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March 31, 2007

Todays featured lamer is…

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Youtube Commments:
I’ve got more than one account, but I don’t use them to rate myself, or leave comments. It’s for privacy 1. account for my cartoons and a couple of accounts for other family members that might not want to hear what people have to say to me on this account.

I wouldn’t really call it cheating if others spam your videos.Having phony accounts talking to one another is definately cheating.I don’t consider having phony accounts replying to the remarks of others as cheating.I don’t consider replying to remarks from others as cheating.

and 10 more subscribers thanks to you, maybe people actually like our stuff, and dude this is a place to have fun.. realx with all the hate.. i still like you.. love love love.. bufumufu speading love
hope we can chat for a bit, then i have to go to work,.. hahaha

that was not very nice of you to say all those mean things. I am the coaches ex gf. I am chinese. You think I am not a real person. or maybe i dont understand you so well. You swear a lot. We come on here and have fun. and you want to take that away. very not nice!

DURRRRRRRRRRRR DURRRRRRRRRRR!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!! fucking classic. it’s the sweet sweet disinformation/Misdirection video. see Bufumufu is just making this vid to get your attention away from the hand that has the quarter in it that they are going to pull out of your ear you midgit!!!


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