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April 3, 2007

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Youtube Commments:
The best known) explanation is that it stems from the type of rain jacket used by train spotters. The term eventually came to be used to refer to anyone with an socially uncommon interest in seemingly trivial information regarded as boring by the everyone else.
The term can be qualified by the area in which the person takes an (implied) excessive interest; “Youtube Anorak” – Renetto would qualify!
or perhaps he is just a big fan of the English band Marillion.

Sorry Paul,

Viacom doesn’t want to be You Tube and Viacom could be the end of You Tube. Look at the most watched video pages on YT, most of it is commercial TV. You noted this fact a long time ago in a previous video.

What’s exciting about YT (for me) is the individual contributors such as you, Boh3m3, TheHill88, Spricket24 and more (partially because I’ve met all of you). But you are not commercial TV. Some of you are good enough to be on commercial TV.

I’d agree that the surprise, confusion, blurred reality etc. brought by people like you and Nalts is fun to watch here. I do also appreciate that there are vloggers here who are completely (sometimes painfully) honest – something you never get on corporate TV. So both elements make YouTube my preferred media outlet.

You overestimate the “power” of Youtube. Viacom sues because that’s what companies such as Viacom do when there is mass piracy of their product – simple. I also think you need to start understanding the inevitably transient nature of Youtube – ultimately it won’t remembered in the same fashion as Gutenberg’s labours…so make the most of your “status” here.

youtube shall on day dominate TV entertainment is now the internet, Youtube, myspace, stickam. soon our whole world will all be on the internet. we will be cyper people. we are our own tv show actors, crew, everything. soom day hollywood movies will be directed, cast, produced and everything done by one person.

Calling the Daily Show crap is way off base, it’s one of the best things on television, one of the only good ones, in fact. It’s won a bunch of emmys and even peabody awards. YT has it’s funtion, regular tv has it too. YT will not destroy TV, or viceversa.

renetto- I watch your videos, but if I had to choose between you and the other morons on YouTube or The Daily Show, it’s not even a contest. Come on, you are just something people watch during their breaks at work, you’re not going to “replace” TV, ha ha ha ha.

one thing to get straight, Daily Show IS NOT crap 🙂
You have a point renetto, but you missed out that a lot of people still go to YouTube for say, News, Politics with snippets and clips from such shows like Jon Stewart’s. If YouTube was devoid of tv news clips then YouTube will lose hits.

A lot of people come to youtube to watch music videos and clips. Do you really think that vloggers make better videos than shows like The sopranos, chappelle show, the office, etc. Look at the first page of the most subscribed only a few true talents most are just making vlogs with no thought.


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