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April 2, 2007

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Youtube Commments:
So I woke up this morning thinking, “my life feels…incomplete. Maybe I could achieve peace if I knew how to draw Toothpaste for Dinner.”
Here you are, Drew! Here you are, giving me my peace in life! Thank you!
It’s noon now. I think I can finally get out of bed today so I can go to Costco and have samples for lunch. Cheers!

Drew i find your humor and natalie’s humor fucking hilarious, you guys are perfect for eachother! Plus the way you draw your characters gives your comics a uniqueness like no other!

Ps: Please see if you can leave a comment on my channel, thanks man!

Oops, someone asked “What would you title that comic?” and I accidentally hit “Remove” instead of “Reply”. I remove so much spam off these videos that it was kind of an automatic reaction. Sorry “lunar3000”. I would probably call it “myspace in the hole”. I don’t think this comic would make the cut, most months I end up not running about 20-30% of the stuff I’ve drawn since the last update.

Her first lesbian sex
her first time lesbian sex
Her First Lesbian Sex Video
first her lesbian sex strap

Thank you for sharing the secret of drawing comics the Drew way. I enjoyed your two-camera technique. It was as if I were a guy having a one-sided conversation with you and also a guy staring at your pad while you were trying to draw. I was two guys, and they were both enjoying your demonstration.


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