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April 1, 2007

Google Talk Gadget

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Youtube Commments:
Unfortunately, has some rough edges:
1) Uses flash, unlike other gadgets
2) Scrollbars appear… not necessary — get the size right
3) interferes with other gadgets sometimes (like Google Reader)
4) (more personal) I always have a Firefox tab with Gmail open anyways…

Very very nice, I’m happy to see the YouTube and Picasa embedding!
You need to build a ‘Just feedback’ option at the ‘contact us’ page… I couldn’t send you this feedback that way, so here it is:
Congratulations again, Google! The only thing you have to do now is to able users to use custom emoticons and you’re done! (maybe adding group chat will be great too)
I promise to move Argentina to Google Talk if you do that 🙂
(it won’t be hard to move everybody with all this features!)

Yep. Originally, the folks at Stanford were complaining that they were having a hard time finding the useful websites on the Stanford Network. Brin and Page were at Stanford, working on their PhDs, and took an algorithm that Brin had created, and used it to build a search engine prototype, which people really liked. Stanford’s venture capital program helped them turn it into a company.

seriosuly bill gates should start his own country.. he has the money.. he should do it before he dies and the city should be filled with robots that does our cleaning running on windows xp. just beware the virus’s or the robots may turn on you and kill u at night.

I have an MSN account, and use the account, but I don’t use MSN service to use the account.

MSN is awful compared to others clients that can still use MSN accounts, and still interact with MSN systems.

Most people I know have moved away from MSN to better tools.

It is funny how you think that you need MSN to talk!


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