trap.

Thanks for sharing that with us bud.I am so sorry for your pain life can be very hard.I have been to hell and back more than once in my life,but you can’t give up.
I think you are a great man who has reached alot of poelpe that is something to be proud of.I was always told don’t give up on god because he won’t give up on you.If you are feeling too depressed go see a Doctor he can help you.Hang tough things will get better.

good video man but you should know that there is NO god and if there is and when i die he will send me to hell i will be glad because he fucking promotes war that bastard and before i would go to hell i would beat god up so bad you won’t believe it. so don’t believe in that shit it is so stupid but anyway it was a very good video man

wow, he called you back within 8 hours? one time i called a used car salesman and got his voicemail. i left a message about buying a car from him, and he got back to me in like 8 hours. it was amazing! of course he got back to you. you are how he makes his living.

yeah im a synical s.o.b. but i think, in this case, you should be, too.

I have had a different experience with church. I am the youngest of 6 just before my 1st communion the priest embarrassed my mother in public after church. My father always stayed home from church, that was his time alone. after church the priest said to other ladies of the church, why does that women have to bring those braty kids. My mother was devistated.

CON’T. my mother didnt go back to church until we were grown. I never got my first commun. My mother now go to church every sunday, But about 20 years later. different church. I think Im having the worst time about it I cant forgive hurting my mom.

I am continually amazed by people that make kids, but will not commit to just be married to a person.. Marriage can be anulled, Children cannot be anulled.
You are a poster child for comdoms.
FORGET yourself, You Owe that child. You dont really matter, do whats right for the child. You made that choice.

can you elaborate on that i work i support my child i see him regularlly we have a relationship am i supposed to storm in the house and tell his mother we is getting hitched it does not work like that if i could i would have she is the one that left me or did you watch the video


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