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April 2, 2007

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Youtube Commments:
oh snap O:
i want this so bad.
i was planning to preorder it
but it cost a freaking $70.
my parent’s won’t let me use their credit card either.
so i’ll have to wait a year after it comes out in the US.
maybe prices will deflate by then.
[and be sold out! D:]

wait, can someone explain this? i saw what looked like an event in the beginning that looked like it gave sora two revolving keyblades, like final form. but he also had his original, giving him 3 keyblads. but then later he used a limit, which must have been final form based on new information about sora being able to use this form without companions. does this mean that sora won using 4 revolving keyblades?

great vid, very touching scene, so sad *cries at the beautifulness* also, before the yaoi bastards ruin this touching vid, FOR THE LAST FUCKING TIME ROXAS AND AXEL ARE NOT NOR EVER WERE GAY! OMFG!!!! IS THERE SOMETHING WRONG WITH HAVING A REALLY CLOSE FRIEND!? 😡

Was that something from the past? or a goodbye? I’m glad they finally manage to meet and have one but… If Axel cried, it means he HAD a heart. Roxas gave him one! You can’t cry without one. I wish he’d come back; screw Naminé! Those 2 were buddies from long ago and it sucks how Axel was the only one to show it. Roxas theme its so sad. Everything’s so unfair with them. It always reminds me when his part ends. I love those 2! U_U *wants*

scene change
Axel: are you awake?
Axel: or are you going to sleep?…we can’t even have conversation with our mids like this soon
Roxas: I’m going back to normal soon…
Axel: I’ve been thinking, Namine also said it too..Roxas maybe you have a heart…no do we really not have a heart?
Roxas:even..even I wouldn’t know that…
Axel: yeah…

Roxas: but a heart isn’t something you could see…maybe its somehting you can feel….If it is…no i won’t say it now
Axel: why? at such a important part?
Roxas: Sora would find the answer…because his me
Axel:yeah…do you remember? The first time we met. The day you got your new name. We sat here watching the sunset….

It seems that teh FM for KH2 contains both JP and US voiceacting. Since this vid is using the US voices the scenes where there is no voice acting is because the US Voice Actors never did these scenes.

Should this game ever come to the US…it could be possible for them to add the voices. But somehow i doubt it..

Meh, I kinda got the jist of it, but I’m horrible at reading kanji, so I’m not to clear on what they’re saying. Seriously, can someone who can actually read kanji ((unlike me)) translate this? Please.
Other than me not knowing what they are saying, my god that whole scene is heartbreaking just watching it.

Roxas (with seasalt ice cream) walks out to the ledge and sits down
Axel: So you’ve finally awakened. *Axel appears*
Roxas: Axel…
Axel: No… It might not have been related to your sleep.
Roxas: I’m returning to my original form…
Axel: I’ve been thinking for a while. Namine has been saying it too. Roxas, maybe you do have a heart. (holds ice cream in one hand)
Roxas: I’m not really sure about that myself…
Roxas: Sora will find the answer.


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