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April 2, 2007

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Youtube Commments:
I hear you home girl youtube has gotten so scandalous
will iv been a huge fan and supporter of you and love all your videos iv shown all my family and they like you cause you aint afraid to speak your mind and tell it how it is but anyways much love and respect from you home boy down in the 305 Homestead Florida laters


You know what I’m getting at…

You’re really a White actress who’s JUST PRETENDING to be a Latina gangbanger living in East L.A..

Are we supposed to just pretend that we all didn’t see you “gloating” on VH1? We’re NOT stupid.

STOP pretending that your LITTLELOCA character is real. It’s an insult to ME and the ACTUAL real people that struggled to get out of that violent lifestyle. You glamorize that lifestyle to be famous… and that’s wrong.

Quit acting stupid, Pinoy, nobody gives a shit if you don’t get it. Stevie never “glamorized” gangbangers, nor did she do this in her role as littleloca. If you feel insulted by something, maybe you should start explaining what it is. As of yet you have failed, miserably. So you managed to quit your former, violent criminal “lifestyle” – good for you! Now, what has this got to do with anything? Are you saying that only former criminals should play ghetto characters, or what?

HAHAHAHhahahahahaha everyone is scandalous to you!!!! Oh man that’s awsome. I think Renetto is having a mid-life crisis, he just wants to be young and is worried his life is slipping away! That or he has no friends in real life. But like you say LL or Lx2 or Double L, Renetto is straight scandalous, someting like that 2pac song, hahaha, okay, probably not, and yes I am an idiot. PEACE.

History repeats itself. In the 50’s Television was described as a commercial wasteland. YouTube managed to destroy its integrity and usefulness in 1 year. Like you Loca, I’ve been here long enough to see it become a joke. so, why am I still here? Just waiting for the punchline like everybody else. Love ya Loca.

I guess you don’t need no strangers telling you that you’re even cuter when you get angry, but it’s true! This Mr. Robinetto recently said to the NYT that YouTube should be paying him, “me and 10 other people $100,000 apiece to blog for three months. If they thought twice about doing that, they’d be nuts.” Seriously.

I wouldn’t quite call renetto a “celebrity” but he does have a substantial level of fame. I don’t think he’s a pedo he’s just a big kid himself sometimes. Also just because someone hasn’t been on the site as long as you have doesn’t meant they aren’t entitled to have their own opinions.

I don’t understand why everybody cares SO MUCH that she’s an actress. You know she’s an actress, I know she’s an actress, and SHE knows she’s an actress. Like you said, Pinoy, she was on VH1 and admitted it. But Jesus, who cares? Are you going to call up Kathryn Morris and tell her to stop acting like she’s a detective and that she should stop pretending to solve Cold Cases? Seriously, yes, LittleLoca is a character.

But thats just it, you shouldn’t be pissed off just because you were fooled for so long, thinking she was real. You should just watch it like its a character. Like its a 2 – 10 minute television show. Don’t comment her and bitch about it. I mean, everybody knows that Lonleygirl15 is fake, but you still watch her, right?


I lived that lifestyle. I lived in a rough neighborhood where rival gangbangers shot up my house almost evey night. I got jumped by rival ganagbangers when my homeboys weren’t around and had a gun put in my face.

I even had a female friend who got shot in the back in a drive-by shooting… and I watched her bleed to death.

But, yeah… you’re right. I should just watch LITTLELOCA like a character.


If Stevie has actually seen beat downs, drive-bys and stabbings (like you claim), why isn’t she saying it as her self? Why do it through a character like LITTLELOCA?


Because everybody wouldn’t take her claims seriously if everybody knew that she was a White girl actress. That’s why this LITTLELOCA character was created.

If she brought up these beat downs and such it would make it a bad influence, she is not here to put you down. Latino women have more fire then a white women. Most white women wouldn’t voice themselves in this way.(name one) she grew up around it and is the way she is, she lived it. If a latino family adopted a white child and raised it and it was like loca would that still bother you?

REALLY?? Well I watched my cousin gt stabbed multiple times and watched him bleed to death, and then watched them shock him back to life. Oh yes, and I watched some crazy bitch kill my dog, and I WAS IN a car that was shot up during a drive by. GOD has taken care of me. You dont know my life. So shut the fuck up.

what makes you so insulted? that we grow up around each other and can pick up things from our cultures, did you know she is french culture that isn’t that much different from yours? She will be making a video from where she grew up and you will see. we can’t help but live your culture thats all we have around here.

I want LITTLELOCA TO make a blog being her own dam culture.. some bland white girl from east L.A.
I would have more respect for you if you didn’t take the latin culture and try to make it your own just to bring yourself fame and feed in to stereo types.
I don’t have to use vulgarity to exploit you. I’ll just use the fancy lingo that you gringos use so elequently.

I want LITTLELOCA TO make a blog being her own dam culture.. some bland white girl from east L.A.
I would have more respect for you if you didn’t take the latin culture and try to make it your own just to bring yourself fame and feed in to stereo types.
I don’t have to use vulgarity to exploit you. I’ll just use the fancy lingo that you gringos use so elequently.


I invite you to come with me to my old neighborhood (it’s STILL the same). I’m sure that the homeboys and homegirls would like to see what a White girl (parading as a “cholita” homegirl) looks like. Wear the fake black wig, black lipstick & big hoop ear-rings. We’ll take a news crew with us and see what happens. It will be fun.

Are you in?

she films in her loca gear all the time in east LA, go look at the locomotion derailed where do you think that was shot? come to our neighborhood and see how they deal with assholes, it doesn’t matter the color of your skin here, many Latinos love loca and she fears no one thats something she learned from your culture. Ask bowiechick she was just in LA with stevie.

I just have one last thing to say, you have that fire that I speak of and thats why opinion counts, you should make your own videos to express your feelings. and as loca would say much love and respect to you and yours. and I don’t consider your comments as hate.

ok here’s the deal,Stevie Ryan is just portraying a character,its not real ,people,stop being so damn thin skinned,im tired of political correctness rearing its ugly unwanted head.cant yall just appreciate someone for doing a character,that you wish you had thought of gooddamn,im sick of the whiners,why dont yall stick a gun in your mouth and your damn suffering,assholes


Okay, I apologize if my comments seem hateful (I DON’T mean them to be). I DON’T dislike you. I ACTUALLY think that you’re a talented actor and will make it big some day.

I’ll STOP with any MORE comments about your LITTLELOCA character. Again, I apologize.

She’s not real? What, her make-up, her mole, her accent? Was real enough to fool thousands of you for months, lol! What matters is: Loca is real because she is the vehicle of an aspiring young artist who has real feelings and, guess what, real thoughts, and apparently never tires to entertain us with her charming self. Something that some of you don’t seem to appreciate – but no worry, the rest of us will get over it!

i used to be a subscriber not any more… so much negative energy from u…so much anger and u are just a hater! things change, it doesnt fucking matter who was there from the beginning… things move along, progress, change and u have to fight for being popular and u cannot just rest on old fame! n everyone knows u r the least real here on youtube!

You are confusing something – keeping it real does not equal popular. The dumber the show, the better! Watch one of those smosh hits and you’ll get my drift. What is also very popular is pretty young chicks doing something admirable, like funny parodies, or singing with a trained voice. Sometimes just being pretty will suffice. But careful: Chicks must NEVER criticize anything, no bad words, no insults whatsoever. Chicks must be chicks and never become bitches! Or people will unsuscribe.

Little fake loca..everybody stay tuned to LATINREALLOCA I will have the funniest blog on this girl. I’m gonna expose her.. she such a tough chola that she blocked saying what I feel. Tough nottin’ she is scared that this latina gonna blow her chance for fame… BUYAAAAAAAAAA


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