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April 3, 2007

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Youtube Commments:
WOW – JUST – WOW!! Vocal dynamite. Talent, voice, and looks!! Now the world can see what stage presence, vocals, and musicianship Taylor Hicks has and how he uses these can do with hem. Taylor at his best and I’m digging it. Thanks for sharing

The only thing wrong with this video is how it’s labeled. I’d put “Taylor Hicks/Keb Mo Sweet Home Chicago at House of Blues” only. It will be seen by more people past Taylor’s fan base by refining. This is the BEST Taylor video released to date. This will turn naysayers into fans. A VERY SIGNIFICANT piece of media. My husband has not been a Taylor Hicks fan and has been one of his harshest critics. This video made him a BELIEVER!

Fantastic! I was at the HOB in Chicago that night. What an electric evening. I watch Hicks perform like some James Brown throwback. And I think, *this* is our American Idol? Well holy god, who knew America could ever pick a genuine article? If you haven’t seen a Taylor Hicks concert, put aside your preconceptions and go.

LORD HAVE MERCY… If I had to guess? this is what they mean by “throwing it down Southern Style” damn…. This is what I saw the first time I saw/heard Mr. Hicks. Etta James/BB King ticket here in town Sept. 13… After seeing THIS vid? I hope my IDOLS can live up to something like this. Play the Blues Mr. Hicks mm mmm mhmmm


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