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April 4, 2007

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Youtube Commments:
I think you’re grasping at straws with the analogy, I have no problem with the idea of supporting the organizing of a million atheist march or the blood drive RRS is doing or coming to a fellow atheists defense, but so far I haven’t heard anything, but some vague references to an organized “movement”.

This is a propaganda war son, honesty isn’t on our agenda, TAA has successfully twisted things so it appears that asking for assistance is the same as an organization, the sheeple are blindly following, look at their comments, they have decided you were pwned, the truth is unimportant.

CaptAwesm: “Atheists will organize when I need them and disband when my problem is solved. Because I hate organizations except when they solely benefit my personal cause.” I am blocked from your channel and love it I can comment to your stuff over here.

“a lot of the people who flooded Bravenet for me weren’t Atheists”

Thats one thing I dislike about the “atheist movement” they talk about how ATHEISTS should organize..

BUT people for seperation of church and state should join together. Christians, mulsims, atheists, buddhists.. etc etc.

I think the support to get the Capn’s site back wasn’t so much a part of any sort of movement, but rather more a matter of free speech. I’m not an atheist but I’m sick and tired of religious people taking over all available media outlets and censoring those who they find disagreeable. Anyone who supports freedom of speech and freedom of expression should rise up and support these things.

Yeah, the people that flooded Bravenet for me had nothing more in common other than that they were my subscribers. It would make no diffrence at all if they were organized into any coherant movement (and no sense, considering how many non-atheists are subscribed to me) they were a bunch of individuals, completely anarchic and unorganized.

I really do think Capn’s underlying point is that everyone needs to stop acting like retards. If people don’t like Brett then don’t watch him anymore. If people don’t like OLG then don’t watch him anymore. You can’t deny that the bickering that’s been going on has taken a turn toward weirdsville. Hi-larious video though.

When the atheists set upon the route of mutually assured destruction, they left bodies on the ground; from the ashes they left nutrients, tasty salts, iron and phosphates. Ripe for trees to grow from the ashes and those that rotted upon the ground merely became shadows and dust.

ego booster? We think you where better when you take off your shirt.. But its always fun seeing you guys talk like preachers.

Now, calling out atheist about some youtube history. And how they changed from then to now is a way to point fingers… This is just getting stupid. We like ya man. So go to the good stuff.

Free lesson in pwnage to follow in 2 days.
I can smell phony activism from a mile away.
Someone’s about to call your BLUFF capn.
Watch the fucking mutiny as it tears you to shreds.

What is this movement anyway? What are we going to do, gather together and all not believe in god all at the same time and maybe if we all don’t believe hard enough religion will just go away? What will the youtube atheist movement do other than make youtube videos, what is this really about?

Here’s the fucking question: Do you, Atheists(me, included), feel slighted, and mocked, and not taken seriously in the religious community? Do the very things that compelled you to speak out in the first place, really mean anything to you? Becuase I have felt persecution from day one by the religious community. . .tbc…

…when I was kicked out of Bible study for disagreeing w/ the notion that the earth was created less than ten-thousand years ago. For being labeled scum. For having my rational thoughs sensored by religio-fanaticism. I’m sick and tired of this b.s.
We need a real authentic community. It’s not about being an INDIVIDUAL BRETT! We are all clearly that! But if there’s not an intended goal. You don’t have a mouth piece against injustices, BRETT!


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