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April 4, 2007

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Youtube Commments:
LMAO. Cockroaches also eat other cockroaches. Atheists steal from other atheists. Try the RRS for a ‘group’ of atheists made up of individuals. Tolerance can be negligent because it can be viewed as depraved indifference to the problems that plague those theists that you want to unite with in general. Ending theism is the only ‘virtuous’ goal in my opinion.

I am actually a member of an atheist organization. We actually don’t get angry. It’s an interesting opportunity to discuss various philosophies. Why is there religion? Why are there atheists? What’s everyones take on.. everything? It’s all about free discussion where no one has to worry about being viciously attacked when topics like religion come up.

I think your hair looks great and your wife did an excellent job. Whatever the movement might be it is starting to smell like a big fat dump. No one has clarified the ‘group’ and I don’t want to belong to a group that thinks they are the right group anyhow. I just want to interact with other atheists who think like me without feeling like I have to go along with a crowd that claims popularity. Screw that.

Sure haven’t. There’s no anger or spite. Just a bunch of people getting together and discussing a wide range of topics. The common thread is that we’re all atheists so we know there isn’t going to be a fight and no one is going to just blindly shut out others when certain topics are brought to the table. Trust me, it’s all very passive.

^_^ Everyone leaves a mark upon others. Even your words and actions as an individual. (Although, I don’t support going out and kicking religionists asses, because then we’re being like the religious fundies.) I subbed to you. ^-^ I like hearing new thoughts to mull over…

Roaches do group up, until the ‘enemy’ (ie: FEET!) comes. Then they scatter. However, they group up from time to time, for survival. Atheists are doing it for the same reason, in a way. It’s time we’re more visible. Not just as individuals, but as a group, showing that we can be supportive, caring, and rational individuals. (Alas, we do get our fair share of nutters.)

Brett you have a clear head about this. I disagree that we can’t make a difference. If you take a single slice in a day of evolution it looks like nothing is really going on. YOUTUBE and whatever comes after it could make a difference in the world and it does start here. You’re a smart guy, a bit cynical. I read posts of people you’ve helped question their own beliefs. I think we need to find a way for Religion to become compatible with human survival and growth.

Theist always say that love is at the core of there religion. Wiki defines love as a profound connectedness. I think this profound connectedness can be proven scientifically. I think the mind set of civilized man is that he is not bound by this connectedness and is even above it so we do things that are basically leading to our own downfall.

Brett 666 come on..coincidence random luck…nah if the universe was random it would have flown apart along time ago. From our limited perspective, We only perceive a small portion of the em spectrum, and experience time in a linear fashion, things might seem random. I’m not saying God at all but maybe this all does mean something that you are here at this moment doing what you do. What message would you send to yourself as a hint, 666?

OneLessGod is a player, he enjoys manipulating people, including you, Brett. In his mind, he’s forcing you to popularize him. Do what you want, as you always do, but the best way to torture OneLessGod is to ignore him.

YouTube Atheism movement? This is like when the Onion had an article about the SCA taking over Russia.

the only prerogative i can see for an atheist group would be to awaken the minds of theists. however, i dont believe that this theoretical goal could be considered any different from the goals and mandates of existing religious organizations. i think that atheism has to be different. as a collective i think it benefits us to let awakened minds find us. mainly because you can’t force a mind to awaken.

Happy 666th vid. And OneLessGod is not all that intelligent, He just has some clever front. I think they are pissed because there is Brett Keane, RRS, Nick Gisburne, Sam Harris and now they want their recognistion. Wonderfull Cockroach analogy

I love the cockroach analogy!
I believe we should unit as HUMANS, to make this a better world. But- I think we should keep our beliefs as individuals.
We don’t need an atheist “group”. It’s silly, for exactly the reasons you gave.

Right on point, Brett!
(you Sexy Human) 🙂

I agree with 99.9% of what Cap is saying with only 1 exception. Look at what Rational Response Squad did with just a few people in the beginning. Look where they are today. It wouldn’t be as easy to push us around if we were a group. I hate the term “movement” sounds like a turd. as long as they are united and we are divided we stand NO CHANCE. I’m not saying start a church, we are Atheists NO CHURCH but we can Ban together right? Everyone just has to realize this isn’t about ego


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