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April 6, 2007

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Youtube Commments:
brett, your stated position exhibits wisdom. i wonder, since when did attacking, owning, pawning, etc. become an admirable characteristic? stating one’s truth speaks for itself, when ego is the truth bearer, then only one’s ego is fed, feeding off the ego of others. truth is blurry.

brett, i recognize my hand in blurring my truth. i ask this seriously, if truth is so clear could you point out what it is? do you have a video on this? ‘truth is clear’ sounds so religious to me and if it is so clear i wonder why our(you as well as I) have changed our definitions so often in our life time?

I wonder if you can resist the temptation once some atheist starts saying real nasty things… Anyway, I think you are right about not responding to that. Indeed, I think you are right; your subscribers are getting boring watching this stupid discussion.

Well… No! You say, people can say whatever they want to say.

Look, I understand when people talk about your past, and acuse you lying about it you have to defend yourself. All I was saying (like you said yourself, so I was just confirming you), the last couple of videos are all about this stupid discussion, and I am indeed getting bored.

I can use the content in your new plan.
I dont care about the pety bullshit, I want the goods that make faithers squirm, the knowledge that I can pass onto others to help them deal with family, freinds and morons I mean mormons etc .
Do what you do best, follow your strengths…

wow, the internet battle between the losers with no lives is really heating up. why do people even argue like this? i mean, no one is in grade school here. youll probably never even meet any of your little computer friends. alot of people like brett keane just take themselves too damn serious. it just shows how egomanical some people are when they care so damn much about being put down on the internet. no one can mess with you brett keane, your a big tough guy, your untouchable.


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