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April 2, 2007

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Youtube Commments:
I don’t see any hypocrisy in taking away the freedom of speech of those that directly take it away. Speaking about taking freedom of speech is okay, but doing it is totally different. This is why I only block those that blocked me first in my channel.

I don’t have a bit of sympathy for glennreb, but every time someone is banned it gets easier for youtube to set the bar of censorship lower, so my concern is for the rest of us, youtube setup the site so that individuals have the right to be facists, but youtube as a whole shouldn’t be.

I give no respect to those who gloat in the misfortune of others (and to those who insult the wifes and children of others) call me what you will. this is an fundamental human rights issue for me. all these youtube primadonna’s are fucking ridiculous. brett keane is the only one that comes accross as at least a half-decent human being on YT. the rest…

the majority of this planet view atheists in the same light that atheists view glennreb! but freedom of speech is what makes the fuckin difference!he must be allowed freedom of speech to show the world what he represents!the man has probably made more people question their belief system than we can suppose,his suspension isnt an achievement,its as wrong as any atheist being banned!where am i gonna get my edited spoof glennreb videos now?

Like I said on brettkeanse video..

I emailed glen, asking him to side with atheists. With this ONE thing, about not being censored here on youtube, because he said some hardcore things that may get him banned “oneday”

He emailed me back, pretty much telling me that he is glad people like gisburne got banned, and told me to fuck off.

My sentiments exactly, luv!
Nothing infuriates me more than someone that won’t allow you to defend yourself. Rebb was all about jumping into someone else’s business, & then running for the hills. Like, “nya, nya, nananya! I punched you & ran away! You can’t catch me!”

He was a wuss.

Freedom of speech is to listen or not to the person talking. Its all about how listening is a personal freedom to the individual. We hated glenn and had a long PM talk. He wanted to convert us. We told him 2 words and how we felt about his shenanigans and stopped talking and listening to him. We just wish everyone just stopped listening to him instead of banning him.

by fascist you probably mean authoritarian or something, fascism is right wing business and government working together for mutual benefit. there was a fascist coup to overhtrow FDR in the usa in 1932(i think) and jp morgan and dupont were in on it.


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