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April 4, 2007

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Youtube Commments:
And you wonder why Christianity has such a bad name. It’s because of assholes like that who bully and claim some kind of moral high ground based on some falsely assinged position of religoius authority. How dare he deny that the artist was a Christian. This is what I hate. People in society who take religion and turn it into something ugly and fearful. And what is it about people making genetilia dirty? I’m pretty certain that we al have it.

This sculpture is definitely in bad taste (no pun intended) It obviously was created to stir up this outrage and bring more attention to the artist. Who is, pardon my french a “dip shit”. Did you hear him tell that guy “he’s not intelligent enough?”. This guy is a moron. I’m not very religous myself but I can fully understand that people are very passionate about jesus. Show some respect for those people a-hole.

Nice Christian there. Way to forgive him.

Give me a break. People getting so stupid over something really minor. I would pay to see that sculpture. That moral highground BS is why Christians get a bad reputation and it pisses me off. People like that dude think they speak for everyone. At least the artist made it known that it was a PERSONAL piece.

Donahue is an attention whore. He’s the Catholic version of Rush Limbaugh and company. For a self appointed moral guardian of a faith that is full of Homoerotic and vaginal iconic imagery, (not to mention pedophile scandals in the clergy) to make such an ass of himself over such a banal piece of work is a ludicrous farce.

BTW – He’s also the moron who got Rudy Giuliani all hot under the collar about the Chris Ofili painting of the virgin Mary at the Brooklyn Museum in the ’90’s. Another case of creating controversy for self promotion, which Rudy jumped on as well. The Ofili painting was hardly offensive, unless of course you wanted it to be.

I want to thank Bill Donohue for bringing my attention to this really lovely artwork. I never would have heard of it or seen it if he hadn’t made it newsworthy. I don’t really care for most of Cavallaro’s food art but this one is quite lovely. Also, the fanatic Catholic really shows himself to be a fanatic first, completely removed from reason or any recognizable ‘christian’ values. Frankly his reaction makes the moslem boycott around the Dutch cartoons seem really reasonable by comparison.

Sigh… “one of the worst assault on christian sensabilities ever”? Please… It’s just a chocolate christ, get over it.

People like Bill survive on “outrage” and do nothing more than look for the next thing to be “outraged” about so they can appear on TV, get noticed, and gain followers.

Since when did christianity become a gang to bully the little guy?

Donahue seems most upset that Jesus is nude. Seriously this argument is so old its laughable. The human body is nothing to be ashamed of. Your “creator” made it didn’t he?!? Uptight, sexually repressed Christians can’t see nudity as natural, they only see it as sexual.

I believe the sculpture was insensitive and disrespectful to the christian religion. I am a mulsim and believe that people should respect other peoples religions. Making a naked sculpture out of chocolate of Jesus may the peace and blessings of god be upon him, is something downright wrong and disrespectful.

For all those who don’t quite get the motivation behind the separation of church and state, listen closely to Bill. If he had his way (i.e., if highly religious people in government had their way), freedom of speech would be whittled away more and more every day, crippling the arts, sciences, and all other realms of thought.

PS: The fat old guy is off the chain and very offensive himself. Artist made a chocolate sculpture… on the other side, you have a pompous religios man who is so offended by this innocent work of art (and free speech) that he insults him by calling him (implying) a “looser artist”!

What a complete JOKE! Hah…

Had to comment on this charlatan Donahue! I’ve been onto this bully for years. Everything that comes out of his mouth and his extremly offensive organization is shit! I can’t believe that this supposedly religous man behaves the way he does! The artist was so reasonable and polite and he is nothing but a shrill hateful bully. You know if there is a God I’m sure he’ll be waiting for this blowhard at the pearly gates and locking them up as he approaches.

Donahue acted poorly…but I gotta agree, enough is enough. How much further are you going to degrade a religion? This isn’t freedom of speech but freedom to insult and humiliate. Exposing the genitalia…he didn’t have to go that far. I took arts class at one point and I remember my teacher telling me the greatest art is one that shocks but doesn’t offend people.

I don’t understand what is insulting or humiliating about it, or how ‘exposing the genitalia’ is going any further than anything else. There have been many depictions of Jesus on the cross without the politically correct cloth. It actually strikes me as bizarre that a religion would find its holy idol offensive or shameful if a cloth is not added.

Well the genitalia exposure means you have stripped a man of all his dignity. Like animals can’t wear clothing while humans can, so in essence you’re degrading that holy figure for christians and muslims down to the level of an animal. Thats the best way I can put it. It’s just very demeaning and shows lack of respect. In the same way, I would be outraged if someone made a pic of my mom naked with her genitals exposed for the whole world to see.

Jesus is a man, but he has no original sin. He was blessed. There is no need to cover him with a loin cloth in shame. Exposing him ironically shows his vulnerability on the cross as a “man” who sacrificed himself for our sins. Showing Jesus nude is most powerful and beautiful. The rest of you need to look deeper into your minds and grow up!

Then why do Catholics have physical representation of him if anyone who knew Jesus was already dead? Might as well make him naked and add a banana and a pair of nuts since they already know how a guy from 2000 years ago look like. They can’t degrade Jesus more just by making him naked.

where addmeifucan, did you come up with that thought process? a man without clothing has no dignity just like an animal? you mean to say god made man without dignity, and man had to put clothes on to obtain it? sorry, clothing does not give man dignity. man earns dignity by his actions and deeds…unlike donahue who has no dignity.

Then Tell me why would people be offended from seeing a sculpture of Jesus’s genitals, the size perhaps? I doubt anywhere in the bible it says anything about not allowing something like this happen. really it’s not like everyone is going to start making these and start selling them for 4 quid on the stores…

Imbecile “representatives” of the Catholic church don’t see that by complaining about the art, they are just drawing more attention to it. As a Catholic myself, I am sickened not by the artist’s representation of our Lord done in chocolate, but by someone claiming to be a Christian and a man of God calling another man about whom he knows nothing a liar and threatening physical violence upon him. Who is the real Christian here?

“You’re acting like a five-year old and I feel sorry for you.” Pretty much…

Nevermind that the Greek gods were portrayed nude all the time and nobody gives a shit about that. If it were a chocolate Jesus engaging in some heinous sexual act, that’d be a completely different story, but to censor this is ridiculous. Reminds me of the whole “Pisschrist” thing…

There are no objectively heinous acts. You might call a drawing of Jesus doing the deed with a butter-covered goat heinous; but I could call a picture of Jesus handing a flower to a sick child heinous, and you could provide no rational argument that would demonstrate that you are right and I am wrong. If what I said is true, how could we censor the former but not the latter? Are we just going to rely upon mob rule?

That sculture is gorgeous. I don’t know how he did it but it was beautifully sculpted. That religious guy really is a bully, he fights like a five year old and he’s a nasty little bitch. He’s supposed to respresent the Christians and all he can do is behave like rabid monkey, slinging insults and derogatory remarks, telling the sculture that he’s not a christian even though he says he is.

Now I’m curious where the sculpture will be exhibited. I want to see it, I’m on Cosimo’s side! That Donahue guy is acting like a complete asshole and making real Christians look bad because he’s so vocal. He was rude, mean, and I particularly don’t like him insulting New Jersey (where I’m at!). Not only that, but what gives HIM the right to judge whether or not Cosimo is a Christian? Last time I checked that was God’s job.

The catholic guest seems to have a major hang up with nudity. Why does it matter if Christ is shown nude or not? Sometimes religious people can be rather narrow minded. The artist here is extremely reasonable… the religious fellow is insanely hateful.

I totally agree with your sentiments. Donahue, who is against art and I guess every artist contributing to the beautiful expressions of New York City’s prestigious art community of Soho is embarrassing. He looked like a total jack ass. A renaissance man, his is not. He has no right to live in New York City. I’m shocked that the catholic establishment of New York City even said anything about this chocolate sculpture.

This whole opposition to this sculpture is ridiculous. Mr. Donohue is the one who is morally bankrupt. I can see how it may offend some people but the truth is the human body is just a vessel for the soul. I should say that personally the artist did a fantastic job on this and I can understand what he’s trying to convey. As a christian, I am totally not offended by this, in fact I can understand where he is coming from.

Nudity is such a huge part of christian art that jesus being nude is NOTHING new. Look through the gothic and rennaisance (sp) periods, the sculptures the 200 ft triptichs depicting demons tearing naked people in half with naked saints trying to rescue them ect. I will say tho…it wasn’t the smartest move to display it on holy week, he should have known someone would take it the wrong way

The American Taliban rears its ugly head! Welcome to the land of free speech!!! Whatever…wah wah wahhhhhhh. Bill Donohue sounds like a judgmental pseudo xtian…and the head of the Catholic League. Typical. Christians need to keep to themselves and spare us their ridiculous rant.

Wow.. what an idiot.

Actually I have to give my congratulations to the artist who presented himself and his arguments EXCELLENTLY.

If Theists were more like the artists and less like the other idiot, Atheists wouldnt have such an issue with religion.

Another ridiculous assertation by Christians..The State of Alabama will soon change the Pi number.
The Institute for Science and Reasons magazine has published an article claiming that Alabama authorities are planning to change the official Pi equivalent to 3,1415926… to 3,0. The article also mentioned the fact that present Pi was considered “anti Christian” because it is not a ‘Whole” number and therefore not “Holy” .

Give me the email for this bill guy I have a few educating words for him, unenlightened moronic fool…
The Christian right has no say in what we artist do whether its art like the chocolate jesus, or art like Kanye Wests’ Jesus Walks…asshole

lol, mlite89. if i am not wrong, the catholic league, as do most catholic web sites does not allow feedback. they know their inbox would be filled with too many unanserable questions and hate mail based on donohue and his ridiculous comments. they can dish it out, but can’t take it. a true representation of christ.

I feel the sculpture is beautiful and created by a very talented artist. The medium is an excellent choice because it makes us talk about our commitment to Jesus and not our commitment to buying chocolate bunnies for Easter. Like chocolate, Jesus too is sweet, but For too many years, Jesus had to compete with the chocolate bunny. Let’s not forget HIS sweet teachings like Donahue has. I bet Donahue has eaten lots of chocolate bunnies!

I hope Donahue and the rest keep talking because as always, they don’t understand art, and they also don’t understand viral marketing. Bringing this up on network television will only increase the value of the piece, as well as expose to literally millions of people who would have otherwise never heard about it. Keep it up Bill. You fucking moron.


Mr Saddam looking “artists”..

like what were you thinking? Easter is when? you wanted to show this when?

Catholics, body of Christ, communion..

Let me break off a piece of chocolate and ram it down your throat, BUDDY. Can you guess piece it be, PAL?

Erecting your finger at Christians is only going to get it broke off.

Ever thought of doing Muhammad in Iran? (just a thought)

edell, duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude..

mr good bar erection got his so-called “Catholic” finger bent by Right-to-Petition.

Someone wrote of you can’t tell even if your mailman, etc. is atheist – blahblah. you come here to post your religious intolerance?

Excited at the thought of an erection on something you don’t believe in?

That is as wrong as forced Prayer in School, God on money or religious freaks chasing male hookers.

sale, duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude..

Say, a “cartoon” in a newspaper or magazine, but not in Norway. Say Iraq, Afganistan, Saudi Arabia..
anywhere in 3/4 of the world.

“idiot”.. the mirror reflects.. hide under your many pseudonyms.. a “idiot” by any other name rots from the head down.. you it be in your pants.

This reminds me of the Andres Serrano photograph titled “Piss Christ”. A work of art which angers the faithful because of some assumed intent.

I think that Cosimo Cavallaro handled himself very well in this interview and I know he will make a small fortune from this single piece of work.

I remember all the conservative wackos talking about how stupid the Muslims were for getting pissed off about a cartoon and how we in the west believe in free speech and then look at how they react- who gives a shit you religious kooks. How can you be offended by this. Shit, I don’t even know what the point of it is. It’s weird but not offensive. Fuck every single one of you.

Weren’t conservatives saying back when the Danish cartoonists did the drawing of Mohammad that it’s a violation of free speech to regulate it and then subsequently reprinted it everywhere? Isn’t this just the same situation but for Christians instead?

Folks need to read up on this Bill Donohue on Wikipedia. He makes his money by creating controversies- that’s how he keeps the money flowing in to his “non profit”. He created a big controversy over that Joan Osborne song, “One of Us”. He’s also targeted Dems like John Edwards and Schumer- even though his group has tax exempt status and is supposed to be non-partisan.

At my church we make Jesus into a piece of bread and a cup of wine and consume it. A chocolate Jesus — especially at Easter — is a great idea. Wheat, grapes or cocoa beans, the metaphor is put forth. Individuals (small parts) make up the Body of Christ. His execution was spectacle, and the exhibit carries forth that too.

Totally asinine. Bill Donohue is an offensive idiot and a moron. He needs to read and study the First Amendment to the Constitution. What’s he offended by: nudity in art? It’s only been around for thousands of years. With all the things that are going wrong in this Country (and the world), this guy’s worried because a statute of Jesus has genitalia? Fuck off Bill! Take your hangups and shove them where the sun don’t shine…and get a life.

What always happens is the people who bitch about things they don’t like end up bringing WAY more attention to the thing.

If they had just let him display his art, a few hundred people may have seen it. By bitching about it, it draws all this media attention and MILLIONS of people end up seeing it.

An utterly self-defeating strategy.

A chocolate Jesus? come on, not only does iy insult Christians, but it’s very very tacky. And another thing, the catholic guy said the Jews are against the chocolate Jesus ha! I just laugh about that, the only reason it was on TV. in the first place is because the media is ruled by Jews with there big noses and left wing propaganda attempting to make Christ a novelty rather then a way of life. you know I’m right people…

There’s a world of difference between the intention to insult and not an insult. Its neutral view not being open minded if you thought the Muhammad cartoons were not insulting because certainly the intention of the cartoonist was but this wasn’t even an insult, we all know Jesus was a male and probably had a dick, they are probably not happy with it because they used dark chocolate and maybe his dick wasn’t big enough.

so how do you define what is a intention and what is not. who decides you me the liberals the cinservatives?. i dont see a world of diffrence in this at all. i personaly believe that if you can have a pop at 1 faith then in a free society you can have a go at them all. but all i see is that islam is protected but it is ok to take the piss out of christianity and to preach anti zionisim.

Well the cartoons I basically agree with you, thats a complex issue, it was poor judgement on behalf of the publishers, and the response was terrible from the muslim community. That whole issue was just a whole mess from every angle, nothing constructive in my view but further polarize people.

Jesus is easily over 2000 years old. I think it’s safe to say he is an icon. The sculpture emphasises that and the edible thing is symbolic. Most people have a love affair with chocolate.. This is my body? The icon was lean and sinewy, not this anorexic white looking dude that is painted almost everywhere. I think a crude hateful drawing of a more recent Messiah with a bomb on his head is a little more offensive. And maybe at this point Islam is becoming outdated as well. Funny stuff.

Well im sure that Jesus would be on the artist side. Catholics fondamentalists have realy miss the point again and continue to act wiht hate and fears. Oh yes cause being an artist like him its not a job?!?! Open minds, love, humility?? This in not what I heard from the “big boss of the catholics” but mainly from the artist…

bodwisa, spoken like a true bigoted southern, so called christian…you know that group that spends their time dividing people. if you think what you said is christian, think again. real christians make an effort to love, heal, help. you sir or madam are not a true christian.

Acts 17:29 “Therefore, since we are the offspring of God, we ought not to think that the Divine Nature is like gold or silver or stone, something shaped by art and man’s devising.” I’m more concerned with churches putting up their own image of Christ and approving so. We are not to have any graven images of our God. We, God’s people, are foolish!

Just imagine if it were your mom that they made the sculpture of… Wouldn’t you be offended? Most religious people regard their prophets and leaders mroe holy than their mothers. So to insult such a thing is considered a very bad assult at the religion itself and at its followers. I hope that has clarifyed things a bit. 🙂

The title of this video is misleading propaganda. This “outrage” is by the Catholics, and specific ones as well. Donehue is an ignorant ass, and not only does not represent conservatives, but he does not represent most Christians as well. Liberal and conservative is not representative of Religion. Just look at how many Democratic Catholics there are in congress.

Why is everyone so uptight? I think it is a glorious thing to depict a person or figure…The naked body is something of beauty, not disgrace. Lighten up everyone, enjoy your life and share that joy with others. The human body is a work of art and it should be viewed with such beauty. I can understand this debate if the chocolate figure had an erection…but he doesn’t

Kudos to The Catholic League. Just because one has the right to make art, doesnt mean they have the right to have it displayed. Art doesnt mean a right to offend. This so called “artist” claim to past fame is painting a hotel room wall in melted cheese and calling that art.


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