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April 6, 2007

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Youtube Commments:
yea…. I didnt find this funny to be honest… good editing, but someone who smokes crack shouldn’t be a preacher…. well no-one should be a preacher, fuck god and fuck religion… JESUS IS A CUNT… I just dont see why people go around praising a magician who had a load of bolox written about them… btw for those who are religious, read the latin version of the bible… you’ll might find a page at the back explaining that its a Novel.

wow! I never heard a Pastor speak like this. 🙂 such a sinner am I, that I found it funny. I love Jesus too and thanks for sending me this video. My mother would probably have a heart attack. lol I subscribed and gave you 5 stars. I love Pastors who get in my face and get busy in the Name of the Lord! What’s not to love about Jesus?

Holy sheeeet! That guy is reading from the REAL book of truth! The Phone Book! When I was in Catholic School the nun asked me what is the book of truth and I said “The TV Guide”. She asked me why and I said “Because if they say its going to be on, its going to be ON!” 😀


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