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April 7, 2007

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Youtube Commments:
Oh man, this is totally not going to stop. People talking about its collapse are totally underestimating what is happening here.

Major mainstream news outlets like CBS, CNN, FOX, newspapers, etc have always shut-out the notion of there being atheist views even.

But look at what happens when a grassroots/user driven medium like Youtube shows up…

Atheists have TAKEN the high-ground here and have maintained it for months.

Man Ape, Thanks for not being all wishy-washy with this whole movement discussion. All I’ve heard in the past few weeks is things like “shiz is going down!” and “watch out we’re about to unload full force!!!” but there’s never much mention of wtf exactly that means. Seperation of church and state and freedom of speech etc etc clears thing up! As always great videos! Peace brother!

I spent a considerable amount of time documenting Brett Keane’s behavior re Hardcase, and now that he has removed his videos people can’t see for themselves what has happened here. Bad enough that Brett removed his videos as soon as I documented his lies about Hardcase. It is always bad when original source material is destroyed.


[I’m only putting this in caps so you will spot it more easily.]

Or, since BK burned the Bible, perhaps you could dip the Koran in some corrosive acid, or maybe some liquid nitrogen? How ’bout it?

I was gonna eat a scoopfull of wasabi, but then Snowfeet challenged me to dress in drag. I’m glad somebody did the spicy challenge seriously though, freetaught just ate mild peppers and mustard if I’m not mistaken. I’m not gonna take my videos down either, especially if I take a hiatus.

you are hot, really HOT…NOT in a pants way, hehehe. i’d like to see the Dare Challenge accepted too! in re to YTAs you’ve touched on some very valid points. this media has given an international voice to non-theism, a voice that mainstream media ignores or snubs. and this media shows(for those who watch) that nontheist are just as fallible and human as the theist. Ace vid.

it’s pretty convoluted:

I have a 16-channel analog console. I plug mics into that. Channels 1-8 on the console go into an ADAT recorder. The 8-channel fiberoptic output from the ADAT (‘lightpipe’) goes into a soundcard on my computer, and I record those channelwith Steinberg Cubase (the cheap version, I think it’s SE).

I use Fruity Loops to make drum loops.

The one thing I don’t have is a real drumkit…

Some vocals on some things, but not most, not yet.

Check thid out:


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